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WHAT TO WEAR?? and tour dates.

in most important news: i have NEW TOUR DATES and if you can help me spread them around, please, please do.
as you know, i have absolutely no help from the record label now, so i’m on my own promoting these shows.
in the states it’s easier and the word spreads faster, but in places like france i really, really need help:

AND please, please buy tickets in advance.
if you’re not in these areas…the best thing you can do send these tour dates to other folks you know who live there.
it’s just us, people.

January 19
Party on the Internet! [WEBCAST]
Boston, Massachusetts
Watch live at approximately 5-9PM EST on

January 26
Théâtre Trianon
Bordeaux, France

January 28
Café Music
Mont-de-Marchsan, France

January 31
Arena (Big Hall)
Vienna, Austria

February 26
The Forum Theatre
Melbourne, Australia
Ages: 18+

March 4
Adelaide, Australia

March 7
Sydney Opera House
Sydney, Australia

March 8
A & I Hall
Bangalow (Byron Bay), Australia
Ages: 18+

March 10
The Zoo
Brisbane, Australia
Ages: 18+

March 12
Wellington, New Zealand
Ages: 18+

March 16
Al’s Bar
Christchurch, New Zealand
Ages: 18+

March 17
Kings Arms Tavern
Auckland, New Zealand
Ages: 18+

April 23
Bush Hall [w/ EVELYN EVELYN]
London, England
14+ (under 18yrs with an adult)

April 24
Bush Hall [w/ EVELYN EVELYN]
London, England
14+ (under 18yrs with an adult)

April 25
Bush Hall [w/ EVELYN EVELYN]
London, England
14+ (under 18yrs with an adult)


beautiful art by @AiriZombie

mother of FUCK.

if i leave one more thing in the back of a cab or in a restaurant in new york, they’re going to start a museum of recovered items.
i can’t wait to visit it, and see all my stuff.

so far nothing tragic, but i’m leaking energy like a tanker with a iceberg-sized hole. and i can’t even blame it all on the drinking. half the time i’m sober and just going way, way too fast.
my brain is on spin cycle and my soul is in the wash, but nobody added detergent. nothing’s getting clean. need. yoga.

in better news, neil loves me, and i love him. so really everything feels ok. i reach out to him in the middle of the night and whatever is missing can be missing, because he’s there. i’ll shut up after i say it one last time: i love the man more than i can say. every day i can’t believe how fucking lucky we are to have found each other.

the private evelyn evelyn show the other day was a huge success (we held it at the slipper room and gave tickets away to people who sent in drawings of conjoined animals, via twitter)…the twins have gotten exhausted from all of the meetings in new york, but they’re holding up. they can’t decide whether they like sushi or not. jason thinks they hate it. i think they’re warming up to it. they disappear frequently on “snack breaks” and we have to go hunting for them. they almost got caught shoplifting a twix bar from a duane reade. they will not talk to men who have beards or mustaches.
they’re also becoming more active on twitter (@evelynevelyn), even though they still haven’t mastered the use of the “@” symbol. they’re TRYING. jason and i are so proud of them.
i’ll post a whole blog on them, the secret show they just did, and all the exciting news (and album artwork!!!!) sometime soon. first things first.

it’s been a week of fancy fancy people. new york will do that. last night: jason, neil and i ate with kyle cassidy, photographer extraordinaire, cynthia von buhler, the artist who’s doing all the illustrating for Evelyn Evelyn, and the writer peter straub, who’s a freind of neil’s. kyle dubbed us #tableofawesome. i met today with a director names sarah benson, from soho rep in new york, to jam and talk projects.

and don’t ask why, but breakfast yesterday ended up with me showing john cameron mitchell, the creator of hedwig and the angry inch, all of my dress options for the golden globes red carpet walk.
i will not tell you which one he picked, i might influence you. but here we go:

red-carpet-arama….please weigh in. today i bought SHOES which will go with almost all of these. otherwise, plain black heels.

i am not shaving.

i got these shoes as well. they will go with almost anything here, esp the gold and copper dress…:

1. my freind kambriel’s “stormy weather” flapper dress:


2. another dress from kambriel…it’s a gold coaty dress made from ancient fabric her grandmother bought in china:

note the pretty bustle in the back….
3. a couple dress options from my friends at skin graft, in LA….both with detatachable shoulders:
4. and this one….
5. the new years outfit, by elena (will swap out the boots for heels):


with coat…but here you can see the skirt…


AND, last but not least…
6. this wonderful girl jessica in LA offered to look into some antique rentals and she found THIS baby….
so i’m having her hold it…

slip underneath it.

ok people.

have at it.


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  • Creatrix Tiara

    I like the gold Kambriel and the black & white poofy ones. But I think you can rock them all.

    I’ll reblog your Aussie tour dates in a sec – would you like a Merch Girl/door bitch/helper elf for your Brisbane date? :)

  • Nomie

    3 or 6.

  • Meewunk

    NUMBER 6 <3 It's lovely :)

  • dh

    number 3 <3

  • laura mayumi


  • Anonymous Coward

    I vote you wear nothing, it’s what you look best in.

  • discohospital

    Number 2 or 3 :D

  • samkc89

    #6 without question. 6

  • Nicole

    NUMBER 6! Or New Years. Rock the Globes! I’m glad you found your kindred spirit.

  • Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook

    I say I say, any possibility of shows elsewhere in the UK being announced? I’ve already my tickets for the Melbourne performance, but I ask for a Lancashire friend who I’d like to share the Amandian goodness!

    • Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook

      And, in answer to the dresstion question; 2 or 6!

  • Nicole

    OMG! That antique dress is AMAZING! My vote goes in for that!

  • Minta

    3 or 6. I’m stuck between those two.

    3 because it screams red carpet to me, for some reason

    6 because I think its gorgeous.

  • jess

    definitely #3. they grey one. maybe with a pointy spike sewn into the top of the cap.

  • Jess

    Definitely the last one, its beautiful!

  • burnsbothends

    5. Stand out in the crowd. However, 3 and 6 are classy. 5 just is so much more you.

    • vonfancypants

      Are you implying that AFP is NOT classy, hence dress 5?! Harrumph.

      Still voting for number 3 here!

  • Lily_photo

    I’m feeling number six. Vintage = love.

  • adambaka

    Last dress, with the copper heels, with awesome tights. I’ll let you be the judge of the awesome.

  • dwaq

    I’m still abuzz from the NYE show so I’d vote that first, the antique 2nd, the stormy weather 3rd.

  • Kristen McHugh

    I’m loving number 1 and number 6 (esp 6,) but I also totally love the NYE outfit. The runway poufy stuff doesn’t exactly *feel* like you.

  • Tracy

    2!!! :D

  • alyssa

    i love all of them, really, i do. but my favorite is the gold coat-y one :D the heels are stunning, by the way <3

    • emilly

      I will say, for sheer vintage knock-them-dead-at-parties, yes: the gold and navy coat with the kicky bustle rocks. out. totally.

      But #6 for the red carpet. It’s just stunning.

  • clara_lipfert

    the last one!

  • sarah

    #1 looks comfortable, you’d look like an utter confection in #4, and in #6, audience members jaws will probably have to be peeled off the floor. YOW!

  • Molly

    I vote for the vintage number!

  • jordan smith

    No. 2 totally. i can see you wearing it. (partly because of the pictures i just looked at.)

  • auntymana

    Personally, I’m stuck between 2, 5 and 6.

    2 is so VERY lovely, and 5 suits your personality so very well.

    Actually, my final vote goes with 2. That looks incredible on you!

  • Steph

    6 is made of awesome.

    3 is pretty sweet too.

  • Amy

    6. It’s amazing. Although I love your New Year’s outfit, too.

  • laurasaurus

    Can we vote more than once? 4, 5, or 6. If you really reallyreally made me choose I would say 5, because I can’t WAIT to see you bring your own brand of Amanda Fucking Palmer to the Golden fucking GLOBES.

    But, you should know, you could make any of them look badass.

  • kater

    KNGRNGDLFJTHN I have never commented before, so I am sorry to be such a spaz, but dear god that last dress. I’m such a sucker for anything vintage or antique, so I am biased, but UGH. I want to eat it. I pick that one.

    Alternately, the grey skin graft one (bird!!) or the gold coaty one (because besides the goddess of want that is the last, I think the other two would look best in pictures/on camera).

    But someone needs, needs, needs to wear number six.

    • emilly

      Now, see, she makes a good point. If you don’t pick number 6, can you post a pic here or on Twitter for those of us who must see you in it?

      • Creatrix Tiara

        Wear them all!

        • emilly

          What, at once??

          Gad, that would be cumbersome to move around in. She’d look like an attractive padded roll of satin embellished with lace.

          Still…hire four friends to be gilded in copper and dark blue with gold flakes, to carry her from place to place, that *could* make a statement.

  • katie

    #6 is so beautiful! i prefer that to all the others, it feels like you saved the best to mention last.

  • ErinCathleen

    The antique one is fantastic, and would look wonderful with those shoes. The New Year’s outfit is also great. But whatever you wear, you’re bound to look fabulous.

  • Elena Shoemaker

    OMG you must wear number six! It’s wonderful!

  • alexandrafancy

    either 2 or 6.

  • Taliae

    Flapper dress or that last antique one!! So, so beautiful!
    Well, they’re all beautiful really.

  • freakishlemon

    I vote that last one. That’s gorgeous and you would rock that so hard with your shoes.

  • lechoufleur

    The last one is absolutely stunning.

  • berthablue

    So glad you and Neil are so happy together :) You make my cynical little heart smile with sappy romantic joy!

    I’ll put a vote in for #6 – it’s so different from anything else I’ve seen you wear lately, and I’m sure you would be absolutely stunning in it (okay, you’d be absolutely stunning in whatever). Plus, I want to see it paired with those shoes!

  • stina


  • Vicky

    Six, SIX!
    Or two.

  • jessehoyle

    Pull a Lady Gaga, ala the VMAs and have 600 clothing changes during the show!

    In all seriousness though, the Skin Graft dress would rock and the New Years outfit would have the fantastic shock factor.

  • laura c

    my vote would be for the gray skingraft dress (3) or the last one (6)!

  • EARS

    Three.. awesome ruffles on the skirt (I do not think I have ever thought that ever before).

  • Leelah

    DUDE. 3 or 6. Gorgeous.

    …But you could totally wear nothing and look stunning too.

  • vfloyd

    Dayum. All so hot! Definitely either the New Years or the antique.

  • wutwutwut

    6! 6! 6!

  • AliciaMarieLivs


  • Katie

    the antique dress

  • pelianth

    If not #6 (’cause, holy SHIT awesome), then either the black & gold Kambriel coat dress (#2) or the new year’s outfit. ’cause Hollywood has serious bustle lackage.

  • voretaq7

    Oooh! #2! #2!
    (I like #6 too, but it’s hard to tell without seeing you model it…)

  • Jessica in LA

    Does my vote count? (hah!) I vote #6!

    • Trisha Cornelius

      You have great taste…Love your find :)

  • Raven

    gold kambriel or the new year’s outfit!

  • chuck

    6, 2 or 1. But Tiara’s right, you could rock any of them.

  • BB

    2 or 6. I think you’d look lovely in 3 and 4 but you should probably be ready to be compared to Bjork if you wear them. Not that it’s a bad thing, Bjork is amazing, but you’re AFP and need your own look!

  • Missy

    #6 is GORGEOUS.

  • Mareeeee


    Or if it doesn’t fit etc, 1!

  • lnich

    Definitely 1 or 6. FLAPPER.

  • coinoperatedgirl

    6! 6! 6! *
    no demonic intentions intended! just fashionable ones!

  • ichdesigns

    I personally love the last piece….I’ve always been a fan of Art-Deco fashion!

    But if I can make a *slight* criticism…the Kambriel “stormy weather” dress is NOT “flapper”. Yes, it is similar to 20’s style, but the Flappers back then is completely different than what most people think. We talked about this in my History of Fashion course…Flappers wore pants, smoked cigarettes, listened to jazz, went out to dance clubs and drank gin! And how they got the nickname “Flappers” is they would wear their boots with the buckle straps unbuckled, so when they walked the straps would flap around.

    But the last dress is stunning…and I hope you come back to SF sometime soon!!!

    • rosedeneige

      you don’t go to fidm do you? cause i go to the SF campus and i hear myself say really similar things after my history of costume course last quarter (no. 6 is definitely not a flapper dress since it has an open back and the invention of the girdle, which became wildly popular in the 30’s [not the 20’d] set the stage for backless gowns…)

      • ichdesigns

        Noo…I go to the Academy. I’m in the middle of my second year.

  • Mitzy

    Like I said on Twitter – the black & Gold Kambriel sort of screams AFP, but I really like the last one, too. I choose Kambriel’s dress and the gold/black heels.

  • RyVikMonster

    AAAAAAAAAAH I’m caught up between 5 and 6. FLAPPER GIRL! but no skin graft! Katiekay! urgh. one of those…hehe I’m so unhelpful here.

  • QueenxNina

    Gold China dress or a Skin Graft.

  • DaphPunk

    2, 5, or 6!

    What red carpet event are you going to?

    • Loo_C

      AFP is rocking up to The Golden Globes with Neil.

  • Tamara

    Number 6! It’s fucking amazing!

  • LunaLove

    #1, 4, and 6 are my faaaavorites and would look so beautiful ESPECIALLY #6. Eek! Any would be so pretty and so breathtaking.

  • blurabbit147


  • emilly


    I was going to go with the New Year’s dress but oh, oh, Amanda–the beaded sheer wonder your Jessica found. That, the gold heels, and those striped tights. DOOOO IIIIIIIT.

  • Vavia

    2 or 6, definitely

  • erin

    Black, white, and poofy.

  • amandacsmith

    OMG! Much as I love the New Year’s skirt and the detachable shoulder dress, the last one is faboo! It’s like a fucking metal peacock! Still, at the same time it seems too tame. If you’re gonna walk the red carpet you might as well wear something totally out there – like a swan dress a la Bjork. So I think my vote is for the grey dress with the shoulder bird. Or the last one with nothing under it. <3

  • Zach R.

    The last one, that antique sheer masterpiece with those gorgeous black shoes with the gold platform and heel!!!!!

  • Kodi

    Im kind of in love with with #4 and # 6

  • craigsteffen

    2. the chinese one. No one else will be wearing one anything like it.

    I’m glad you seem comfortable with your relationship with Neil. You look consistently happier and more relaxed in pics he takes of you vs. other pics.

  • blipblipblam

    I like #2, with the bustle. I think it sums up your style and flatters your figure and is superclassy.

  • ikle_pattikins

    I vote #6
    That dress would look gorgeous with your new shoes.

  • Anna

    Oh… They’re all so pretty! I vote for #2 or #6!
    I’ve tried to locate Björks swan dress for you, but I couldn’t find it. Since I know both Swedish and Icelandic (Don’t ask me why because I have no idea) I decided to search through some old sites and stuff like that in hope to find an e-mail adress or something. Couldn’t find anything! Glargh.
    P.S: Björk is actually the name of a tree in Swedish! I think it’s called Birch in english. *googles*… Yes. Birch.
    P.S.2: It’s like 5 AM here so I’m sorry if my English is bad…

  • Tania

    2 is more you and will look awesome with the shoes.

    6 is very beautiful too.

  • Skylar

    I say #2 or 6!

  • snwleop

    #6, it is so beautiful and will be perfect with your lovely body, will also go with whatever Neil picks out, sure to be black

  • Greta

    Kambriel Gold is AWESOMEIf you don’t want to be ripped apart by the media (I can never tell if someone’s going to care or not, even you whose blogs I read faithfully xD) the antique would DEFINITELY be the way to go. Plus it’s gorgeous. I also LOOOOVE the gray skin graft one. New Year’s outfit would have been my ideal but you wore it for new years. . . and as much as I am in love with it, you can’t repeat the outfit that soon! *shakes finger* Big fashion No-No. Yeah. Gray Skin Graft is gorgeous. I love them. Might be a little biased since they have a bellydancer as a designer… but still. Kambriel also kicks major fashion patootie. And I love the shoes picture. Kickass socks and I really love them with the black and gold of the shoes… if you go with the gold kambriel, see if you can wear those sock/tights? with the gold shoes and then tie the tights colours into your accessories… I guess I’d have to see what the final would look like to recommend it but I think I could see it coming together. Anyway. That’s my 5 million and two cents. Warmest wishes. Good luck picking a dress!

  • scarlett_dragon

    ONE or SIX!!!
    [3, 4, and 5 are too much for the Golden Globes, which has a more classic, subdued red carpet — save 5 for performance and 3 & 4 for a music awards show as the look for those is more stand out than classic.]

  • FebruaryStar02

    2 or 6! Both are SO beautiful! First choice: the black/gold shoes with the black/gold dress.

    Sigh. Breathtaking.

  • mcmatz

    3 or 6.
    3 is good because it has a bird on the shoulder which might soften the blow of not having Bjork’s swan dress.
    6 just kick ass beading and flapper goodness. Very good for having people lick your gorgeous legs.

  • laurenmae

    Absolutely smitten with the 6th and final option!!!! It’s beaded and 20’s and definitely punk cabaret chic. Also, I think it will go quite nicely with the stunning heels you purchased. Take advantage of this dress while it’s available and I’ll be keeping an eye out for you on the red carpet!

  • kd

    number 6, hands down.

  • Colleen

    I think the flapper one won’t compliment your fair skin as well as the last one (antique) will. Also, gold coaty dress reminds me of one of your album covers, its too expected.

  • kimmihawk

    # 6!!! Now what about your makeup? :)

  • Vespertine

    number 2 is my favourite. kambriel is a genious and the dress has such an orientalistic style,loved it. i fucking envy =))) if i were in your shoes,i’d definitely choose it to wear.god damn chinese fabric looks classy =)

  • amborz

    I really like 3, and 6.

  • Rue

    2 or 3!

  • Madeline

    [Ricky Gervais]
    The last one. …Obviously.
    [/Ricky Gervais]

    (Seriously, though. The last one. No. 6. Take No. 2 as a backup.)

  • Drea

    I vote for the antique or the black and white from skin graft

  • Tanya

    2, 2!..or 6.

  • Kelly

    I vote #6 !! beautiful, sophisticated , fun…elegant…

  • Fernanda

    Definetly #6.
    #2 is lovely, but #6 has a greater red carpet feel.

    PS: New Year’s eve outfit is awesome!

  • 3lvi

    I love number 3, and it totally looks like you, with that sort of heavy metallic taffeta feel to it. I think I might love number 6, but I’m not good at seeing how things will look when they’re on a body, so it’s hard for me to vote for it. It is a beautiful dress, but will it be perfect on you? I don’t know.

  • kaitlin

    number 2 please.
    it’s amazing.

  • sahira

    2 is so pretty but 6 is absolutely awesome i would totally choose that one it’s beautiful indeed

  • MissKittyFantastico

    2 or 6!

  • Kristie Bailey

    gah you know john cameron mitchell. i literally just watched hedwig this afternoon, one of my favorite movies ever. can i be you? thanks.

    and 6 :D or 2.

  • krystalhonest

    i like the new year’s eve dress or the vintage one :]

    you’d look amazing in anything though.

  • Colleen

    Also, you don’t want to be caught wearing something that you’ve already worn. The skin graft looks a little too “Bjork at the Oscars”-ish. There are already too many comparisons with the two of you and the last thing you need is to be “pidgeon-holed” as a Bjork bird dress wearing knock off (even with the detachable shoulders).

  • Shannon

    i love the last dress and the 2nd dress from skingraft! and i love love love the shoez!! you’d look pretty in any of them though :]

  • Alex McKenzie

    Go with number 6, the antique!

  • vonfancypants

    Definitely 3 (dark version on the left) with number 6 my second choice if pressed.
    I’m thinking elegant event outfit (vs. more of a stage costume feel) is the look to shoot for. All are beautiful though – as you will be, in any dress. x

  • darkbast

    Oh goodness. I adore Kambriel, so have to vote for the black and gold coat-dress. And as brilliant as the skin graft dresses are (and they are) the vintage dress is so stunning that I’d put that second, just above the Kambriel flapper dress.

    Anything you wear will look amazing. : )

  • juliette_a_magick_beekeeper

    Oh, 3 or 6…both fabulous. xoxo

  • Lenore

    6! You have to wear the 6th. They’re all gorgeous, but OMG the 6th! You’ll be the best anyways ;)

  • silameril

    #2 gold and black kambriel dress.
    (though I love them all, and you will look fabulous no matter what you wear)

  • MarissaBee

    #2!!!! They’re all beautiful, but the gold coaty dress is just stunning.

  • Valkyrie_NYC

    I like the black & gold Kambriel with the bustle, it’s very interesting. However, for the Golden Globes? The antique one is STUNNING!!!! And I watch the awards shows more for the clothes than the awards….

  • Lauren

    Last one! LAST ONE!!!!

    And if you decide against it, you can give it to me.

    Killer shoes, btw. <3

  • Becca

    Oh my GOD the last one! Gorgeous beyond words!

  • Katie

    Amanda, choose NUMBER 4. It’s GORGEOUS.

  • piperwinkle

    They are all BEAUTIFUL but my fave is #6

  • rhondaroo

    jeez o petes but you’re funny. losing stuff left and right. brain on spin cycle. soul in wash.
    (could be love)
    dress a palooza 2010: tough call. totally diggin on your NYE outfit that is so wicked…..but i am drawn to the last one maybe cuz it matches those sick shoes! You’ll rock whatever u wear.
    in other news, love IS grand. i may not have followed all of your tips for a new year right, but i did get the man I love and date for new year thing down. Wouldnt trade my cowboy for ANYTHING.
    i love love. :)
    namaste my sista-it’ll come out in the wash. x to the o

  • rosedeneige

    it would glitter so.

  • ScarlettSiren

    Uh, the last one. Duh!

    But barring that- one of the poofy Skingraft ones and then the Kambriel Black and Gold.

  • shay

    6 is quite lovely. and striking.

  • stacywithoutthee

    6 or 3!
    lovely lovely.

  • Jen

    Number 6… but skip the slip. Hottt underwear and you’re sorted.

    • Loo_C

      That’s what I was thinking! That’d look gorgeous.

  • CeciTart

    I ADORE your NYE dress. I think it’s super hot and super YOU. And I love the idea of you walking the red carpet in something that is not anything near what anyone else will be wearing. My second choice would definitely be the last one though, cause it’s a fabulous dress.

  • chriscon

    NUMBER 3! they would all look amazing on you. but number 3 is my favorite definitely.

  • Shayla

    Definitely the black and gold coat-y dress. It’s very you. The antique dress is also gorgeous, and you would pull it off quite well. (hell, you’d look good in all of them. ;) )

    2 or 6!

  • Symphony

    Number 2! If you don’t wear it I want it!

  • Laura E.

    Love those heels. That being said,

    6! Absolutely gorgeous, classic, and would look KILLER with those shoes. LOVE.

  • gaypet

    6! You will look great in anything. Or nothing. But #6 is my fav.

  • Cheralyn Barrington

    4 Is my favorite!

  • ValeneShay

    My first pick would be the last one, the antique #6, it’s stunning. Second choice, the black and white from skin graft. I love you darling and you’ll look smashing no matter which you choose.

  • Cindy

    Two or six, I think. c: Both are lovely– well, all are lovely, but that’s not the point–, but I’m leaning a bit more towards six, I think.

  • Shakti672

    While I love the vintage, I think you should take advantage of the potential opportunity to give a friend some publicity. SkinGraft is already getting Hollywood exposure, so I’d where either Kambriel or Elena. Of those 3 choices, I also prefer the gold Kambriel.

  • insignifikunt

    5 because its you and you should stay true to who you are… Or 6 because it’s fucking beautiful as!

  • Beeswax

    #2 or #4 :)

  • Sam

    The last choice is stunning!

  • Lauren


  • Leta

    No 2 with the sassy black fishnets you mentioned and those super sexy gold and black heels

  • rina

    #2 or #3 are gorgeous

  • SolangeNoir

    I like the vintage copper best but the gold Kambriel would also be awesome. The new pumps fucking rock woman!

  • Tam

    You would kick ass in #6. It’s both sexy and elegant.

  • emotionalsquid

    Number six definitely. That is an orgasmically gorgeous dress.

  • moonshinemaude

    #1 is gorrrrrrrgeous and so are you.

  • lioness75

    6. Definitely 6.

  • Jessie T

    First, let me say that I would be glad to spread the news of the tour dates! The record company may not be there for you, Amanda, but we are. :) Oh, and please continue to talk of Neil because you guys make me believe in love again. Really, I thought I was done after meeting a jerk who didn’t understand the meaning of the word “no” but you guys really make me see that someone can still find honest, genuine love in this world. Thank you so much for that. :)

    Now, for the dress, wow! Hard choice. You could easily rock any of these. But I really love 1 and also the last dress. The flapper look just looks so good on you. A sparkly silver jeweled collar of some sort, maybe mixed with some longer necklaces, would really look nice with that first dress, in my humble opinion.

  • Graceless

    Red carpet? #6. Dashing & Glam make for an excellent red carpet.

    Parties? #5. I’m still not convinced it wouldn’t make an excellent red carpet dress either. I’d love to see something interesting and atypical out there among the throngs of Rachel Zoe cronies.

  • Juli

    You would look fab in any of them, but #6 is spectacular.

  • Miss K

    Option six – elegant, lovely, and will feature you in all your glory – you don’t need anything but yourself, baby.

  • kattykat

    6 is the most gorgeous thing ever. Truly!

  • wundermutt

    Wear #6…. but not with those shoes.. If you are going to wear th0se shoes, then #2 .. for reals…

  • grrlstar

    Tour dates passed on to my Kiwi friends.

    My vote goes for either the flapper dress or the antique dress at the end. ^^

  • MissBurlesque

    #3 (LONG) the dark colour long one..

  • emilly

    And, because the system took reply two, and reply three, but not comment one–my vote is for number six.

    That beaded sheath dress is to die for and it must be seen at all costs. It’s breathtaking. Wear it with the gold kicky heels and the striped stockings.

    And the slip. :)

  • Charlcie

    Oh my gosh…i think my heart stopped a little when i saw #6!
    I don’t think #1 is quite fancy enough for the Golden Globes…
    #2 is cool, but it seems more like something you’d wear for a show, an album cover, or to something music-related. I guess because it sorta reminds me of that fabulous coat/dress you wore on your solo album cover.
    I do like the gray #3, but the bottom of #4 looks like the top of a frosted cupcake.
    #5 is very cool, too, but also looks more music event related to me.
    #6 is AMAZING, though – fancy, vintage, sparkly, sexy, & SO beautiful…totally red carpet-worthy. And as a fellow redhead, might i also say that it would look great with your hair. :)

  • Sister Donna Teresa

    number six. can I vote for this ad infinitum? This dress will wear you and make you glad you went for something that likes to wear you. Soon the shoes will get in on the act, too, claiming your feet for their own nefarious purposes and will walk for you. You can relax, knowing that the clothes and accessories are doing all the work while you enjoy a tasty cocktail, snap some pics, and generally enjoy your time knowing that the shoes, stockings, dress have it covered. Enjoy the show on them.

  • nilla


  • niko

    the antiques for rental are absolutely stunning. they remind me of marilyn monroe’s show dresses in “some like it hot” (you know, the ones that don’t even PRETEND they can contain her tits…) i say go with that. and also will you pleaaaaaaaaase schedule a show in nyc soon? preferably all ages? and on a friday or saturday or else my parents wont let me go? xx

  • Nicole

    The last dress. Oh so very much the last the dress.

  • cgleason

    I’ve changed my mind about a dozen times, but I think 6 would really look divine. It’s elegant and one-of-a-kind (just like you!) and would shimmer beautifully as you walked with neil. Those amazing heels, some feather details in your hair, and man would you turn heads.

    I really do like them all, and I was really close to deciding on 2, but I feel like it’s just not quite right for the night. I want to say it’s almost too conservative! Gorgeous, but not strictly ‘glamorous’ which #6 definitely has going for it.

    You’ll do whatever you wear justice, that’s for sure. I honestly can’t wait to see what you do with your hair and eyebrows as much as I can’t wait to see your outfit.

  • RiverVox

    #6 is made of WIN. Total Metropolis!

    or #5 NYE.

    #3 is just a pale imitation of #5.

  • ruebie

    as snazzy as the other options are, i’m a big fan of the pops outfit.
    all the other ones are lovely, [especially the skingraft ones, which are collectively my second favorite] but with the pops outfit, you get to show of your underwear.
    and on a red carpet, no less.
    also; i’ve already got my friend in NZ to get tickets.
    and i just told my friends in london about the magic that is conjoined accordion-playing twins.
    mission accomplished.

  • KirstyCatastrophe_OCK

    Definitely 3 but 6 is close behind.

  • ZoeVinyl

    Who’s Elena? Is there a website?

    As much as I adore the New Year’s outfit (and truly, I want to take it from you), I would say a new event requires a new outfit. I love the Stormy Weather dress. That and the flapper rental are tied for me.

  • beccalee

    omg #6 for the major win!

  • bud latanville

    Wear whatever makes you feel great, but try to get booked in Toronto!

  • nymphcat


    Ok dress – I like the “gold coaty dress made from ancient fabric” mostly because it’s both classic and really, really funky. I love the bustle and think it will rock the shoes. Whatever you wear will be fabulous darling….


  • GrumpyPig

    Definitely 2. Very AFP & also very classy.
    *May*be 3, if you lose the dead parrot and the ‘special’ hat.
    6 is gorgeous, but looks extremely fragile, & presumably you’ll be wanting to have some fun and not spent all night fretting about ripping a flimsy rented frock.

  • chrystalml

    Antique number, no question. With black heels.

  • Bladeybug

    #2 with the new shoes.

  • Rain

    Gold coat dress!

  • Nikki

    The gold’y rental one is SO BEAUTIFUL! You would look fabulous in it. The gold coat-dress is also very you.

  • midnight_faerie

    #2 and #6 are my favorites, they’re simply gorgeous.
    But you’d look wonderful in all of them.

  • Couz

    3 or 6! Oh 6 is amazing 3 is fun!

  • thishilary

    6 is crazy classy! I love it. 5 is FABULOUS, so I really can’t decide between the two! Hehe, good luck choosing. ;)

  • pppmntpati

    Yes on #5 or #6 NO WAY on #2. I’m nervous for you. Have a great time Amanda!

  • amo

    six all the way

  • traciemae

    You will be beautiful in whatever you wear… but my vote is for #2 & #6. Good Luck!

  • casper

    #6. Most def.

  • R.

    I vote for either #4 or #6!


  • tryphyna

    They are all fawesome. But I shall rank them… 2, 5, 6, 4, 1 and 3.

  • Allison

    NUMMER 6.

  • Cas

    #2 the gold coaty dress. It makes me think of steampunk and love and win and I want to steal it from you. But I would not rock it as hard as you will. <3.

  • Kathryne Laraine

    3 0r 6, but I’m leaning towards 3 :). The Golden globes is an evening event, so something fancy to show off how AMAZING you are :) Also, number 3 would look stunning on your skin, and make you look like the porcelain statue you are :)
    But whatever you choose, you’ll rock it. It will be nice to see a little punk rock at the Golden Globes :)

  • jolenemeghan

    ooooo Number 6 definitely gets my vote. It is an amazingly beautiful dress. :)

  • amandamichael

    I think that #2 is lovely and it goes best with your new shoes!

  • Mahoho

    definitely number six!!

  • Miss.Ari

    2 or 5! I say give Hollywood a big dose of AFP right up the wazoo with something that screams punk cabaret!!

  • chapeskie

    3,4 or 5!

    They’re all gorgeous and you’d be a knockout in any of them but those three just seem more you and less red carpet ‘de rigueur’. Yes, wearing the same outfit again isn’t nearly as fun but your NYE get up was totally kick-ass and would bring a healthy dose of AFP attitude to the shindig.

    Hope you and your wonderful doxy have a fantastic time ! I love hearing you two gush about each other, it’s pretty much the most epic cuteness win EVER.

    P.S. glad to hear you’re not shaving just for the event – hairy women of the world unite!

  • Brenna

    Number two! You’ll look great in any of them, though :D

  • AdamArias

    The New Years dress – all the way! Including the boots, they’re awesome!

  • llamaofhappiness

    Definitely #6!

  • Teresa Jusino

    First of all those shoes are EPIC. And I love them with those stockings!

    Secondly, my first choice of dress is DEFINITELY the last one. The antique jobbie. So elegant and classy and so very, very you. Second choice: FLAPPER DRESS. I love that thing. The other choices are really great, but I feel like these two are more Golden Globe-y. After all, you’re there to be arm candy. :) (albeit brilliantly talented arm candy) If it were you being nominated for something, I’d say you could be more outrageous, but I think in this case you’d want to go more glam, less out-there. Or I could be completely wrong.

    I’m sure you’ll be stunning, whatever you wear. And REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN. :)

  • jm

    #6 the oldie but goodie.
    It’s you.

  • Izzie

    skin graft is groovy for sure, :)

  • amandaflintoff

    What happened to Perth, Australia? Why don’t we get to see you?

    • Jakey1

      Agreed =[=[=[ Perth misses you Amanda!!!

  • mennie

    Definitely number 6

  • Scott

    That last dress is amazing for you. That should be the first choice for sure. Have fun at the Golden Globes. Love the AiriZombie art. Oh, by the way Lady Gaga is in NZ same time as you In Aukland Mar 13, 14 Go figure!

  • chrisrohlman

    DEFinitley 4.

  • grumbley

    6 please

  • Maggie

    2 is such an interesting dress…but 6 is beyond gorgeous

  • chantrelle

    3 or 6

  • Lovia

    I say two or six. Ahhhh so pretty, all!

    I’m so glad you and Mr Neil are happy together. You’re two of my favorite people; together you’re just that much more amazing.

  • Apey

    I love 2 and 4 equally but I’m leaning towards the Kambriel. :)

  • thekillfix


  • Desi

    I really like the second one. It’s beautiful!

  • Mrs Jones

    SEX! I mean, *six*

  • Daniella Orihuela-Gruber

    I have to say, I LOVE that antique rental. It really suits your look, I think.

  • imktbq


  • chicanerysmuse

    I definitely love the last one best with the shoes. You would look fab on you and especially with those shoes! And fuck the slip.. wear it see see through A ‘La Rose Mcgowan:

    ..Or not

  • kyprieth

    Beautiful! I love your fashion sense. I would love a pair of shoes like that.

  • Joshlyn Martin

    You would look ravishing in #6, it will fit well with your timeless figure and will go well with those eyes and your beautiful hair :)

  • Fynnocent

    Six, most definitely. It has character!

  • ladymeshel

    Oh! I was wondering how I would chose because they are all so very lovely, but I gasped when I saw the last one. Truly stunning.

  • dresdendoll1980

    The last one, definitely.

  • dresdendoll1980

    The last one, definitely. Love ya!

  • Valarie

    I absolutely love the last one. You would rock the runway in all, but I like the last.

  • siorghra

    I vote #5: new years’ outfit! It’s so you, and many of the people in Hollywood will be seeing you for the first time. You’ll look smashing in anything, though, for sure.

  • Danielle C.

    Any of these dresses would be beautiful on the red carpet, but if I had to choose I would choose between the Kambriel dress and that last one. I really really think that last one would look amazing on you.

  • Dawn

    3 or 6, but probably 6. I vote 3 because hot damn, if I had the chance to wear that dress I would, but lean towards 6 because it’s super classy, seriously. You can’t go wrong with a dress like that.

  • Ursula


    + it would help if the music thingie on Facebook knew you were on tour. I was trying to add dates, but it wont let me!

  • mandyoliverio

    although all of these dresses are unique, and the antique one is perfect for the occasion, I would stick with one of the ones specifically made FOR YOU , because they were made out of love and with you in mind (in other words PLEASE go with the stormy weather dress). I think that the stormy weather dress deserves a place to shine on the carpet. IT’S JUST MARVELOUS! second choice is the gold coaty dress, with the antique one as a standby.

  • Marajean


  • Loo_C

    I love hearing you talk about how in love you are! It’s lovely. =)

    I also love that you’re not shaving. As for the dresses, you have some amazing options there! I want 1 and 6 for myself, they’re beautiful. And those shoes are gorgeous!

    All of the dresses are nice, but….

    1, I love, but you wore it recently. You should wear something new, it’s much more exciting.
    2, I like because of the amount of leg you’d get to show, but I’m not sure about the colour.
    3, I’m not sure I like the length. I feel like it should maybe be either a little shorter or a lot longer.
    4, I really like. If you choose that one, you should wear it with the shoulder detail.
    5, It’s brilliant, but again, you should wear something new.
    6, Oh my goodness, it’s gorgeous. I love it, but I’m not sure if it’s a little bit predictable. It looks like something that would be worn on a red carpet. You would look amazing in it with those shoes though. If you do wear it, I think you should consider not wearing the slip and instead just wearing pretty underwear and going super classy with the other aspects of the outfit, to make sure it doesn’t look trashy. That’d be amazing.

    So, I think it should be either 2, 3 or 6. You’ll look beautiful no matter which one you choose. What are you thinking of for hair, jewellery, make-up and eyebrows? Don’t forgot to take pictures of you both all dressed up so we can all see!

  • Amanda Saunders

    1, 2, 4 AND 6 are my favorites! They are all amazing for red carpet and you will rock all of them! I love the shoes at the beginning! Also I am so happy for you and Neil! Hope to see you soon! – Amanda

  • alleeisqueen

    Absolutely the last one. It goes with the heels and you would seriously look AMAZING in it.

  • robblerobble

    At first I was going to pick number 3, but ohh my goodness, when I saw number 6, I just died.
    Take it from this old (at heart, since I’m only 20) queen, number 6 is GORGEOUS. I covet this, even though it wouldn’t look flattering in any way on me. Go for it!

  • Kath

    The last one! Simple, elegant, and hot.

  • mlle

    new fuck-me-pumps and gold kambriel definitely feels the most DUH choice to me

    but the rental is so unique/of-this-moment and definitely like/unlike other stuff i’ve ever seen on the red carpet. i say you can’t go wrong with either of those. the rest, are lovely but you’ve worn them and why the hell not break out exceptionally matchy/new stuff! go for the gold!

    as the herr bowie would say, “but i love you in your fuck-me-pumps, and your nimble dress that trails.”
    best, jojo
    burlesque poetess fr. army of broken toys

  • back_in_style

    Def the last option! Amazing!

  • Jill

    #6 is breathtaking. It’s beautiful, daring, and timeless, it’ll suit you perfectly.

  • Randomprefect

    They’re all lovely but definitely prefer the last one, I want to marry it.

  • Dragonsally

    Six is just jaw droppingly beautiful.

  • RAR

    6 most definitely ^_^

  • Lauren A

    these are all stunning, but i’d definitely go with 2 or 6. award show-classy and still fierce as hell.

    rock the red carpet, lady, and continue rocking all of social media. you’re actually asking your fans what you should wear to an award show; that’s all sorts of unprecedented and amazing. your use of teh internets to connect with people and create such a palpable sense of community makes the digitalized world feel much less overwhelming and alienating. so thank you, very much.

  • Tracie

    All of them are gorrrgeous! My favorites for you for this event are 3. and 6. I’d say 5. but you’ve already debuted that one. I think 6 is my #1 choice.

    anddd.. I love you.

  • Carolyn

    I’ve gotta go with 2. I think 1 is my favorite dress on its own, but 2 just looks amazing on you, and it has hella style. 6 is cool, but it doesn’t have any curves. I loves me some curves.

  • orixayansan

    I’m digging 3, brown/gray. Little different than usual. :)

  • lucylux

    the antique rental. it is beautiful. it will be stunning. totally movie star from the 20s or 30s glamorous feel.

  • MaraJade13

    1, 4, 5, or 6.
    Though they are all gorgeous and make me very very happy.
    I LOVE your NYE outfit, and did when I first saw it at the show, but I think it might be like, against the rules of everything to rewear a dress for the Red Carpet. Then again… maybe that would be all the more reason to….

  • Aud

    Dear Amanda Palmer,

    Eee, I’m so glad you and Neil are happy. It warms my heart to hear the two of you say such things.

    As for the dresses: SIX. Oh my goodness, just looking at the dress took my breath away–I can’t imagine how stunning it would look on you. All of the dresses are lovely, but that last one is absolutely gorgeous.

    Have fun at the red carpet!

  • Karina

    Dress 2! You look fan-fucking-tastic!

  • sade wolfkitten

    #6 is my most nom-able choice. No slip tho. Heh. #1 a close second – can you tell i’m all about the rocaille? *g*. #4 is Interesting, but not flattering imo (the cut on #3 might be better, but the color is drab). #2 IS, but its too conservative for the event. And #5, well – that’s so last year ;-D

  • kat[her0ine]

    6, please. if not, then 2.

  • airgonaut

    6, for sure.

  • LaunchpadBB

    I like dresses 2 and 6 the best, 2 is unusual, the bustle is neat, You’ll keep the chill off your shoulders with that one, and I love the bustle. Bustles look so awesome and I wish more people wore them more often.
    6, it’s antique, and flapper, and flipping gorgeous, and scandalously shaped.

  • jayemare

    6! Do it up.

  • sushifaerie

    #5 would look killer with those heels!!

  • bubs215

    the last one most definately

  • Kelsey

    3 or 6!

  • instinct

    definitely dress 2. definitely.

  • Tash

    It MUST be number 2!

  • A. Muse

    My vote is for 6 but 3/4 is a close second.

  • instinct

    the last one doesn’t seem rebellious, rockstar, or amanda fucking palmer enough…

  • Todd

    Gotta go with #2

  • Portland_Pariah

    I definitely vote for the Gold Coat Dress—it is amazing! I love the way you dress. I can’t believe you came to Portland and I missed it! I had no idea until recently. Hopefully you’ll drop by the NorthWest once again before I die—because I would love to see you, and I won’t even dare think “meet you” because I’m pretty sure this couldn’t happen. Oh well.

  • sknywhtboy88

    1, 5, or 6. Depending on how many strange looks you want from Hollywood folks. I think my fav is 6 though. In any case, make sure to wave to tons of people and show off you underarm hair! They’ll hate that so much! It’ll be amazing!

  • heldor

    Number two! The fabric is beautiful and it matches the shoes so perfectly.

  • sknywhtboy88

    ooh, or you could wear the outfit from the cover of WKAP!

  • bookandbroom

    Oh god. The bustle. The bustle. I’m twitching with love for that bustle. And I don’t do gold! And I love the flapper dress! BUT OH MY GODS AND GARTERS, THE BUSTLE.

    I have fashion envy. I bet we’re about the same size. I’m so going to dream of raiding your closet tonight. (I mean, dream tonight of raiding your closet, not dream of that raid taking place at this particular instant.)

    And really, doesn’t the word bustle just beg to be worn? I feel like that Calvin & Hobbes where one of them, I think Hobbes, is obsessed with the word smock. Smock, smock, smock. Bustle, bustle, bustle. It’s even fun to type!

  • Maggie

    My friends and I have been planning a big group trip since your aussie tour was at “sometime in 2010″ :D I missed you last time through organisationfail.

  • Cori

    Number 6.

  • Lindsay

    5 or 6 are both very gorgeous

  • Jennie

    #4 or #5 scream amanda fucking palmer

  • Dorothy

    # 4. Just coz.
    It’s perfect.

  • Adrienne

    2 or 6!

  • miss kitty

    i really like the skin graft ones
    or the new years one

  • Starry

    I’d vote 2 or 6.

    I LOVE the pattern on 2, and the bustle is fantastic!

    I also adore the cut of 6 and I love the beadwork–what a find!

    Any of the options you’ve picked are truly unique, special dresses, and whatever you wind up wearing, you’re going to look just fab.

    Also, those heels? YES. That’s all.

  • bekitty

    I vote for #2. Because you look gorgeous in it.

  • FrauKluntje

    6 or 2 <3 With the new Shoes. Or the New Year Outfit. I like is so much.

    When you wear 6 you have to find very hot underwear, or go naked under it.

  • appleater

    All so pretty! I think I like 2 the best, but you’re going to be the one up there under those damn lights. Comfort for the win!

  • Kareena42

    What? No shows in Perth, Western Australia? That makes me a sad panda. :(

    Re the dress: DEFINITELY the last one. Its gorgeous!

  • dollydagger

    #3 in the grayish brown color!

  • Guest

    The last dress. Hands down. Stay away from the helmet thing.

  • hepkitten

    I’d vote for 2, depending on underpinnings. They’re all gorgeous, though!

  • C-money

    All the options are great, but still, AMANDA YOU MUST wear the last dress. Better yet, you must wear it sans le slip.

  • nhs76

    I’m partial to #’s 1 and 5. #1 because I simply like it and it won’t upstage your date and #5 because it’s your on-stage trademark (though I don’t know how one sits in it.

  • wumples

    2 (with the black and gold shoes). Or 6 (with just the black shoes). I couldn’t possibly decide between the two, though..
    Or just go naked and show those Hollywood types a what a RFW (real. fucking. woman.) looks like.
    All the love in the world, from me to you!

  • Jessica

    5 or 6

  • Laughing Cat

    Amanda! My hot boyfriend and I vote for the last one (the antique one). After that, the black and gold dress – those are the two most unique things and you will look badassly awesome in well…anything really <3

  • Yashiyama

    5. the new years outfit, :D Love it SO much!

  • Yogi D

    yoga to the people has amazing Power Yoga classes. its all donation based, the St Marks studio at least. just throwing that out there, if its your style of yoga

  • audettekills

    I am loving the last one. Gorgeous.

  • Lis

    # six

  • zelia721

    #2 is great but I think #6 is even greater. it’s absolutely beautiful

  • As long as it fits!

    Either the grey dress in #3 (with shoulder bit) or the #6.

    But really? The #6.

  • NeveLynn

    I really like the antique dress. I think you should wear it with boots though. who decided women have to contort their feet to be beautiful or sexy? heels suck. Wouldn’t it be incredibly ironic to wear boots with such a gorgeous dress?

    You are the most beautiful woman in the world. Anything you choose to wear will only compliment that.

    Btw, I was at the NYE show and you looked stunning. That dress was equally exquisite.

  • jezbian

    i vote the antique/#6. most definitely.

  • As long as it fits!

    p.s. Love that you and Neil are so much in love. :)

  • xn

    The rental dress and those shoes speak to me. Make it so, AFP!

  • Callum

    Hedwig & AFP – I just came…

    go the first skin graft dress on the left, or the antique rental, its sexy!

  • Kurtis

    hmmmm im loving #2 but #6 grows on me everytime I look at it. And I will be reposting you Australia dates….Can’t wait to see you at the opera house again. =)

  • helmingstay

    #6 with gold heels for early suavery, #2 with boots for late rambunctiousness?

  • Cate


  • Kate Bee

    I heart No. 6!

  • Marc

    Finally! An artist who doesn’t show East Coast bias and comes to Adelaide! Stoked, mate. Absolutely stoked!

  • Octobass

    They’re all awesome, but I think you should go for either the New Years outfit or the black-copper-Kambriel dress, because the sleeves are great =)
    Had you been in Denmark I would have thrown freaky accesories from my wardrobe at you like mad ^.^

    PS: Yay for not shaving!

  • snowth

    6! Please number 6!!

  • dulcenea

    I’m in love with the vintage dress from Jessica in LA. It would soo go with your hair and a pretty fun hat of some sort, and a necklace that has a long trailing tail in the back to lead the eyes in the right direction. :-)

  • Kayte Black

    Number 2. The kambriel dress all the way

  • cattitude17

    I’m torn between #2 and #6…either will be gorgeous, especially with the shooooeeees!!
    I think I’m partial to #6, but love #2 almost as much.

  • Melanie

    6! dear god 6!

  • TheSlappee

    I dont know if you are aware of this, but there is quite a big music festival (soundwave) on in melbourne on the 26th. Please say you will be doing twitter gigs as well.

  • lamissv

    Shoes work best with #2, #6 is really awesome, though.

  • cattitude17

    I am vaccilating between #2 and #6
    I love #6 and the shoes would go with either, but maybe a bit better with #2? Oh, so torn!!

  • Melissa

    Either the last dress or the very first one. I’d love to see the classic look on you and bet you can really pull it off.

  • alice

    Number 6! I can’t take my eyes off it!

  • JeAxra

    3/4 gets the vote for me.
    If not that, the new years outfit.

    I wish i knew people in those places, but, alas, I do not :/
    I’m hoping very much to see you w/Evelyn Evelyn when you come to the states. (north ohio?)

  • zoe

    They are all pretty (although the coat dress doesn’t much do it for me) but for me the peacock dress is definitely way out in front. It’s just stunning.

    • Zoe

      And by ‘peacock’ dress I mean dress number 6. It looks like peacock feathers to me.

  • Trishelle

    6. I’d like to see what slip would go underneath it, though. If not 6, I’d say 1, though it maybe doesn’t seem as much like you. I just think it’s pretty.

  • Lauren

    All gorgeous, but the last outfit takes the motherfucking CAKE.

  • Saara

    SIX. All the way, and black heels. Gorgeous.

  • bodnoirbabe


  • Briony

    Number six!

  • chveya

    the shoes are great and the last dress is my favourite.

  • Casey Balmer

    #4!!!! it’s gorgeous, and I like the shoulder detail!!

  • Lisa


  • essie

    oh, six, without a doubt. totally glam, and it seems very you (to someone who has never met you).

  • anon

    ooh definitely #6. Classy and unique, the colors will look amazing on you, and I think it goes well with your hair.

  • Desideria

    Number 6 must be the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen!

  • Flor

    ZOMG. #6

  • Arkascha

    Holy crap, number 6 FTW!!!

  • Melahknee

    The vintage one, 6, deeeeefiniitely. So utterly utterly beautiful.Sooo so classy and you would look gorgeous in it. Its very flaffperish and with slick hair and deep red lips it would rock hard.

    Second choice, 4 – the black and white one. I like the leather straps connecting the shoulder piece – very you.

  • lindorm

    Number six or number two! I would love to see the gold with your hair and the new shoes!

    Have fun!

  • finnporter

    I vote for the second kambriel dress with the cloth from china. each dress is gorgeous, but i had to decide on one, no?

    btw there is some promo going on for you in Vienna.
    I’m guessing the venue is putting them up? I find more of them everyday.

    have a good time in LA!

  • Cassie

    #6, definitely. I think it’s the right amount of dressy for the Globes. If not, then #5 cos it’s gorgeous too!
    It’s always really important to see what your outfit will look like with flash; with all those photographers, you don’t want to be too see-through. I read a blog where, among other things, the writers offer constructive criticism about what celebs wear on the red carpet, including the Golden Globes:

    That should give you an idea of what they’re generally like, dress-wise. I think you’ll knock ‘em dead!

  • Coin Operated Goi

    I think #6 would look amazing on you, or rather you would make it amazing!

  • pet

    Number 6, but 4 is pretty too x

  • emilykate57

    Number 2! Number 2!
    Will go best with those shoes.

    ….man I wish I had an entire fanbase to consult when deciding on an outfit for a night out

  • therealtaryn

    for me, it’s between the vintage one at the end, the black and white poofy dress, and the new years outfit, though i think that’s more of a stage outfit.

    i’m so excited for you! :D

  • April


  • Heather

    i vote for classic signature AFP #5, though #4 skingraft is hot, unique and attention getting as well.

  • Kite

    the last one is gorgeous!

  • Lesley Dean

    Long time reader, first time poster…

    I love the idea of that black and gold dress (with a history!) and the matching platform heels.

    What did JCM pick? I’m so curious!

    • Lesley Dean

      By the way, I meant the coat dress, number 2. Just clarifying because the sparkly antique dress is also black and gold and, of course, also has a history, but I think the platform heels are too contemporary for that one.

  • Marion

    Number 5! Beautiful!
    See you in Bordeaux :D

  • Pox


  • Katrina

    They are all spectacular! I vote for number two, made from fabric with a history.

  • pampam81

    number 4

  • Cynthia

    Pick #2

  • Fainora

    number 6 Definatly number 6. you cannot go wrong with kick ass vintage but it still seems very you. if i have to pick a number 2 no i can’t number 6 it makes mt vintage loving heart sing. that dress is everything that is right about fashion. unique stunning quality.

  • Jenny

    I like #2 or #6 but all of them will look gorgeous!

  • twilightt

    NUMBER 2!
    It matches the shoes, it’s red carpet material and, more important – it’s SO you!

  • LadyLilac

    First time posting here for me… So hi everyone. I think 6 is gorgeous and looks classy, will make you look like a goddess. ;) But I’d still prefer 5 (seeing as you can only wear ONE dress – or have you considered changing every 30 minutes or so?). It would bring your own style to the event, as some people have already mentioned. Anyway, you’ll look great, whatever you wear.

    Bought the tickets for your show in Vienna yesterday, can’t wait to see you.

  • Mel

    I like them all, but 6 is gorgeous.

  • Ann

    no doubt I’d like to see you in the grey dress on the left of picture 3

  • Ann

    No doubt I’d like to see you in the grey dress on the left of picture 3

  • thelovelymsdoe

    Dress number 6 speaks to my love of the art deco/art nouveau era, and I think you could rock it hard. Having said that, I love the New Year’s dress as well as the dresses from skin graft (sans shoulder piece). I’ll be excited to see what you choose.

    And wtf, AFP – how are you missing out on PARIS, France?!! I’m saddened :(

  • lauraiam7

    first choice the jacket dress from old Chinese fabric
    second beautiful rental dress
    third New years outfit
    But they are all gorgeous
    good luck

  • esmertina

    #3 is so you, Amanda. #6 is gorgeous, but a) you don’t get to keep it, and b) it doesn’t “brand” you like the 3 dress. Its half about rocking the dress and looking spectacular, and half about “being seen” right? I think with the #3 dress and your underarm hair (for which I thank you) you will be seen and remembered … people who see a corseted concert pic of you in a few months will go “oh yeah, that was the chick with the hairy underarms from the golden globes, right?”

  • Valeria

    I say n. 2!! Looks great on you, and it’s plain awesome

  • hwbj

    6…number 6…some of the others are nice but the antique rental is sooooooooo beautful

  • pingdini

    Number six looks like it was made for you! Please show off your gorgeous pits, though, no matter what you wear. (Haven’t shaved mine since 1994 – and it’s so good to see I’m not the only one, in this terrifying world of Brazilian waxes and labia dye. Seriously, check out this abomination:

  • arasiel93

    1, 3 (the darker one on the left), or 6

  • Rhyska

    I totally love №2. It’s such a gorgeous Geisha-like piece of cloth!

  • maddrey

    Definitely the last dress

  • markmasztal

    6 is sexy.

  • Shona

    OMG that antique one is gorgeous. I mean, the new year’s dress and stuff is fantastic, but in that your rockin’ the stage, in the rental you’ll be classy and rockin’ the red carpet.

    Shoes are hawtness, I want.

  • idril

    I love the skingraft ones (especially WITH the shoulder bird !), and the last one. Depends
    1) how it looks on you
    2) what effect you want :
    – the skingraft one with bird will have the wow effect of a swan dress, and THAT is pretty priceless
    – the antique one will look more chic with a hint of greatness and quirkiness in it. You’ll look fabulous but less “look at me”

    anyway, i’m impatient to see you on the red carpet !

  • Katy

    6 hands down

  • pinkmilk

    I love the New Years-outfit!!! The white dress from your friend is pretty aswesome too… but not with the new heels, just with plain black ones. I’m sure that’d look great <3

    BTW: Germany misses Mrs. Palmer :(
    But I'll come to Vienna, gotta show you my finished DD-tattoo :D It got kind of… HUGE AND AWESOME! :3


  • lentower


    which dress?

    depends on what your goal(s) for the evening is(are) ; – }

    aside: decent chance that someone else will wear skingraft.
    anyone doing so helps kk & co, as well as the world’s fashion sense

    considering …

    NOT 1

    6 would be awesome for you and the evening

  • Charlotte Perth

    2 or 3 i think. love the bustle on no.2.

  • angie

    I think the 5th or 6th option.

  • Mili

    I think the ones that are most “you” are 2, 5 and 6. Would really struggle to narrow it down beyond that.

  • CourtneyFG

    i vote 3

  • Elan the Wench

    2 or 6. Both are absolutley gorgeous for entirely different reasons!!

  • ShaunaTheGrinch

    5 or 6, i can imagine you in 6 now, amazing ;) you will make the right choice and look wonderousssss, you’d look great in a plastic bag anyway x

  • a12yeartoast

    Ack. I’m down to #2, 5, and 6. Hmm, maybe leave 5 for shows (though would look awesome on red carpet). I think I lean towards 6. It says old hollywood to me. ^_^ Have a wonderful time!

  • a12yeartoast

    Oh! And you should come by sunny Florida someday. Whenever you have the time.

  • stallionbreaker

    I like the second Kambriel one; I like the skin graft ones (with shoulder – especially the one with the bird); I like the gold/silver antique (but the back is kind of low for a slip? Might need custom slippage).

    Whatever you wear, you’ll be beautiful. And you’ll be on the red carpet with the man you love. Rock on.

  • trahg

    3 or 6 would be wonderful. I’m actually going to watch the show in hopes of seeing you guys! And Ricky Gervais helps.

  • Persephoneiaa

    number 6 is gorgeous!

  • CandyArseMonkeyBastard

    2 or 4, they are lovely.

    But what I really wanted to say was sweet jesus fuck, I am so fucking happy you are coming to Christchurch. This is the first time I’ve had the money to travel to one of your shows, and you end up coming to my city anyway. I can honestly say I have never been more excited about a show in my life. And I saw the Buzzcocks on my birthday once. You are a fucking brilliant lady and I love your music. Thank you so much for coming to Christchurch! You bloody legend, you.

    God I’m excited XD

  • ThreeOliveMartini

    My vote is black & gold coaty dress. It’s reminiscent of your stage costumes, yet sleek and ‘red carpet’ and oh so original. Very AFP.

  • kate mckinnon

    #3, the grey Skin Graft, TOTALLY WITH THE BIRD. It’s the swan dress, only updated.

  • stuntgrrl

    Number 3!!! The dark grey one, I loooove the shoulder!! Go you, miss Plamer!!! <3

  • thesoozer

    I vote for number 6 – the vintage piece is GORGEOUS. I’d probably go with plain black heels for that dress as opposed to the gold-soled ones… but that’s just me, and I’m not a fancy girl. I’m more of a tailored vintage marching band coat over a performance art t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. I wear Chuck Taylors with everything.

    I, in fact, would wear Chucks with that dress.

    A thought – now that the label is out of the promo game, you might devote a blog or two to street team efforts (or at least throw down some links to theshadowbox and such)? I’m sure that we, the people, will help you.


  • Heather B.

    number 2 or number 6 w/the black and gold heels :-)

  • AmyK

    I vote for #3, the grey tiered number. Sans the bird.

  • charazar

    1 is kinda goth christmas tree to me, but would like good with a clutch, it could work i think, hair would be important
    2 good solid backup, not too flashy but also sophisticated
    3 and 4 Pulling those I think would be about the accessories.
    5 You’ve had it outta the shop once…eh..
    6 I know you have the balls to where that one… it is gorgeous. Mood dependent.

  • trixie

    first of all, JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL!! awesome! i can’t even try to guess which dress he chose. i say go with number 2! i love the cut and everything. will look rad with those heels.

    ps did you know lady gaga will be in nz within the week of you being here in new zealand? i think you should do a impromptu twitter announced show thingy outside the auckland concerts!! and come watch the show with me!
    so excited to have you back in new zealand! can’t wait for the show.

  • melodyg

    My opinions and reasoning:

    #2–Dear lord, Kambriel. This is beautiful, classy, and just awesome. I love the stormy weather dress too, but I feel this one has more Ba-BAM! to it, it’s more fitted. The fabric story is awesome too. Lastly, I think the shoes go with it best.

    #3–I like this as a second choice. Will it be hard to sit in though? That’d be my only concern. You want to be lovely, but not uncomfortable!

  • TashaOrlovsky

    Coaty dress or antique flapper dress!

  • Becca

    hands down #6!!!!!!

  • madolin

    the last, the antique, definitely. You will look so very stunning in it. And it looks very red carpet and classy, yet unique



  • tiffanymaxwell

    I vote gold coat-y dress, or the antique rental because holy crap that is gorgeous.

    Come to Toronto!!! I haven’t seen a show by you in so long, and my boyfriend really wants to see you live!

  • davzflower

    That last dress (#6) is gorgeous, and you could really sex it up with those heels.

  • lizaio

    Absolutely #6.

  • Nezhead

    Six!!! you would look stunning in this while keeping your AP Flare!

  • merethom

    Number 6.

  • elizabeth

    Number 6 ftw! Come to Singapore after New Zealand!!!!!

  • Ellie

    New Year’s outfit! Or the stormy weather dress. The last one looks kickass too, though. Really hard to pick….

  • ironystar

    2 or 6! And those shoes are glorious.

  • Morrigan

    Number 2!!!!!!!!!

  • amanda

    3 or 4 fo sho!!

  • Joan


  • Heather

    I vote for 6

  • stuffies

    Dress 6 for sure.

    It’s funny- I’m from Philadelphia & didn’t get to see you while you were here- but I saw your March 16 Christchurch, New Zealand show & got excited because I’m going to be in Christchurch on that date . . .but online sales are already closed!! :(

  • amy

    Six without a doubt! Stunning and will look good with your coloring. I would wear plain black shoes though- don’t want to detract from that fab dress!

  • jera

    I enjoy all of the outfit choices! But I really love the “gold-coaty” dress from Kambriel :)

  • Kee

    I like all of them, but #6 is just stunning.

    As a second choice, #2, but really #6.

  • kellyasterisk

    SIX! 6! six! It’s fabulous and will look so good with those gold heels.

  • Prexy

    Last one, lovely.

    Give me vintage, or give me death!

  • Amanda Campbell

    The last dress, the antique one. Mos’ def’.

  • shadogryphon

    Would have to say # 6! Freaking Amazing. Tho all are exceptional. Oh and What about West Coast folks…how are we gonna get to meet the twins? I flew from Cali to Mass for New Years already! Suppose I can take another vacation day or two…. I’m actually gonna watch the Globes this year just to see if I can catch a glimpse of you and Neil. OMFG! Whats wrong with me?

  • Catherine

    Either the new year’s outfit, or number 4. Definitely the best two.

  • CakeOsaurusRex

    ANTIQUE RENTAL DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any girl with a chance to wear that gorgeous amazing beaded lovliness should snatch it up.
    you would look hot as sin in any of them, but the antique dress just feels right(i know that sounds weird , what me being in my pj’s fucking around on the web looking at a pic of the dress , but it just does) wear it and look dazzling sweet lady :O)

  • bittersweetdb

    I know it’s not your usual style, but 2 is just gorgeous. 6 is also a stunning thing, although I’d like to see it on you before making a final choice.

  • Serena

    Aaaaargh! Not an easy choice!! But…. black and gold dress is beautiful – is my favourite after the new year’s eve outfit which is just YOU!

  • mkhall

    By all means wear number six. (“I am not a number! I am a free artist!”) It would be a stunning look for you.

  • Kabouterprinses

    holy crap, so many nice dresses to choose from…
    but if i’d really have to pick one, i’d go for:

    2. another dress from kambriel…it’s a gold coaty dress made from ancient fabric her grandmother bought in china


    4. and this one….

    i want those dresses. i want the skin graft one. really bad.

    good luck with the dress dilemma, though..


  • helen

    2 or 6
    2 is prettier
    6 for the stun

  • isabelle

    #2 is totally gorgeous!!

  • susanstohelit

    So I’m like crazy late to the party :( but I love dresses so I’ll just toss out my opinion – #4 or 6. But whatever you choose you’ll look gorgeous!

  • Sophie

    2 or 5. Both are gorgeous!

  • Lilli

    I love them ALL, but the New Year’s outfit seems like your signature in stunning attire. My first vote is for 5. It’s beautiful.

    If not 5., then 6.

  • km

    love the vintage one (#6)….gorgeous choices though…can’t go wrong with any of them!

  • Duda Blei

    Well, I’ll vote on no.6 or no.1, but my favorite was no.6

    What can I say, I’m a sucker for flapper dresses =)

  • amyknitty

    Toronto would love to see you. We’re already Neil’s city girlfriend. We could have a throwdown or something! City vs Girl! Who will win? (I think you’d have us beat, btw.)

  • Clare

    Gold coaty dress! PLEASE! It’s awesome in so many ways and much more you than the more prom dress options (although if you do wear 3 _please_ wear it with the flying helmet!)

    C xx

  • wyobirdie

    my vote is for #2…but you’ll look great in whatever you choose!

    looking forward to your next north american tour…you should consider coming to laramie, wyoming …the high mountain plains would never know what had hit’em…;-)

  • DR

    I like the longer one in picture #3. The shoulder bird can be your homage to Bjork’s swan dress.

    #2 is really the only one I can see with those shoes, though. Or maybe the last one.

  • kilimanziaro

    awwww i wish you’d add a date in glasgow or edinburgh. edinburgh loves you <3
    and i think the detachable shoulder ones are way awesome <3

    • dcove

      kili!!! you like amanda?! now i like you more! jajajajajajaja i wish you’d add a date in venezuela jajajaja…. i know that’s impossible jajajajajaja dreams (8)

      • kilimanziaro

        damn right i love amanda ! she is amazing <3
        -kili and dcove just became best friends-

        • dcove

          yay ^^

  • Kambriel

    #2 ~ The Gold/Black Bustle!

    O.K., you already knew that was my vote, but I’m just making it official ;)

    Besides, the silk my great-grandmother brought back from Japan would tie in nicely with a certain family heirloom of your own that you’ll have on hand as well!


  • teespirit

    #2 or #6 , with #6 having a slight edge over #2. Both are GORGEOUS and will suit gorgeous You very well indeed!

  • spun

    the gold ancient fabric or the black and white poofy skin graft dress.

  • EventuallyWeAllStopBleeding

    All these dresses are amazing!!!
    Seriously, all of them are gorgeous.
    Your so lucky to have your pick of any of them!

    Here’s my two cents on each of them, do with it what you will…

    1. This dress is very classy and formal. But maybe it doesn’t compliment your personality (not that I mean your not classy, your a dame :D). I think its a bit too evening dinner dress than red carpet.

    2. The oriental design is simply gorgeous. Kambriel sure does know how to make a dress. This one perfectly matches the shoes and would compliment yourself and Neils recent escipades in China. Also, Neil seems to be researching alot about China, maybe hinting the theme of some new book… Hmm :p

    3 & 4. I prefer 4 to 3… And I think 4 would compliment your skin tone and with your hair dyed red I think this would look very fresh and spunky. Really punk rock. Wear it with boots and with out the shoulder attachment. Its the closest one to Bjorks swan dress too :p

    5. This would be really cute with just a jacket. And it would really show who you are, as a punk cabaret performer.

    6. Wow. Stunning vintage. Haha I’d almost be tempted to say wear it without the slip :p If you could find some kind of vintage jewellery, pendant or simple chain, to hang down low at the front or the back would really offset the dress.

    I’d go with 2, 4, 5 or 6 if you wanna stand out as being you, “Amanda Fucking Palmer, Neil Gaimans Moxy”, not “Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaimans Partner”.

    Haha, that didn’t narrow it down at all, but how and ever :p

    And no matter what dress you wear, or whatever you don’t wear, you will always look so beautiful.

    Whats Neil wearing? The handsome, handsome devil :)

    Love, Pip x

    P.S. Not shaving, SEXIEST thing ever.

    • Stacy Chambers

      My personal fave is the vintage (the last dress).

  • Mélanie

    And what happened to Paris? :(

  • Trisha Cornelius

    Definitely number 6. Will look absolutely gorgeous with the heels :)

  • meg

    I love 2, I think is the most appropriate as being a guest and respectful? Does that make sense?

    The Skin Graft designs look Red Carpet.

    6 I need to see with said slip. But is at the top with 2.

    Rock it Palmer

  • Alicia_A

    #6 is my fav, but not with the shoes. I like #2 best with the shoes.

  • nicolagatti

    Number 6. But not with that shoes. Your boots should be good.

  • em_swa

    although all the dresses are fucking awesome i like the last one the most.
    sweet shoes too. :)

  • kevin brennan

    Grey dress from skin graft. Trust me, i’m a gay man (even if i hate that stereotype!).

  • Lauren_LK

    1 is gorgeous but like 3 (which is also awesome) would not work with the shoes. 2 would work with the shoes but it doesn’t sing. 4 simply doesn’t work. 5, of course, suits you brilliantly, but I think you should try something a bit more outside the box. 6 is breathtaking.

    However, if I were to dress you, I would choose either Marc Jacobs’ Draped Metallic Silk Dress (utterly brilliant) or Donna Karan’s Bow Dress (a bit more formal), both available at Neiman Marcus.

    Have a wonderful time.

  • winkingjesii

    6…nothing underneath

  • manakatie

    Love 2 and 3, but 5 has totally been done before. #6 is my absolute favorite though.

  • Amy Sheridan

    Go Antique! It’s fabulous and no one else will have it. And you’ll get to talk for a few seconds more telling whomever stops you where you got it. :)

  • Michael Mayhew

    #3 is gorgeous and very “awards ceremony,” though I suspect that having that bird on your shoulder is going to get tiresome after a couple hours.

    #2 seems best on balance: A) it goes with the shoes and B) it’s a good balance of high class and big personality and C) the China tie-in seems apt, given your recent adventures and D) you looked damned good in it.

  • disastergirlXD

    i agree with the masses. i think six is absolutely stunning and you’d look amazing in it. …part of me kind-of likes two as well though.

  • Verlise Vancett

    My vote is for: “2. another dress from kambriel…it’s a gold coaty dress made from ancient fabric her grandmother bought in china”

    — Kambriel makes beautiful things (and is an awesome person).
    — It will work with the shoes.

    Although, what do you plan to wear with it (i.e. skirt-wise)?

  • WolfSilverOak

    The second Kambriel piece. After all, HEDWIG LOVED IT.

  • Chris

    I would have to say #2 the gold and black Kambriel piece. It actually goes with your shoes the best :)

  • emmi

    2 and 3 are both amazing, they wold look REALLY good on you Amanda. Quick question, when are you coming to Finland ? I know at least two people who’d die to see you.

  • Run2theMoon511

    I am in love with all of them, but in love the most with number 2, the beautiful old fabric gold and black bustle coat dress. LOVE the shoes with those tights. That coat would look good with a cool vintage hat with a fishnet veil! I think if you choose number 2, a veil would be important. Will watch the Gold Globes just for a chance to get a glimpse of you and Neil!

  • littledeer

    Votes are 2, 6, and 4.

  • maybegenius?

    The last one. Definitely.

  • Cynthia

    Dude….number fucking six. That dress rocks.
    I would also accept the skingraft one with the bird shoulder-piece. That’s pretty sick as well.

  • marthamay

    Oh Ms Palmer, so many options, so little time. My boyfriend and I, who are looking forward to your appearance more than we look forward to Santa, have examined your options, and both agree on which dress we like best. Our vote is for the lovely vintage flapper dress. We were saddened to see nothing that will get you evicted from Hollywood, but the last dress is lovely. Runner up would be your New Year’s outfit, followed by the skin graft dresses (either of them, we can’t decide). We hope that you do some sort of outlandish activities on the red carpet, but we understand that it’s Neil’s night.

    Congrats to Neil for the nomination! We’ll be crossing our fingers for him!

    Also, we wonder, HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL OF THESE LOVELY PEOPLE?!! Your connections are endless and insane.

    Enjoy your Hollywood romp! You’ll look beautiful no matter what you wear (although we hope it will be option 6).

  • trillianstars

    My vote is with number 2 — the fabric is so wonderfully unique, and I think the shoes would look utterly fabulous with it! I can’t wait to see the final photos on the red carpet!

  • prairierabbit

    2 or 6 But I lean toward 2 because it’s such a lovely mixed metaphor of a dress.

  • dawnramsey

    6 hands gown

  • Sarah

    6. Dooooo it. It’s lovely.

  • Gabriele

    I’m definitely coming to the one of the London gigs (and I’ll bring that beautiful wife of mine)

    Thanks Reubie!

  • Jakex23

    4. I really like that one; however, if you don’t pick that one, I think 3 or 5 would be nice.

  • angharady

    2 or 6
    I’m really thinking two though, it’s so unique.
    Bah dresses bah.

  • Sophie

    Holy shit this is a hard choice…
    But I’d say 6, or your new years outfit.

  • Caitlin

    Dress number 6

  • Axel

    I think both 2 & 6 are awesome, with #2 slightly winning out. Also, if you wear #2 you’re giving Kambriel some publicity, which seems to me a good thing whereas with #6 being vintage, the designer is unlikely to benefit in the same way.

  • Drowning Dolly

    New Years Eve outfit, with heels is my vote. Though the Art Deco beadwork dress is absolutely stunning!!! Left me speechless! It’d be a close 2nd for me…

  • meaghannnn!

    i think you should just wear an old lady bathing suit and make a big scene. maybe parade around making people tell you how beautiful you look. (if you don’t see this as a legit option, then i’d go with dress #4)

  • ambbb

    3! (or 6!) Beautiful, beautiful options.

  • philosophile

    ZOMG! You have to have the quail on your shoulder!!!!!! 3!!!!!!

  • Kat

    Dude, wear them all! I can’t choose! The Kambriel dresses are gorgeous and utterly you. I prefer the grey Skin Graft to the white, but again, totally your style. The NYE outfit looks amazing (so jealous of everyone who was there!) and the last one is beautiful.
    I’m going to tentitivly say the vintage gold one. I love that cut of dress – I have a rocking ’30s style gown that’s cut in the front with a low v and cut in the back with a *LOW* v :D It’s my favourite dress and would look amazing with those heels there *hinthint*!
    Whatever you wear, have a brill time and I love that you love neil who loves you

  • katwantsyou

    sixsixsixsixsixsixsixsixsixsixsix it WILL look painfully beautiful on you. Not that naked in heels isn’t beautiful, but i’m sure there’ll be rules against nudity. please 6????

  • crow

    #6 !!

  • raishawn

    I love #3. Love it. Want it for myself.

  • Jennyelope

    They are all so beautiful but i think 6! xx

  • JeAxra

    Since it seems now that it’s 2 & 6 (I still vote for 5 or 4)
    Of those two I’d have to say go with #6

  • Elizabeth


  • Kaki

    I’m in love with Stormy Weather and the last dress. Both are just so darn glam.

  • lucyleaf

    All of the dresses are unique and gorgeous! It was a toss-up between #2 and #6 for me, but #6 is definitely my favorite.

    And please don’t EVER shave, Amanda! Except your eyebrows or head. :)


  • merchgirl

    I like 5 or 6.

  • Simone

    the last one. definitely.

  • TheΩ

    666….. ps Evelyn² were amazing and darling and so sweet! I couldn’t imagine a better venue for the to have made their NY debut!

  • tayln

    I vote for #6 without a slip underneath (has anyone ever gone semi-nude to golden globes before?), and if that’s not an option one of the Skin Graft dresses.

    Secondly, love the shoes!

  • Becky

    I vote 6.

  • Penelope

    2! It’s so gorgeous.

  • Zo

    I like 3.
    And 6.
    …and 2…
    But, seriously, you could pull of anything.

  • Crimsong19

    I quite like the flapper outfit.
    And as for the tour dates … *sigh* … I wish I lived in Australia … or that more NY shows will be announced in the near future.

  • Ryan_Anas

    Not a easy choice, they are all so wonderful! Really leaning towards six, here. It is beautiful, unique, and speaks to your sense of style. The skin graph ones are amazing, but seem a little too traditional red carpet. The first two are incredibly beautiful, but just doesn’t seem to jive with the event. I loved the NYE outfit, and it was a close second. It’s so you, but feels weird to wear it if you’re not preforming. Six is a little bit of everything and nothing like anything. I love it!!

    Good luck with your choice <3

  • lisa pizza

    TWOOOOOOOOOOOO! followed not-that-closely by 6.

  • Peyton

    Definitely one of the SkinGraft dresses. they ROCK and will look so awesome on you and for the red carpet.

  • elanorelle

    #6 is gorgeous! It has my vote.

  • Birdi3

    The last one. It’s absolutely stunning. I think the neckline & hem would flatter your figure. “Show those Hollywood bastards Starlet done right!” says my boyfriend, Max.

  • Tammy

    I like the second one (Kambreil’s with the vintage Chinese fabric).

  • Melanie

    SIXXX, is not a pretty number, EXCEPT HERE. Do it up darling =)

  • Amurana

    I love 2 the bestest of all. 6 is my second choice.
    once you decide will you tell us which one john picked?

  • peduntic

    Oooh, number 2 definitely!

  • Nicole

    6. Definitely 6.

    1 clashes with the shoes
    2 too “afternoon spent reclining in a gazebo”
    3 too tame for you
    4 too short for nighttime
    5 fantastic for performing, not so great for being in the audience

    what color would this slip be?

  • jolly

    dress 3fucking 4! swoon and thump!

  • Catherine

    2 or 6

  • Morgue

    In order of nice-ness: 2, 5, 3, 1, 6.

    2 and 5 are so beautiful. I will be shamelessly having a go at all my friends to go see you live. even the ones who haven’t ever heard of you. Even the ones who have heard you and can’t bear you. Wait, I don’t know anyone like that.

  • abrokengirl

    6, although you should possibly try to get on just for the publicity. Perhaps eyebrows would achieve that end though.

  • Nana

    the last one! the antique one! its gorgeous. :)

  • Claire

    I think you’d look amazing in #6. Have a blast!

  • Abby

    I vote #6!!! With the gold heels (which are super-AWESOME!)!!!

  • Pi R Squared

    Go with something by Kambriel…I love #2 especially!

  • Marian

    Last one!

  • cateflamingo

    no love for #1? ah well. #2 is perhaps better suited to the occasion!

  • Adam Bridges

    for me it has to be the new years outfit, its just so naughty and elegant :P

  • Hebe

    both kambriel dresses are divine

  • Noel

    Six, six! A million times, 6!

  • crydwynn

    I vote number 3. With the bird. Kewl.

  • nikiakapoetick31

    So glad you are going as you… can’t wait to see pictures. I say the last one, because it’s you AND very controvercial (wwe know how you’ve been called “out” on nudity!) You’ll look great in it……. or your NEW YEARS outfit with a long jacket. No mzatter what, you’ll look good!

  • molly

    #2. beautiful. unique. classy. will match your new heels perfectly :)

  • AC from montreal

    no. 6 : the party dress, definitely .

  • Sparrow15

    6 or 2! 6 or 2!
    Extra points to 2, just ’cause.

  • veraaa

    three gives me shivers, i love it! <3

  • crystal76

    The last one is just gorgeous!!! Especially if you want to glam it up. Otherise, I say the New Years Eve outfit, it’s just so you, and there will be nothing like it!!

  • underthegarden

    The last is probably my favorite. But I haven’t seen it on you, so I’m not sure how it hangs. I really want to wear that dress.

    2 and 4 are really good, too. They’re right behind the anique dress for me. The fifth is fabulous, but . . . I think of it as a show dress. It is very nice.

    Whichever you choose, you’ll look beautiful. Have fun.

  • Sarah

    I’m partial to 5, 3 (in the dark grey), and 6. In that order. They’re all lovely though!

  • caroline

    I vote dress 6. Beautiful, classic and a real dress up dress. A lot of these I could see you wear to non-red carpet events, and while that’s awesome in and of itself to do that and not give into the bullshit (yay for not shaving!), you get to REALLY dress up for this and feel like a princess. So what I’m saying is, who cares about my vote? Go with whatever makes you feel the most special and glamorous for your big debut by your fiance’s (!!!!!!!!!!!) side.

  • RiverVox

    Let’s not forget that you will need something for the OSCARS!

  • alex

    the last one is elegant and perfect! I think vintage isyour best shot and it is a little off beat while still beautiful.

  • Bess

    I love love love number 6, not only is it gorgeous in and of itself, but I think it would look fabulous with your skin tone & hair colour.

    On the other hand, I adore the NYE outfit and it really does deserve another outing.

    You could pull a dress switcheroo halfway down the red carpet?

    Okay, maybe not.

    Gun to my head? Number 6.

  • MattKirby

    I’m feeling 1 or 6 pretty hard.
    I love #1 not only because I love flapper clothing but I think it looks great.
    and #6 just looks totally amazing and jaw-dropping.

  • Emma

    Number 6 is so beautiful, I wish i could wear it

  • Lara

    Oh No! The London shows are all sold out! Is there a way to find out if you get ahold of a bigger venue or new concert date? This is kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thing for me: I’m studying in Ireland, finally close enough to see you perform (Ohio is usually really far away from anywhere your shows are happening). I was devastated when I found out all the tickets were gone.

    Will there be an email list or something?

    Congratulations on the engagement, by the way!

  • Lara

    THE LAST ONE! its beeeauuuutiful.

  • nocultureicons

    No. 6 all the way.

    Although I do love skin graft…they make such lovely lovely things.

  • amelia

    6, 3, and maybe 5.

  • Kira

    6, oh yes 6 is the way to go!!!

  • VickieLR

    Love love love the grey one in number 3!!

  • VickieLR

    Love love love the grey one in number 3.

  • Rose

    Melbourne overaged again :( I’m going to cry

  • Dana

    I’d go with the outfit you wore on New Years. Its awesome and its YOU.
    My second choice would be #6.

  • Kanae

    6!!!!!! Beautiful, original and very special.

  • Rose_H

    My fave is the Chinese one. It’s beautiful. :] #2

    you’ll look great in anything though

  • Joscha

    From the ones you displayed I like no. 2 the most… but what about that dress from shanghai you wore in that photoshoot in Singapore (you posted that a while back in November)? Did you get to keep it? You looked breathtakingly beautiful in that!

  • Merrilee Heifetz

    I love the coat dress and I *love* the last antique rental one which also has the advantage of being from (I would guess) the same general era as your beautifully romantic engagement ring. And both would probably go with the shoes, though of course you have to see. The naked/feathers option might not go so well with the ring, but would certainly get you on Best UnDressed Lists. It will be fun. I hope you sit next to someone staggerlingly interesting.

  • audent

    I was going to say dress number 1 but now I’m torn (ha) with dress number 5.

    You wear one and make Neil wear the other. How’s that?

  • Danielle

    I fucking love you. You are the woman of my dreams.

  • rainycity1

    They’re all lovely, esp. the vintage #6,… but the winner is….

    #2 – the gold coaty dress… you knew you wanted it when you bought those heels. ;-)

  • Aurore

    I spread the word to french people i know in Bordeaux ;)
    I hope you’ll come to Paris soon, i want to see you agaiiiiin!
    Oh and you looked gorgeous at the Golden Globes, great dress choice!

  • loulabelle bones

    number 2!! that dress seems quite suited to your style – moreso than the others. aaand it is beautiful. and i love you for not shaving. fuck the shave!!

    PS – congratufuckinglations, you and neil. you will notice i did not use an ampersand there

  • veraaa

    I just saw 6 on Ebay (In silver). I am tempted to buy it. I hate being poor.

  • JulesEstelle

    how about that darling little poofy black and white number from the catwalk? J’adore!

  • Meg

    Please. Come. To. Perth. (!!)

  • shane_b1968

    The dress she chose was from Leluxe Clothing! I’m the designer and owner.

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