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listening to you doing the dark light and the light dark

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hello my loves

this is first an apology – i didn’t send a post when we actually HIT our deadline for the sunday songwriting contest because i was so out of pocket….

it’s 91 degrees in woodstock and t i’m just settling down right now to listen to all of your sunday “power failure” songwriting submissions and HOLY SHIT – my heart and soul are diving into the deep of all that you have created….over 300 submissions….are you trying to KILL ME WITH BEAUTY.

not shown: wine.


just listening to your voices and poetry and instruments and love poured into words and images is making me so fucking happy.

i just came back from TED watching days and days of talks on how the internet has turned into an evil morass and terrible place full of bots and horror and deep fakes and then i open my browser, invited into your heads and homes and sounds and LIFE and LIGHT and the LIgHT OF DARK and i’m like FUCK EVERYBODY THE INTERNET IS STILL WORKING TO CONNECT US ALL

i cannot thank you enough for submitting such beautiful work….so much of it….it’s going to be a long night….i am setting myself the task of trying to possibly record this TOMORROW.

but i’m just full of so much love for you all

you’re giving me hope

you’re inspiring me….

also, to this comment, by nathan ray:

“Am I the only one who feels like something is missing from the plan? Awesome for the winner to collect $1000 and some merch, but if you do end up “thinging” it, you will certainly be fairly compensating the songwriter, right? If my memory serves, a single “thing” brings in somewhere from $40-$70 grand, depending on how many things have been thung that month, no? That kind of money (even half of that) could really, truly change someone’s life. I hope you do the right thing here. (no pun intended)”

there was a really good and robust comment thread underneath it…and nathan, i hear you and i get why you would post this.

let me just remind you that if i recorded and posted a cover song by, say, brice springsteen, or the cure, or leonard cohen, or (name a band)….everyone would be like WHEEE! a fun cover!

then add to that this fact: it’s going to take me on the order of 12 hours to listen through these submissions. just deciding to cover a cure song takes zero hours.

and to your comment about the $40-70k….don’t make me get specific on you, but i’m paying tens and tens of thousands of dollars to keep this AFP ship afloat. staff salaries, insurance, office costs, it’s mega. the vast majority of these dough isn’t profit. just bear that in mind…the same thing was true of the kickstarter.

i’d rather cover a song by someone from the community than cover the boss or the cure. it feels better.

it feels….amazing.





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