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while I work on a response to the Evelyn Evelyn Drama Drama….
it turns out i have to go BACK to sydney from melbourne this weekend because of the Good News Week filming.
while i’m there, i was going to practice in my favorite yoga studio, power living.
and then i thought….i should invite everybody.


this will be a class that my fav teacher duncan has agreed to teach JUST FOR US.

saturday, feb 20th
12:15 – 2 pm!!
1/135 Military Rd
Neutral Bay 2089
Sydney NSW

$5 at the door…all the money collected will go to THE AFRICA YOGA PROJECT…a really incredible organization that my particular yoga community has been tying with with lately.
it’s been training yoga teachers in kenya and has been doing unbelievable things for the yoga community down there.
(info HERE:

i said it before and i’ll say it again…i fucking love yoga. i do i do i do.
i want everybody in the world to know how awesome it is.
i did this same sort of invite-everybody yoga class a few months ago with another teacher i love, brandon compagnone, on the day of a show in northampton, MA…and a ton of us got sweaty before soundcheck.
it was quite AWESOME….here’s a picture of us after practicing. don’t we look zen? i think we do.


ladies, bring some men this time, for christs sake.

i do yoga pretty much every day, it’s a huge part of my life, and i can’t say enough good things about it.
yoga isn’t just a stretching routine…it’s a form of meditation, a technique to meld your brain and your body back together & connect you the great awesomeness that is now.
it is awesome for creativity and artists and i could go on and on about it. now i will stop.

ANYBODY can do yoga. it is not, contrary to bizarre popular belief, for “flexible” people, “spiritual” people…it’s for EVERYBODY.

i just came back from a 7-day retreat and duncan was one of the leaders…he’s a REALLY fantastic teacher, he’s super real, down-to-earth and i can’t wait to do this with him.



the studio is limited to EIGHTY PEOPLE, so we’re going to create an RSVP list to make sure we don’t leave people waiting outside.
if you know you’re coming, RSVP to with your full name. she’ll confirm your place on the RSVP list.
put YOGA in the subject, please, so she can sort.
the class will cost $5 when you arrive.

if you come, important info!:
BRING A YOGA MAT! a plain work-out mat is fine, too. borrow one if need be!
if you have an extra mat, BRING TO SHARE! the studio only has a few rentals.
the classroom is HEATED!!!! bring clothes you can SWEAT IN and CHANGE OUT OF AFTER CLASS.
a plastic bag to carry away wet clothes is a wise idea…
also bring WATER and a TOWEL.
lastly…’s very important to BE ON TIME. the class doors will CLOSE at 12:30 when we start practicing…DO NOT BE LATE!!!!

see you there!


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  • Peppamintdynamo

    NORTHAMPTON WAS SO FUN!!!!!!! GO TO THIS!!!! thanks for posting the pic Amanda :D

  • Keith Malloy

    I can’t believe you would be so insensitive to people that don’t live in Australia by having a Yoga class in Australia. Don’t you know there are people that aren’t in Australia that would like to do yoga with you? I really wish you would think about how australist your actions are before you do something like this.

    • CeciTart


    • THB

      LOLZ lets mock people for questioning the insensitive actions of a pop star! It’s just a celebrity guyz, it’s not like they influence thousands of spongy-brained youngsters. Don’t like celebrities making a mockery of eating disorders? Upset that a celebrity is encouraging 12-year-olds to wear g-strings? Get ready to be mocked on a celebrity blog, cos these are issues that don’t matter!

    • Captain Spalding

      keith…just get in touch with local swingers and start your own nude yoga party!

  • maevele

    relieved to hear you are going to address the Evelyn Evelyn concerns, thanks


    Awwwww sh*t I have this stupid english test to tke on saturday :-( have fun guys!!!

  • Rachel

    I wouldn’t worry about the EE drama if I were you, hun. It’s just like the crap over Oasis all over again. Some people find eveything offensive, if you don’t play it in minor cord with a hang dog expression. I say this as a survivor of abuse, too.

    I think you’re awesome! I tried yoga at one point, but by balance pretty much sucks. I’m about as agile as a salted slug.

    • THB

      It’s the opposite of Oasis. Oasis was about something, it made a point, it was well thought-out and based on personal experience to boot. It considered emotions. It was about discussion. This ‘drama’ comes from picking a topic and not bothering to give it enough thought, not bothering to make it about discussion. Oasis was ~about~ trivialising something others might perceive as very important, about how the individual experiences their own personal situation, and it confronted how people judge that. The story behind EE just plain IS trivialising something important, and that’s it. It’s not about anything. I’m not seeing any subtext here (I’m not sure if “subtext” is really the word I’m looking for, but I hope you get what I’m getting at anyway). Maybe it will emerge laterz…

      Poo-pooing the hurt responses from the Disabled Feminists blog is basically doing what critics did to Amanda re: Oasis (acts that you have condemned above): telling other people how they should or should not feel about something they don’t understand and haven’t experienced themselves. Or telling people how they should feel at all, even if you have experiences those things. The experience of the individual is not trivial. YOU don’t have to be offended by EE, but unless we’re all missing some point that is yet to come (and many people DID miss the point with Oasis), it’s a bit mean to dismiss it as a bunch of folks who just find EVERYTHING offensive. Maybe if you consider it a bit more, you’ll see why this particular concept required a bit more consideration (not unreasonable, since AFP usually is very thoughtful about her creative endeavors).

      Besides, I think it’s the minor chord and hangdog expression that people DO have a problem with in this case. I’m perplexed by your comment, but feel free to discuss some more.

      • Amanda


        perfect explanation

  • Amanda

    I’ve been into your music since I was 16. I’m 21, so that feels like a long time. I’ve always had the greatest respect for you because you are always so friendly to your fans and always seem to listen and care about them.

    I’m a regular commenter on Feminists with Disabilities. When I first saw the post about Evelyn Evelyn, I thought, “Oh…come to think of it, that is kind of fucked up…but I’m sure that when Amanda Palmer finds out about this, she’ll be open to thinking about it and talking about it.” If I remember correctly, I wasn’t even the only person who commented something like, “Oh, you should contact Amanda and talk to her about it, she’s really cool about these things.”

    Well. I am really disappointed to see you referring to criticism as “drama” and characterizing it on your twitter as a silly distraction you need to forget about so you can concentrate on music. People are upset. They’re not doing it to annoy you. They *like* you, or did. The way you’re being about this is really mean.

    I still like your music, but now I feel that I misjudged you to some extent.

  • Rachel

    I think that Amanda Pamer has done nothing wrong. Her project is in no way offensive, unless you are determined to see it that way. Do you remember the fuss over Oasis? It’s exactly the same thing, people screaming that taking these issues lightheartedly is somehow shockingly offensive. No, it isn’t. It’s showing that you can be happy and successful depsite suffering. I’ve stated this point several times and some people seem to be conveniently ignoring it in order to create a fuss.

    • Rachel

      *Palmer, sorry, typo. I do that when I’m in a ranting mood ;)

    • THB

      Whyyyy do people think this is the same as Oasis? I keep saying it… really, if that’s how you feel, I don’t think you gave Oasis the attention it deserved. AFP didn’t even take it lightly, she gave it heaps of thought, and posted a bit about that. I wrote more about my views on that above if you don’t want to ignore those.

      EE are not portrayed as happy or successful. They are portrayed as helpless, damaged, and in need of rescue by AFP and JW. Have YOU ignored the entire discussion? I’m writing now because I’m not ignoring your points, but I honestly don’t see how they make sense or where they come from, no matter how hard I try.

      • Rachel

        Sorry, I might not have made that clear enough. They are portrayed as ‘happy and successful’ AFTER they meet Amanda and Jason. Which, going by your way of thinking, means that two-able bodied people swooped in and rescued them, thus belittling those who are disabled. Although I see your point, that is not what Amanda and Jason are trying to say here. In her previous blog, Amanda clearly stating that she was ‘not trying to exploit them’ and that she ‘wanted their music to be heard’. Now, if I hadn’t seen those comments I may have agreed with you. But, looking at the project as a whole, I do not believe it has anything to do with exploiting disabled people.

        As for the Oasis comment, I think it is similar in that it’s a very controversial topic that is being heavily misinterpreted. I don’t believe the subjects are similar at all, and I do agree that Amanda needs to join the discussion about Evelyn Evelyn, but I see similarities in the situation.

        I do also see your point. I’m not trying to be some awful harpy screeching pointlessly about things that don’t make sense. I’m just trying to get MY opinions across so that others can see them, and possibly agree. But that’s up to them whether they do or not.

        • THB

          The problem isn’t that they seem to be exploiting them (that doesn’t seem to be the case at all), it’s about rescuing them, and that’s what you’ve just described. The fact that they needed some able bodied peeps to help them make their music heard and bring the twins success, because they were too traumatised and damaged and meek to do it themselves, is problematic.

          The Oasis problem does have similarities, and the response is similar, but the actual projects and their meaning are in contrast. Hence, I found Oasis wonderful, but EE tasteless. I am looking for the factor in EE that has been misinterpreted, I would love to find some deeper commentary (for example, if it turned out that the post was intended to be mocking Amanda and Jason themselves for their hero stance, or if it was really about how disabled people are often depicted in a ‘cutesie’ way), but I am not seeing that extra layer in this case.

          You don’t sound like a harpy screeching lady at all, and thanks for reading and considering.

  • Captain Spalding

    amanda…when, if ever, will you be hosting/teaching a nude yoga class in sydney?

  • Captain Spalding

    I first saw u amanda on the tv show good news week and i thought u were quite spunky. i just had 2 find out more about u. especially pics of u…

  • Captain Spalding

    Just letting you know Amanda that I think you are severely gorgeous.

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