12/08/03 – The dresden Dolls Face the Long Winter

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writing in a diary like this has become as frustrating as trying to write in my own journal lately, i feel like i have too much to say, so i just don’t.
it’s a typical night. the snow today has lost it’s initial glory and stands piled hip-high in front of the door. walking along the sidewalk i have an angle into michael pope’s window i never had before. brian and i sludged through the snow to the roxy to go the the newbury comics annual staff ball, ate a few pieces of shrimp, and left.
i saw a squirrel having a hard time on an icy vine outside the foyer.

i tried to resurrect an old song tonight and think i may have succeeded. the original title was “WWW.WWWIII” (clever, eh?)
the lyrics address a weird cross between stating frustration at the over-connectedness of the nation, the idea that the surface of the moon may become a battling ground for competing advertisers, and a call to arms for some mythical army of frustrated children who will cut every wire in the world so we can start the whole thing over again.
…..a passing aquaintance at the time i write it asked “what are you, a fucking luddite?”
in spirit only, i would be pretty lost without elecricity.
but it’s fun to fantasize. it’s not the electircity, it’s the disconnection it forces.

i spend hours looking at the piles that are accumulating on the floor of my apartment and wonder if they’ll maybe go away magically.

the piano’s out of tune.

i have found some really really good music lately, however:

“stellastarr*” are fantastic….totally retro eighties/pixies/cure stuff dripping with hooks.

“iron and wine” gets my vote for most beautiful cd of the month. i’m not sure which disc it is, but there are only two, i think.
it’s gorgeous guitar songwriting with almost cohen-brilliant melodies and lyrics.

i’ve also been digging this band from the south called “the fatales”, the website is www.thefatales.com.
the cd is nowhere to be found, you’d need to order it off the web.
it really grows on you, almost NYCcool meets Radiohead meets Cabaret.
they seem lonely and i think we’re going to play with them sometime.

bed is near


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