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greetings from sunny dresden

in dresden today, at the same club the dolls played a few years ago….

it’s gorgeous…with a ceiling that makes you want to move in forever.
*wander wander*
steven just took this photo of me with my mac.
disco ball!


please notice that i have a SEXY NEW technologically advanced AIR-CAST MOON-BOOT on my foot.
i went to the royal free hospital in london. they hooked that shit up.
they also told me that i might need surgery on my toe.

here be the “oblique” x-ray.
notice how on the bottom joint of the big toe there’s a little chunk that’s disconnected….
sad. that little chunk of bone might need surgery to be able to re-attach to it’s friend.


owwww. i’m going to the hospital in heidelberg tomorrow to see what the german doctors say.
i am terrified that their GERMAN EFFICIENCY is going to lead to an over-enthusiastic assessment of my condition and i will leave the hospital with my foot amputated
and a very sleek, efficient, realistic cyborg-foot in it’s place (manufactured, of course, in the motherland) that they will promise will be an improvement over the original.

in happier news, the light backstage here is fucking beautiful.
it’s streaming in … in sheets.
i show you, with my magic mac!

(i really m getting excited about my built-in camera)….

psycho dave, miss zoë keating, mr. steven mitchell wright, mz. AFP:


(in other corners of the room….jason is flapping in disbelief. steven is grazing at the awesome catering table….)

….and all is well.


here’s some photos from the archive, while i’m at it:

mr. neil amazing gaiman had a robe made in china – it was a long story – but it cost something in the area of $11, all told.
three chinese girls at a hidden tailor in some hidden chinese city went to work on it with vague sketched-out instructions. sexy.

here’s his triumphant moment.
apparently, the language barrier was so bad he actually had them just size it to his tall-man body.
i think he looks a little like a james bond in this picture.
like: “why thank you. gaiman. neil gaiman. my kimono will entrance you gradually, yet fatally.”

….but it fits amanda-body, and looks hot with the cast, even when wrinkled.
this was in manchester, taken by tora:

neil – in a word – is amazing.
he came to the london show, but the london show deserves it’s own blog since the stories and the photos must be collected in one heap.


more from the random photo dept:
our stupendous cast-and-crew dinner last week with the Best Family in Edinburgh, the cunninghams…

the sisters keating, and chris…

this reminds me to thank the dozens of insanely kind people who have cooked food for us in the last few weeks.
we CANNOT THANK YOU enough. we don’t get a chance every day to properly thank you – really. you’ve been saving us.
we still are seeking food saints for paris, worgl and milan. hit up steven:

would write more, have much deeper thoughts, but wireless is about to go bye bye.

will write more after hospital visit and heidelberg, unless they put me in the leper colony.



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