my open letter to the daily mail

the daily mail is a british tabloid newspaper. this was their coverage of our set at glastonbury festival:

this is my response – with thanks to steph & rhiannon for recording & sharing so quickly* – live (july 12th 2013) at the roundhouse in london:

dear daily mail,


and, well, holy shit….one day online and the original upload of this video‘s gotten over 234,000 views…and no response from the daily mail. :)
but it has been tweeted by imogen heap, caitlin moran, wil wheaton, russell brand, robert llewellyn, and thousands of other awesome people.

are we the media?

it would appear so.

and by request, here are the lyrics. i didn’t have them typed out since i hand-wrote them (and i tossed them into the crowd when i was done)


dear daily mail,
it has come to my recent attention
that me recent appearance at glastonbury festivals kindly received a mention
i was doing a number of things on that stage up to and including singing songs (like you do…)
but you chose to ignore that and instead you published a feature review of my boob

dear daily mail,
there’s a thing called a search engine: use it!
if you’d googled my tits in advance you’d have found that your photos are hardly exclusive
in addition you state that my breast had escaped from my bra like a thief on the run
you do you know that it wasn’t attempting to just take in the RARE british sun?

dear daily mail,
it’s so sad what you tabloids are doing
your focus on debasing women’s appearances ruins our species of humans
but a rag is a rag and far be it from me to go censoring anyone OH NO
it appears that my entire body is currently trying to escape this kimono….

dear daily mail,
you misogynist pile of twats
i’m tired of these baby bumps, vadge flashes, muffintops
where are the newsworthy COCKS?
if iggy or jagger or bowie go topless the news barely causes a ripple
blah blah blah feminist blah blah blah gender shit blah blah blah

dear daily mail,
you will never write about this night
i know that because i’ve addressed you directly i’ve made myself no fun to fight
but thanks to the internet people all over the world can enjoy this discourse
and commune with a roomful of people in london who aren’t drinking kool-aid like yours

and though there be millions of people who’ll accept the cultural bar where you have it at
there are plenty of others who’re perfectly willing to see breasts in their natural habitat

i keenly anticipate your highly literate coverage of upcoming tours

dear daily mail,


a fun note: a magician never reveals their secrets, but i’m a musician, and happy to reveal mine.
the start of the melody / the waltz was a DIRECT rip from the “waltz for eva and che” from EVITA.
weber and rice, sue me…it’ll make this even more interesting.
(but seriously, i love evita, this record was one of my fucking favorites growing up.)


p.s. here’s a picture from glastonbury, via @michaeleast:

also, there were multiple requests for a list of the special performers at the gig last night…here goes:

des emceed the evening and performed “little miss dysmorphia”:

bonus points for launching a video right before the show:

part of the grand theft orchestra…this is his new video with DAVID BYRNE:

the one, the only, CHAD RAINES. grand theft orchestrian, the best dude…dance your ass off to their new album. you can grab it at a show or on bandcamp.

here we are, practicing backstage last night for what may’ve been the sweetest ukulele duet ever played in the town of london.
and here is the video for “pipes”:

FUCK yes. we played secret ninja gigs outside the roundhouse after the show. that’s how it’s done peopleeee…here’s their video for “trust”:

a live clip of the song she did, “are you fucking kidding me?” (the “facebook” song):

the only, the only…SXIP! he’s in london for his circus show “LIMBO“…go! he played the song “i live in NYC” from this album:
allllll sorts of info on his show/tickets can be found here. it runs at the london wonderground through 29 september…don’t miss it!!!

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  • Sarah-Louise Kelly

    I love you so much congratulations on your entire existence. xxxxx

    p.s decent brits HATE the Daily Mail and all the crap in it xxx

    • Yasmin Selena Butt

      Sarah-Louise Kelly took the words right out of my mouth. I second everything she said, including the abundant sweep of kisses. Go Amanda Palmer! xxxxxxx

      • Viv Adram

        You both beat me, dayum! Well said. Fully agreed without sounding lazy to write my own thoughts..but I think there is a growing number of people (thank goodness) who are divorcing themselves with the crap mainstream media churn each day! To all of you, keep on spreading this revolution! Cheers ears! xxx

        • Bonnie

          I don’t think it is really important, but if I went to work with my Johnson dangling around outside my pants, I am pretty sure people would gossip around work about it happening. Yeah, it isn’t the same as having it reported by the daily mail but whaevers. Amanda didn’t get a response from them, and I think that is why. Amanda should worry more about her own wardrobe malfunctions and less what other people think. I think it is a real shame that the music can’t stand by its own merits without all this drama. Oh well.

          • Sarah-Louise Kelly

            It’s definitely not the same, you’re right. And I think a newspaper choosing to talk about her tit rather than her music is ridiculous. Rather than even HER I mean she’s pretty controversial, if you want to, you can paint her in a bad light and that’d be far more sensational than a fucking tit slip don’t cha think?

            She didn’t get a response from them because the Daily Mail are cowards, please don’t think they are taking any kind of moral highground here because they absolutely are not and never can. They’ve not responded because what exactly could they say apart from sorry?

            Her music does stand by it’s own merits; she has a hell of a lot of fans, myself included, who were around long before she was noticed by mainstream media and when we go to her shows, it’s not to see how controversial it is, it’s to see her perform and get what can only be called The Amanda Palmer Experience which is like being with a giant, extended family who all feel and party and are open books for ONE night with incredible music that speaks to us and carries us so, yes, her music definitely does stand by it’s own merits but my God is it fantastic to have somebody I already idolised shout back at newspapers that try to degrade her. It’s AMAZING to see her making waves and making people talk.

          • Andy Keys

            This is the *real* face of modern feminism. Tat-rags like the Daily (Hate)Mail and The Scum are the same in their objectification of the female form. God bless you, Amanda. This is powerful and genuinely WONDERFUL stuff. And I say that as someone who loves both women AND tits, but who knows the value of each and the difference between them. xxx

          • Andy Keys

            I should add a cheeky, geeky ‘like’ for the ‘Kurzweil’ being renamed ‘KurtWeill’ too. Glorious! :D

  • Peace.Love.Empathy

    Part of me is really sad that she didn’t play this in Manchester but my Dad took me so it was probably good thing. Oh well, it’s genius! I showed my sister and she was so freaked out! The gig was amazing though!

  • Sophie.

    This is AMAZING. It’s much more effective than ignoring it. THIS is a fucking statement. Fuck the Daily Mail.

  • Jeremy Browning

    I’m 57. I’ve seen a shitload of gigs in my life, mainly 69-73 when (I think) the best albums *ever* were made (with a few exceptions). I don’t go to gigs any more, except yours. If you’re a ‘con’ you’re a damn good one because I believe every gut wrenching word and I’ve never seen a more honest performer. I deeply respect you and thank you for sharing it all and, as someone else tweeted earlier, I wish you played in London every week.

  • Jeremy Browning

    p.s. – hey bitch, nice tits.

    • Mia

      Post scriptum is Latin meaning ‘written after’ which is what P.S. originates from. You actually have to write something before you us P.S., you can’t start with it!

      • Jeremy Browning

        Yeah that’s why I wrote another post first (see above) and then wrote this one ‘after’ my earlier one. And – if you’re being pedantic – ‘use’ is spelled with an ‘e’.

        • Mia

          Well then I stand corrected, apologies. Clearly the ‘us’ was a typo not a misspelling.

    • Jeremy Browning

      Oh – and before anyone accuses me of anything nasty, that’s a reference to another afp song “…waiting for someone to shake me and say “Hey bitch, nice tits””

      • luci_fer

        Yeah, I think with the amount of trolling going around lately it’s easy to confuse the P.S without context :) (which this and your OP provide)

  • kmwilliams


  • Natasha

    Better resolution version now uploaded!

    Best gig I’ve ever been too. LOVED bitter ruin and the circus guys were amazing!

  • anonymous

    oh you crazy cunt

    just when i thought you’d spread

    your kimono’d wings

    so far they’d split the seams

    had opened your ruby glass heart

    thousands of sizes

    to fit the multitudes

    feed them

    the tykes waddled up

    inky hands and toothpicks

    babbling tapioca pablum from the corner of their mouths

    jabbing at you so sure

    of their capacity to inflict, inflict

    ignorant, still, we wield our own biggest knives

    but they are children and

    selfish and more than a little dim


    you outshone them

    a body of sunlight

    a song in their language

    with love and a little smack in the mouth

    which you’re not supposed to do these days

    but since it’s only metaphorical

    (you can sing it in a song)


    i know you are not my girl

    not my daughter


    or mother or even

    friend on both sides of the wall

    but such pride lungbursting i barely contain

    in your mind

    in your big brass ovaries

    in your voice

    and because of you how i love us both all the more

    oh we crazy cunts

  • Charles

    Brilliant! Great response!

  • ana manea

    You want to know the worst part? When its involutary, they are too happy to ‘shame’ the person by making it public, but if assumed, like on this vid, they won’t even take the time to make big headlines with it. disgusting hypocrites, closet sadists.

    • Bleeping Bobby

      Bravo, Ana!!! Daily Mail has become a thrash can x can

  • jherekfan

    the only thing Amanda Palmer has going for her anymore is Jherek Bishchoff.

  • Violetsteel

    An excellent response! Well done :)

  • triangleDAYS

    Thankyou for the wonderful night at the Roundhouse! It was mind blowing! (and very very different from when i saw you on Australia Day a couple of years ago) I also loved all the support acts! everyone was amazing and I had the best time! I really love watching your expressions and body language when you play and sing your songs because you’re filled with such emotion and passion and it’s just incredible and it kind of makes me cry a bit (even when the songs aren’t sad) haha

    I hope that you end up recording that incredibly heartbreaking song you sang before the bed song because that’s just simply amazing and touching and it stuck a chord with me in things that have happened in my own life and I’m sure it touched others as well.

    And also I’m really excited about how many people have seen your Daily Mail song! wow! congratulations hehe <333 (i'm very glad i recorded it! i'm sorry it's so low def but it's just from a phone :C !!!!!!! and we had to delete all our apps to have enough memory to get it hahaha we had our fingers crossed that we could catch the whole song! )


  • Purl Evol

    Amazing response. Much much love.

  • Mike S

    The people I talked to who saw the show at Glastonbury live didn’t notice any “accident”, which makes the Daily Fail’s article even more purient than it first appeared.

    PS great show, great riposte.

  • Kyrie

    You are one of the best people ever.

  • Hayley Fiasco!

    I like how they don’t even bat an eye with Chad shirtless (and in under wear briefs) in the background of the “nipple slip” photo.

    • Tom Steiger

      Well, to be fair, it’s Chad, so …

  • Ra

    Holy Crap, you’ve done it again……made me fall more in love with you!! You are an amazing person!

  • Stacia

    I just heard about you thanks to Daily Mail and Facebook. You Rock! Glad to support your art and thrilled to find you! :)

  • holly troy

    i love you even more!

  • Dave

    I think I love you. Awesome Response to the rag.

  • timelady

    You have made a long day very happy. But then, your music always makes me happy.

    You inspired me to uke up – now I play at work ( a wheelchair inhabiting Uni lecturer wielding a uke is a far too rare thing). The bloke (pat pend) has six and counting, and the youngest kidlets have embraced their own. Ms 18.7256 has a guitar in her hands now. What gifts you have shared:)

    You always make an impact that is thoughtful and positive – even with the hard things. Boobs aren’t hard. they are soft and lovely, so why not celebrate them. Yours look very nice. Boobs do:) Also, we need to make some titillation punnery.

    I owe you some more penguin waffles when next in Adelaide. Much love, lady, and to all of us out there sharing the orbit around you:)

  • Paul Morrison

    I knew I recognised the start of the tune! Awesome gig as always. I filmed it too and added extra camera wobble.

  • Red

    The Daily Fail can now, at long last, be proud of themselves! Without them, this song would not exist. They have been the inspiration for what is probably the funniest piece of comedy genius that I have seen and heard in a very, very long time – my sides hurt – alot – from laughing :D

  • Paweł Łuczkiewicz

    That’s one of the fucking coolest thing I ever seen anyone doing!

  • beth le bouthillier

    Thank you for saying just what all of us were thinking! And in just the right way, too. I really wish the author of that article would respond, because i’d love to see what they’d have to say.

  • Clark

    Why are you asking for money to write a blog promoting your own music?

    • jjj

      Her music that you can download for free?
      Girl’s got to eat.

      • Clark

        She can eat with the 1.2m she got from her crowdfunding campaign

        • Ruth

          She spent that on an extravagant album and a tour.

        • luci_fer

          Here’s a link to where the kickstarter money went. It’s worth reading if you genuinely believe she’s now a millionaire and pocketed all the money rather than delivering and using it for the stated purpose:

          Re: the blog button, that’s been there for a while now (since the Ted talk I think?) and is an extension of it. As it says in the little boxes “support my art” “free music|mission statement”. She’s moving towards a patronage system, where the fans support the artist, allowing the artist to carry on producing music for them. To quote when she released a new song on the blog for people to download:

          “spread the fires. as usual, i just want people to have it. so burn, burn, burn, copy, copy, copy….and get me back however you feel necessary. more on that later.”

          The blog button is a convenient option of how to “get her back” – if you choose. you aren’t under an obligation – that’s the point. when you think about it, it’s actually fairly gracious. (you might download it and not like it, afterall, so why should you pay for something you didn’t like?)

  • luci_fer

    A few things have been irritating me lately, and this makes me feel better. Bugger gracefully rising above it, you should absolutely hit back and mock them – they deserve it.

    It’s the Daily Fail strikes again. A nip slip is a fairly normal tabloid hackery tactic here; usually reserved for things like award ceremonies where the hapless celeb pops out of their outfit and is photographed doing it. The point is to humiliate that celebrity, publicly shame and embarrass them, which sells papers cause…well…people like to snigger at it.

    The problem here is – you’re so patently not embarrassed or humiliated by it. You aren’t a ‘respectable celeb’ and don’t give two hoots, which a little research on their part would have amply demonstrated (er. not that we’ve ever held the Daily Mail to any kind of journalistic standards…) aside from the general ‘not having a nudity taboo’ I remember watching a web cast where there was a lot of side boob and people commented (not unkindly, just pointed it out) and you rolled with it. Viva la side boob! Or when you got changed on a red carpet. It’s just…yeah. You don’t seem to get wound up about that trivial, shallow, petty stuff.

    See, you’re meant to be ‘put in your place’ for your ‘wardrobe gaffe’ here – but they’re so barking up the wrong tree with this one it’s unreal. I’m surprised they just went for the escaped boob zoom in and didn’t bother with the armpit hair or the drawn on eyebrows, but like I said, nip slips are a traditional hit with our nations mouth breathers :/

    “dear daily mail,you misogynist pile of twats
    i’m tired of these baby bumps, vadge flashes, muffintops
    where are the newsworthy COCKS?
    if iggy or jagger or bowie go topless the news barely causes a ripple
    blah blah blah feminist blah blah blah gender shit blah blah blah


  • Nathan Barley

    Amanda Palmer iz well weapon innit.

  • Michael Johnson

    A fine companion piece to “You’ll Never See a Nipple In The Daily Express’ by John Cooper Clarke, I reckon.

    Frustratingly, there seems to be only one ancient and lo-fi version of JCC’s pithy pome on YouTube, so I won’t stick a link here. But they go together like bookends, I tellya.

    Hmm. AFP + JCC – now that would be a gig worth seeing…

    • Neil Goodwin

      I quite agree about JCC’s piece. I have it on VHS somewhere in Penge, an Old Grey Whistle Test, following him as a woodwork teacher. I’ll try and dig it out when I’m next back in Blighty.

  • Jamclouds

    Daily mail; sad orthodox humans holding on to something so old as the Victorian taboos and newspapers. That’s why I began my dream Jamclouds; only for musicians and supporters to create our own content and festivals, far from bullying spectators or journalists.
    One love!

  • Crunchy Tampons

    you don’t get kool-aid in England

    • Ruth

      It’s a reference to the cult where the guy gave everyone spiked kool aid and killed them. Brian Jones? Yeah. We don’t have kool aid in Britain but it was a way to say they have brainwashed some people but not us. Maybe you know that already but… Just wanted to say I thought it was a witty lyric personally.

      • aceofdiamonds

        Jim Jones was the cult leader in Guyana. It was also Flavor-Aid, but that’s less popular than Kool-Aid. Many people were shot for refusing to drink the poison or trying to run.

        Brian Jones was a Rolling Stones member, replaced by Mick Taylor.

      • Val

        Thanks for the explanation ! :)

    • Emm

      Splitting hairs?

    • raliel

      well, you CAN, but only at those odd shops that specialise in selling U.S. foods at vastly inflated prices

  • Achiad Daskalo

    You are GOD! :D

  • Viridian

    Brilliant. Joyful. Thank you!

  • Heather Reisig

    God Bless you Ms Palmer.

  • Sissi

    <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 You are so awesome Amanda

  • RichardLartey

    I do not regret stumbling upon your set at Glastonbury at all!

  • Román Gorojovsky

    Re: your use of the waltz from Evita, let it be known that si Evita viviera, sería Amandapalmera. Trust me on that one.

  • Lesley Joss

    I just know I’m going to get downvoted for this…

    Well done to Amanda Palmer for standing up to the Daily
    Mail. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s infamous for racist and
    biased non-news stories. Another well done for standing up to ridiculous values
    regarding nudity and body-ideals.

    However, it really bothers me that she labels the paper as
    “misogynist”. Just as we all probably have a friend or colleague who
    attributes their every life problem on their race/religion/disability, there
    are some people who label all their problems as stemming from misogynists. If
    you look up the Daily Mail readership demographics, you can see that the
    majority of their customers are women (source: It would be a poor
    business practice to publish articles classified as “having a hatred of
    women” when the majority of your income comes from women.

    Blame society for its perverse sadism at others’ misfortune,
    or gender stereotypes if you like, but please don’t call it misogynism – it
    quickly gets old and devalues the word.

    • I Get Your Point But..

      I think, as addressed in the lyrics of the song, the misogyny comes from the exposure of female body parts being considered newsworthy and shameful, but exposure of male body parts is not treated the same way. Which implies that female bodies are valued differently than male bodies, and while not indicative of “hate,” do suggest that females are seen as less than males.

      The fact that the tabloid caters to a female audience doesn’t save it from misogyny, as a woman can be a misogynist, too, and unfortunately many are. We seem so eager to tear eachother down. Maleness is not a prerequisite.

      • agreed…

        I think you’re all on a similar page. This kind of treatment (however you want to label it) is very common in magazines (almost) exclusively aimed at women. Some of them are full of wardrobe slips (esp getting out of taxis) and unflattering bikini shots (alongside flattering ones). It’s odd that feminism tends to ignore these and focus exclusively on the lads mags… I have no idea why this is, as I’m not particularly sensitive, and I find just the covers of the women’s mags shocking!

    • Isms are alive and well

      Actually, misogyny can very much be internalized, and just the fact that this paper published such a nonsensical article making the female form dirty shows that there’s definite misogyny going on here. Please do a little more research before you start lecturing. ;)

      • Isms are alive and well

        Oh, I forgot to add that women can definitely be self-hating (internalized misogyny). You see it every day.

    • luci_fer

      …Not going to downvote you, but disagree that the daily mail (and most of our tabloids) aren’t fundamentally misogynist. And jingoistic. And a bunch of other not-very-nice-things.

      Oh, and women can easily be misogynist as well – a lot of the comments on the daily mail thing WERE women saying “ew gross” and “she’s disgusting”. It’s all very easy to internalize.

      (I’ve never liked tabloids or women’s mags, but I was very much a teenage sexist in how I internalized things as outlined here

    • SuzanneZelei

      Another person here not down-voting you but disagreeing strongly. I agree that many things that are mild sexism are sometimes called misogyny. This particular ‘article’ wasn’t one of them – it’s hateful. It’s so full of contempt, and it is 100% gendered contempt. It’s meant to induce shame in this artist and make others view her with a snarl, that silly woman, that “boob”, who lost her decency like that “for all too see” – and yet it’s also so clearly meant to sexually excite. It’s getting sexual pleasure out of non-consensually humiliating a person.
      They never do it to men.
      They do it to women all the time.
      How is that not misogynist?

  • Danilo Sanches

    Love you. Forever!

  • Alice

    My girlfriend and I had enjoyed your TED talk but we’d never heard your music. So after I watched this video (by myself) I thought it would be fun to show it to my girlfriend, since she didn’t know about the disrobing midway through. I wish you could have seen the look on her face. Thanks for the fun music.

  • Duke Jenner

    Friggin AWESOME! Love you for this!

  • Bili

    Dear journalists, do not fuck with Amanda Palmer :-)

  • pietrocappello

    Give them hell Amanda! Your friend in the city P.

  • Jacqlyn Lancaster

    Will you marry me?

  • HaizyDaiz

    NIPPLE :)

  • Jason

    I don’t really see what’s so significant about this. I enjoy your music,, but I don’t see how this is noteworthy.. Sure, you’re pointing out a double standard, but honestly this horse has been beaten to death. People make a bigger deal about women’s bodies being exposed, whether in a flattering or humiliating way, just as people make a bigger deal about a man’s reputation.

    I mean, let’s be honest, you get a lot of money, love and support because of your body. People love your music, but the fact that you’re pretty definitely helps, no? You are saying people shouldn’t be making a big deal about women’s bodies, but the thing is, you are perpetuating that very thing by objectifying yourself. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, but what I’m saying is there are flaws in your reasoning. And flawed reasoning leads to flawed conclusions.

    • Jason

      Not saying that some unintended boob exposure is humiliating. It’s really not a big deal.

      • luci_fer

        In context, with the rest of the daily mail’s finger pointing, slut-shaming, she’s too fat, she’s too thin – it’s a fairly big deal. That’s a big paper with a large (gullible) readership.

        Then take the daily mail as an indicator; one of many cultural indicators tapping into the mood of a nation, or more accurately, both helping to form and reflect the society in which we live. Think about other media representations of women and how this falls into context.

        Then try and think about just how commonplace and accepted this sort of thing is – it’s the kind of thing that people shrug about and say it’s not a big deal.

        (and singularly, it isn’t. it’s petty and vindictive, but it’s a petty and vindictive tabloid and there are bigger things. but that’s why we have things like media criticism and debates about representation; because the little things add up, become accepted, absorbed and unquestioned. then things like exposing body parts are automatically seen as shameful regardless of context)

      • Tom Steiger

        Exactly right. So the question then becomes: Why did the Daily Mail see fit to make a big deal of it?

    • long-timer


      She’s exploiting her own nudity for publicity & the fame/$ that will come from that publicity. Thus, she even asks the audience to film & post online. There are plenty of nude images and video of Amanda out there already, because she does this constantly. It’s a sure-fire way to get attention from the media.

      Strippers exploit their bodies similarly.

      It’s hardly a reason for such extreme self-congratulations.

      • Emm

        Another Daily Fail supporter huh? Twat!!

        • long-timer

          No, but I don’t see how acting like a stripper to get press is fighting misogyny. Amanda is capitalizing on the same fascination/repulsion/shaming around women’s bodies as the Daily Mail. It’s too much hypocrisy for me. Like Jason says, it’s also illogical to the extreme.

          Why not just ignore it? But we know why, as fans who have seen this constantly: to get press attention. I find it embarrassing. Though when I was 16, I might have found it rebellious, without thinking through the illogic. Maybe I’m too old for Amanda Palmer now.

          • luci_fer

            “And flawed reasoning leads to flawed conclusions.” – I agree with Jason’s comment there.

            There’s a distinction between “body shaming” – trying to make somebody humiliated/ashamed, attempting to cause discomfort and embarrassment – and someone taking their own clothes off, on their own terms, for their own purposes.

            One is an attack, putting someone down, back in there place. Yes, there is a double-standard in that this wouldn’t happen to a male front man, and yes, that needs pointing out. But that’s not all that needs pointing out here.

            The problem isn’t her exposing a body part and the daily mail pointing it out. It’s not even that they overlooked her music and judged her solely on her tit (though that is…exceedingly annoying). It’s the gleeful maliciousness in which it’s done that REALLY irks – and only really missed the mark in that Amanda, having no nudity taboo, does not care in the slightest. I think with many other women that particular arrow may have hit the mark.

            And it’s not OK. And it shouldn’t be tolerated. Which is what just ignoring it and ‘rising above it’ is actually doing – tolerating it. Assenting by default. Personally, I’m inclined to think that’s part of the problem.

            Then the rebuttal. During the song (the lyrics of which it’s worth noting) she takes her clothes off; on her own terms, and in complete and utter context with the song as a performance piece. It’s a ginormous fuck you to the daily mail because it shows just how much she ISN’T ashamed of her own body.

            I do not understand how you can find her being comfortable in her own skin hypocritical or illogical. Nor do I see, from Jason’s post, how she’s objectifying herself; she isn’t being sold as a product. Is it courting controversy and attention? Of course, certainly she’s never shied away from that.

            The more people who get the message the better, and THAT is why it went viral. This song is probably not going to sell because (sorry!) it doesn’t have the same artistic merit as something like The Bed Song – it’s brilliant at what it does; it’s a clever skit and a protest song. But her getting naked isn’t going to sell it. The point of it going viral is that people GET THE MESSAGE.

            …Which I don’t think you got, to be honest.

      • Tom Steiger

        Iggy Pop and Mick Jagger perform topless far more often than Ms Palmer, yet I’ve never heard anyone accuse them of exploiting their nudity for publicity. Hmmm…

    • Emm

      I suppose from your comment you’re a Daily Fail supporter. Sounds like it, twat!!!

  • miserichik


    Thank you for making my day, Amanda, I love you :)

  • Janelle

    Speaking on the music only, no wonder I love this. I haven’t seen “Evita” yet but LOVE that waltz.

  • Plussie Galore

    I just want to kiss your boob face. Magnificent.

  • outsideoverthere

    i really want a tattoo of “blah blah blah feminist. blah blah blah gender-shit”

    • Messica J

      Or at least a T-shirt.

    • AfroditeOhki

      Don’t forget to add “OH MY GOD NIPPLE!” to it afterwards, that was awesome.

  • Amy Hrizuk Klein

    You need another middle name. Like you were just confirmed or something. Amanda Fucking “Genius” Palmer. Holy hell. I laughed my ass off.

  • Chenoa

    Daily Mail full of Twats… lovely response :). Can’t wait to see you in Seattle this Sept.!

  • Purple Rain
    what is up with this?!? I can not believe these people on the “news show” (a.k.a. “mainstream media brainwashing tactics)
    I’m sorry for all the negativity you must face day in and day out. If I could lighten your load just a bit, I would.

  • fierce

    So brilliantly said. Thank you so much for helping spread how sick to death we are of this crap. A breast escapes in public and it gets the focus of a nation, however a breastfeeding woman is forced to hide in a toilet. God forbid we should see breasts in “their natural habitat” and more than just an item for objectification. OK, rant over, but seriously, thanks! xx

  • Phil Nielsen

    way to stick it to the old tossers on the Daily Mail lol

  • Doris

    Frankly if you don’t want people to look at your tits you shoudl keep them out of sight. You were doing your job; if any woman went to work with her tits hanging out, there would be comment, why should you be any different – unless you’re a stripper?

    • Steve Wilds

      Way to miss the point.

    • luci_fer


      Agreed, point missed. By a country mile.

  • Charlotte

    Your response was amazing!!!!! I despise The Daily Mail as like you mention they chose to repot the superficial things rather than what matters!!!! This song has made my morning!! I loue you for doing this!!!

  • Alice

    Amanda Palmer you are an absolute legend of a human being and have thoroughly restored my faith for the day in humanity, feminism and the good fight against the shamefully toilet-paper worthy tabloids spewing shit over England’s pastures green. You’re an incredibly talented, hilarious and wonderful individual.

  • Sascade

    You are clever and adorable. I love you

  • L.A.

    Dear Amanda, I fuckin love you.

  • raliel

    Apparently the Sydney Morning Herald (as well as our dear old Guardian) can cover this story, but the Daily Mail? still in hiding.

  • Trixy

    It’s easy folks, stop buying the daily fail et all and put them out of business….

    • SuzanneZelei

      Actually it is more about internet traffic at this point. Which is why it’s great that this piece contains only screen captures, no links. DO NOT EVER LINK TO THE DAILY MAIL, no matter what the purpose. They can live on hate as well as on love…

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    Something that gets me is the way that The Sun (a UK comic pretending to be a newspaper) is slated for it’s Page 3 girls showing their boobs when it’s papers like the Daily Mail that are doing far worse with their coverage of things like your Glastonbury performance. At least The Sun is being honest about showing boobs, the Mail would far rather that you, being a female, kept them and yourself covered up and quiet. I think it a far more misogynistic paper than The Sun could ever be.

  • Jamie

    I respect your sentiment and effort at highlighting the ridiculous focus of ‘newspapers’. However calling the Mail a bunch of twats ie insulting them by calling them female genitalia is degrading to women too. So quite innocenently id imagine you are upholding the misogynist hegemony. Most women don’t realise this because misogyny is so ingrained in our culture <3

    • Natalie

      am so glad you mentioned that Jamie! Amanda, your response was brilliant and necessary, but the moment I read ‘you misogynist pile of twats’, I wanted to puke. So much build up and intelligent wording and then… ‘twat’…. connected to misogyny…. puke…. spoken by a woman… even more disappointing! Sigh, we women have a long way to equality and freedom if our role models aren’t getting the language right!

      • bex

        It is just a generic insult. We use the word ‘dick’ and ‘cock’ as insults to. I guess because genitalia is quite ugly looking and make for an effective metaphor.

        • Becky

          spot on :) i’ll happily use the word twat or dick interchangeably for someone I don’t like lol. I’m not a feminist though, I’d say im more of an equalist ;)

    • Tomte

      I think calling them “twats” makes it even worse for them. If someone asks it isn’t even a real insult, only for those who ARE in fact misogynist ; ) It’s possibly the best choice of words she could have made.

    • Helli

      1. Defined as a plural noun for a group of imbeciles, cretins, idiots, fucktards, morons, etc. Any group of people of a generally fuck-witted nature.

      As with many words that are derogatory it also became a word synonymous with female anatomy…the vagina. So no, Amanda did not have this wrong.
      You really should google words before you comment.

  • Boosh

    YOU ROCK AFP!!!! Thankyou! xxx

  • subgirl

    We love Amanda Fucking Palmer! :) <3 <3 <3

  • Guy

    OMG there’s a second in the clip where you can totally see her wrist! someone call the daily mail!

  • WillOWisp

    good work, i fucking hate that paper.

  • Mike Reys

    I can only paraphrase the film Sightseers in addition to this:
    “This is not a person, it’s a Daily Mail reader”

  • Neil Goodwin

    I heard about this all the way over in Cape Town. Nice one. The Daily Mail is an evil hateful rag!

    • Morgaen

      I must admit I havent heard of Amanda either till I saw the video on YouTube. Frikkin brilliant lol Love your music btw.

  • Maria

    Strength! Coolness!!

  • ZoddTheHuman

    Way to go! :D
    Somehow I feel that the Daily Mail makes it too easy. :D

  • Malin

    <3<3<3 you just so great. it is so important to reclaim ones body again and again!

  • Gersande

    Oh my goodness a nipple how indecent! The daily mail gets off on all this shit. As usual, AFP is badass.

  • Belnat

    I must admit I’ve never heard of you before, but a friend posted this on Facebook, and this was one of the most amazing, accurate, awesome appearances I’ve ever seen. Laughed so much!

  • Laura

    This has Made My Day, thank you so much for doing this :D

  • Jim Akin

    Love this! So funny, and so spot-on.

  • Rosie Holtom

    This has made my day, this is the best possible response. The Daily Mail is an embarrassment to the Uk xxxx

  • Sanna

    Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!

  • Tony Alioto

    This sure would be a good number to record as a bonus track for donors to your next Kickstarter album… which I have a feeling is going to debut even higher on Billboard. Damn, I cannot wait. You are fabulous!

  • Liz

    Hahahahah!!! Yes!!!

  • pawl dunbar

    I assume from the large YES on your tummy in one of the photos in the article that you are supporting the YES campaign in the referendum for Scottish Independence.

    Good for you! That will piss of the right-wing Daily Mail even more! As for the right-wing coalition government, they are continually making tits of themselves with their NO campaign…

    What a scorching response to the London gutter press – a parallel career as a satirist just rarin’ to go!

    A great performer, a great performance!.

    Keep belting it out, Amanda!

  • Philip M Peverley

    Unfortunately as an artist you will always have your knockers, Amanda

    • diydungeon


  • Vivid Sammy

    Thanks Amanda, on behalf of 50% of all the nipples. And suck it Daily mail!

  • oh wow

    You are fucking amazing!

  • claire

    just brilliant

  • oz osman

    You rock! Good job there!

  • Nilla Märak

    Oh, you just made my day! This is now doing the rounds on Facebook in Sweden, woop woop! I LOVE YOU!! :D

  • Martynas

    epic win

  • Anne Trotter

    Whoops? Seriously? They didn’t see you on the red carpet when you did “Who Killed Amanda Palmer”, did they. One of the things I (someone rather ashamed of their body) adore you for is your deliberate lack of shame about your body. It’s one small part of what makes you so tremendously beautiful, and such an amazing performer.

  • Benny Halliwell


  • Parry-Riposte

    Love your ‘balls’ m’lady – please don’t EVER change that!! xoxo

  • Efrem Zimbalist Jr

    That was great. Not at all titillating or gratuitous, and witty, too. The Mail and other organs haven’t caught on to the fact that yes, we have an ageing population (hey, I’m 60) but no, we’re not all reactionary and right wing. Why do the people in power and in positions of influence keep on reacting as if the Edwardians were still in charge? It’s 2013, isn’t it?

  • Roy C


  • Mark Stevens

    well done amanda, awesome response ,funny as fuck. fuck the daily mail & its hatemongering, warmongering, royal arsekissing, tory loving, misogynistic & ignorant orwellian ways. u r as outdated as the twats that read your rag xxxxxxx

  • Stan

    Love it, but beware – don’t feed the trolls!!

  • Salad

    The sad fact is that thousands, nay , millions of people hit the Daily Mail online for ‘stories’ JUST like that, don’t feel like a victim – the real culprits are the people obsessed with these non-stories and unflattering pictures of those in the spot light. For me they are the most tragic of it all.

    Well done to you, great performance and letter regardless.

  • ana santana

    Glorious, excellent, brilliant…

    I love you with all my heaaaaaaaaart!!!!

    Thank you!

    Ps: it was healing to see this video, I was there on stage with you saying fuck off to all the bullies of my life :) what a human being you are!

  • kenneth hardman

    haha awesomeness doesnt cover it….ooh cover no thanks!

  • Kim Harris

    Thank you soooo much for this. I have watched this four times today, and as a woman who currently has ‘breasts in their natural habitat’ (ie feeding my one year son, BTW best line ever) I was right there with you with a great big UP YOURS, in my case about anyone who complains about a stray nipple for a baby but loves to see a woman in a bikini (yes, David Koch, I mean you). You have made me feel strong and happy to whip my tits out as I see fit. Love, Kim

  • Jurga

    Wonderful, bold, funny & clever performance! Thumbs up to you, girl!

  • colio

    Well done Amanda how to hit back (or should that be tit back) at the Daily Mail sniggering prudes

  • Hardeep Kaur


    • Domi

      double D batteries


  • Nellie (from Amsterdam, NL)

    Thank you!! What a kick ass reply!!

  • Dunsty

    I’m a member of a facebook group called Cover Up the Hate Mail… the premise is simple: every time you see the DM for sale just slap any other paper over the top of it. :-)

    • bex

      spreading the word presently !

    • ru

      lol I’ve been turning them backwards on a regular basis for months now

    • Messica J

      Heheh. Here in Canada I like to flip over, cover up or obscure with other impulse-buy items any of the tabloids we’re forced to see en route to the cash register. Excellent.

  • Ajreid

    They’re not known as The Daily Nazi for nothing, hypocritical bunch of small minded chinless wonders, and that’s me censoring myself again!!

  • Christina Huerta

    You brilliant human, you.

  • voicnoir

    im not that in with’the kids’ anymore, getting on a bit now as they say. But I thank the daily mail for bringing Amanda palmer to my attention – the have introduced me to a talented , interesting and exciting talent that I may have missed if they had been more mature and less full of shit. Good work Daily Mail what would I have done without you . ;)

  • dave

    Your performance at Glasto was really great! Me and my mates just wandered down to see who might be on the stage, and were so chuffed that we got to see you. Your singing & crowd surfing was awesome and sounded and looked ace, and we particularly loved your ukelele song, which definitely helped spread some of the glasto love around the crowd and set us up for an epic weekend. Thank you Amanda!

    Dave x

  • LepeignoirHomme

    You are the best <3

  • Nimi Ravindran

    I think you’re beyond awesome. . I wish someone would one like this in India. Lots of love to you…

  • Rob

    That was cool. First time I heard of you. First song I heard by you. You’re awesome.

  • Denis Paulo

    The most epic thing I´ve seen in years!

  • Tori Rae

    When my 7 year old was asked by her Dad what the Daily mail was, she said (smooth and unprompted) ‘lies’

  • pronoia

    That made my day!

  • Francesca Peruzzo

    I would like Italian artists to be able to reply crap Italian media in the same way! THANKS!

  • HollyBG

    I was at that Glasto gig and I’m pretty certain nobody even noticed. And even if we had, SO FUCKING WHAT? It was an incredible, inspiring gig – nipple or no nipple. There are so many things that are disgusting about that Mail article and the most dangerous of them all is that it seems at face value to be so unthreatening and dismissive. Up yours, Daily Mail! The shame is on you.

  • Gareth Lazelle

    On the off-chance it hasn’t been mentioned yet, this song by “Dan and Dan” is well worth a listen when trying to get a feel for hypocrisy and the Daily Mail…

  • Vickie

    Dear Amanda, the whole city of Cologne, Germany, can’t wait to finally have you here again!!!! You are amazingly cool and gifted. Thank you for doing what you do! It is so good to see somebody be so fucking smart and at the same time so tremendously entertaining as you are. Please go on with what you do, see you soon! Vickie

  • Wish aka Max

    Holy shit, I wish we had gals with your balls, over here in Italy. Unfortunately all we have are the B mistresses… all trying to show off their newest surgery. I love you. Thanks a lot.

  • mariana frança

    You are fucking awesome!

  • ana

    Oh, I love you sooooo much!!!

  • Hildur

    Was so speechless at your brilliance I thought I’d share it with my friends. Then thought that wasn’t enough, so I wrote covered it on Iceland’s most read news website, including the video. I’ll be keeping an eye on you in the future, please stay so darn awesome.

  • Luke S

    Hahaha! Totally brilliant. Well done Miss! Love it. Says it all really :D

  • SunFlower

    Just brilliant. Thank you SO much for this! :)

  • Monique

    Great! :-)

  • Muffy the Pig Poker

    I love this. A response that disarms the twits and makes them look like total fools for using 70’s tabloid titilation. Well done Amanada!!!

  • Texadan

    There’s also a video, from a different angle, on Vimeo.

  • Max
  • Chelsea Lilly

    Did you actually match your yellow eyeshadow to that mic xD

  • Chiquitica

    Great, well done Amanda, loved your Dear Daily Mail…fight them with wit and charm and humour and you will have fans for life just for the grace and courage and sense of the ridiculous you show… Yrs in Admiration.

  • Seriously Spain

    If you actually HAVE a brain and live in the UK, you read The Guardian or The Independent anyway. The Mail, along with other crap like The Daily Mirror, are garbage. Only idiots read them.

    And yes, good for you telling them to go fuck themselves. More people should.

  • James Earthenware

    the NEWSWORTHY COCKS you crave are here…well they were here…in Australia…in 1988. <3

    • James Earthenware

      If you don’t like song Fast Fwd to last 2 mins for the public’s response!!!

  • Yogi Barrister

    No mention of Chad’s nip slip?

  • Linda G

    THANK YOU AMANDA! Brave, funny, brilliant. Overcoming ignorance with your light and strength…

  • Jess

    May your initiative spark a revolutionary change in economic theory!

  • Mare

    Though my husband has known and loved your music for years, I grew up only knowing Casey Casem as gatekeeper of new music, so was totally ignr’nt (as they said in rural WY). BUT, I did theater in college with Jason Webley, and since Evelyn Evelyn have been intrigued by the inventive, unique, smart FUNness of your work. And now this Daily Mail response. YES, yay you. (Also, I have The Graveyard Book in my Audible cue and only just now realize he’s your husband. So, really, yay VOUS.)

  • Olav Martin Bjørnsen

    Nice to see a shoutout for Perhaps Contraption, reviewed their debut album a few years back. Interesting band.

  • miserichik

    I’m finally watching this and I’m hysterical……brava, my dear, brava, and love the twats line!! :)

  • Lisette of Le Petite Mania

    Love your work.

  • drwex

    Fantastic. You have huge brass balls.

  • Kresta Daly

    Thank you.

  • Terri

    I’m 61 years old and have never heard a better response to the frenzy over women’s body parts. Your response makes bodies natural, acceptable, healthy, normal and fun. It really shines a light on what the heck is going on when we buy into the collective gasp of unexpected exposures. Thanks for the laughs and for being such an amazing human being!! Well done!

  • Mish Elliott

    Amanda I’ve emailed your address with this and some other personal stuff I wanted to say to you about the gig, but I just thought I’d share parts of it here too :P
    I was at this gig.
    And I feel like it changed my life maybekindasorta, just a bit.

    I went to Bournemouth beach the following weekend with friends. And when normally I may have sat around feeling a little insecure about not being the slimmest there, I decided you know what- fuck it. I’m not going to make my body my own problem. If it’s going to be anyone’s problem, it can be someone else’s for all I care. And self-explanatory- then it’s their problem, not mine.

    So I arrived at a beach at 7pm, stripped down to my tighty whities and went straight into the sea with a bottle of beer and dicked around in the waves with my friends (and some more beer…) until about 10pm. I had a fantastic time.

    Then the other day I set up a youtube channel and posted a beginner’s hooping video. As I state in the video descriptions, I am under no delusion that I’m any good yet- but I just wanted to make the channel for friends to laugh at me, and for a benchmark for my progression in hooping, for my own use, so that I can do videos every month or so to track my progress and keep myself motivated to improve and have some new tricks down before I do the following month’s video.

    Alas, in less than 24 hours, an Internet misogyny troll had stumbled upon my video of me dicking around with a hoop in my living room to some music and commented “you fat little fuck”, “piggy”, etc.

    So I made this.

    Thank you Amanda, you have truly impassioned me. What a fantastic effect just one person’s self-love, confidence, positivity, sense of humour and wit can have on other people. And I’m hearing about tonnes of people whose days I’ve made and who I’ve made laugh with my video!

    what a bunch of twots, eh?

  • Samuel Aaron Grandt

    As soon as I read “And here’s my response..”, I KNEW she was gonna tear the robe off…Classic AFP.
    I FUCKING LOVE you, Amanda.

  • http://@leah_v leah_v

    addressing lameness like the daily mail with art-love it. you’re a fucking artist, afp! bravo!

  • Scott Saint

    Nice clip.

  • LMHwx

    I confess I never heard of you or your music until a Facebook friend posted the link to this video. (In my defense, I figure middle-aged scientists may not be your target audience.) But I want you to know that after I made my 15-year-old daughter to watch the video, I went and ordered an album. As my daughter would say, “You rock”, and I want to support that. Thanks for adding your voice and energy and creativity to those of so many others throughout time!

  • Borat Sagdiev

    Hello Mrs. Feminiminist Ladies,

    How much?

    My name is Borat, I from glorious country of Kazakhstan, I like sex, ping pong, disco dancing and make sexy time with my mother in law. Hi Five…Very Nice!!!

    I have a question, do you think is it not a problem that the woman
    have a smaller brain? Especially the Kazakhastani government scientist
    Dr Yamuka has proved it is size of squirrel?

    And how do I get in touch with this Pamela Anderson?


    Borat Sagdiev,
    Journalist from the glorious nation of Kazakhstan

    “Kazakhastan is the greatest country in the world
    And all the other countries are run by little girls”

  • Caitin

    U r fuckin amazin. Screw wat any1 else says. I think you’ve just bern brave enuf to stand up and say wat a lot of people were tinkin. Love you Amanda!

  • Guest

    I love you write this whole thing about yourself and how cool you are, with the cherry on top being little donation box begging people to give you money at the end. I’m sure you, someone who has profited off your mentally ill ex boyfriend’s suicide, are a good authority on this sort of topic.

  • Chris Massey Lynch

    To Paul Dacre:Daily Mail editor..
    Do you think it is appropriate to run stories about children where the
    reason for their newsworthiness is their family connection to a public
    figure, for example 572 stories about Suri Cruise, including the agenda-setting “The tiring life of Suri Cruise: Katie Holmes’ daughter snuggles up in her favourite pink ‘blankie'”?
    572 Stories…….
    (If all the tabloids suddenly disappeared overnight,i wonder what people
    would read a week later…?)

  • Nosha Nabil

    Hoop ons fakulteit webwerf, dankie by voorbaat om te sien

  • hannagrrl

    Has anyone else decided to use the substitute “The Daily MALE”?

  • Eric Ciechanowicz

    French-ly, until now, I had never heard of you dear Amanda Palmer. And now I owe it to this song. indeed there can be roses blooming on top of a Daily mail review. So i’ll proceed on to the discovery of the other part of your art. and allow other too by sharing the pleasure of reading your letter. Thank you

  • Lauralee

    The best thing about AFP is that nothing stops her, not one thing, not ever.

  • Melana Hiatt

    I have to admit I have never heard of you before but I just
    admire the heck out of you now! We should all be so brave as to stand up
    and and call a spade a spade.
    I am sorry, I really didn’t notice your tits…I was to busy admiring your balls.

  • Melana Hiatt

    I have to admit I have never heard of you before but I just
    admire the heck out of you now! We should all be so brave as to stand up
    and and call a spade a spade.
    I am sorry, I really didn’t notice your tits…I was to busy admiring your balls.

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  • mothersday

    Great article ……first picture you have uploaded is very funny …. keep it up ….. Mothers Day 2015

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