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from the Edge of the Middle of Nowhere

hola hola

obviously, you’re all on the mailing list and you know about the east coast tour in november. if you’re not of the mailing list, sign up HERE, please please please.

if you don’t know about the tour, click HERE. i’m touring through vermont, maine, massachusetts, new york, pennsylvania, virginia, north carolina, and tennessee from november 11th-22nd with nervous cabaret. the shows are going to be KILLER.

REMINDER (i forgot to put this in the email blast):


strange times. i’ve been holed up in the Middle of Nowhere, floating and fighting the flu.

neil was here, but then he left, and jason webley came to stay.

zoe keating was supposed to be here, but she wound up back in the states.

so what was supposed to be an amanda/jason/zoe space-jam-music-odyssey has turned into an amanda/jason work party.

instead of doing what we thought Good Musicians should do, which is ignore the Internet and make jolly music day and night, we’ve been plugging away at clearing out our inboxes.

sometimes making salads and indian food and going for walks to the Edge of the Middle of Nowhere. it’s cold out there.

we’ve also been spending time perfecting our backgammon skills (we recently played a game where each player simply had to take a 5 and a 2 for every roll, it got boring fast) and having long long long loooooooooooooong and frustrating phone conferences with the Evelyn Sisters (we’re still trying to produce their debut record).

they’re currently holed up at home in walla walla and refuse to actually commit to a release date for their record. they are fucking impossible to work with.

but it’s also hard to argue with or yell at two conjoined twin sisters who have had such a tough life. i always end up feeling like an asshole when i try to convince them to get their shit together. i usually back off and end up profusely apologizing about everything i say because every time they get upset they just threaten to not release the record AT ALL, which would devastate us.

sometimes they just hang up on us and don’t answer the phone for days.

it’s really irritating.

jason is harder on them.

maybe it’s a girl thing, but i just can’t be angry at them.

the conference calls are also impossible to follow because the two of them share one cell phone that they keep snatching from one another and it’s useless trying tell them apart. both of them have really strong (and conflicting) ideas about the release of the record but they’re BOTH constantly changing their minds about EVERYTHING from the mixing to the mastering to the album artwork to the touring routing…oi vey. we’re thinking about just getting them their own fucking manager because we can’t deal with it. we wanted to help but it’s gotten to the point where we’re ready to give up. it’s hard. they’re SO talented but they’re SO weird. imagine wesley willis plus daniel johnston meets buckethead plus the olson twins without the budget. we’ll get there.

i’m, meanwhile, wondering what the fuck to do with my life. if you have any ideas, let me know.

i think i might do something bizarre with webcasting when i get home. i like the idea of having some kind of webcast marathon where i take requests for 12 hours straight. i don’t have that many songs, but we could do some interesting antics for filler. i could have an opening act every hour or so. why not? why not, indeed. all in favor, say aie. figuring out a TIME will be hard…the states and europe and australia are always at odds with each other, but we’ll make it work.

but quite seriosuly, if anyone has any suggestions, put them here in comments. i’ve not been keeping up with the world of OTHER people’s webcasts.

i’m thinking of turning my apartment into a webcast lounge with a virtual tip wineglass you can donate to in real time.

all i know is that when i see a katy perry vlog i feel sad inside and when i watched 15 minutes of a tila tequila webcast i wanted to throttle her. there must be a brighter future. help me.

speaking of webcast…..

here are the webcast auction totals from london (high to low):
1. date with Holly Gaiman – $740 each – Scott and Sean
2. the original handwritten lyrics to “Please Drop Me” – $750 – Matt
3. “Leeds United” dancer costume – $400 – Jenny
4. A is for Amanda dress from “Coin-Operated Boy” video- $220 – Maria
5. “Oasis” Video Pregnancy Test – $200 – Barry
6. Valium Housewife dress from “What’s the Use Of Wondrin’” – $120 – Lucie
7. “Guitar Hero” I photo – $100 – Heather
8. “Ampersand” II photo – $85 – Dennis
9. “Ampersand” I photo – $60 – Ryan
10. “Another Year” photo – $50 – Rob
11. “What’s The Use” photo – $60 – Joanna

….we also sold a ton of the signed DVD and bunch of signed tour posters for a grand auction total of about $10,000.

and there we have it. i’m making a living. i’m still in debt, but the light at the end of the tunnel is glistening.

thank you to everyone who tuned in…it was fun as hell.

and…..holly said her first date was successful (more we cannot divulge).

speaking of clan gaiman…here’s one of my favorite bits of the london union chapel show…..

neil had been playing me “derek and clive” (go listen to the original HERE…….i also recommend pretty much everything else….go down the youtube rabbithole)

and we decided to not cover it in a church a lovely as union chapel would be sacrilege. he’s got a lovely voice, my fellow.

here’s me playing oli’s flaming bicycle piano outside the church….


i finally got a positive review in the NME, who’s generally had it out for me and the dolls for years. that made me glad. check it out HERE.

here is beth auctioning off the painting by Daniel van Ness that was created over the course of the two nights….


it went for 450 pounds to Alex, who stepped in when the actual winning bidder admitted that he was just kidding and had no money. you can see more of Daniel’s work HERE. thanks to yasha from the strychnin gallery for finding him and sending him our way…..

beth administering the “ask amanda” portion of the concert….


me & polly scattergood singing a stage/balcony duet of “puff the magic dragon”….) polly as rapunzel (look upper right)…….

amanda squished betwixt clan gaiman (that be holly the hottie on the right, lucky mr. Scott and Sean)…..

and then to blow off steam, i did the last-minute gig in camden at the world’s end.

about 500 people crammed in and as usual…i had no plan. i ended up borrowig lots of people’s clothes, drinking lots of cider and champagne, and taking a lot of song requests.

pictures should speak for themselves….

holly trying to fit me into some chick’s dress….

and some dude’s t-shirt….

this hat worked well (thanks robyn):

mr. man reads from the who killed amanda palmer book…..

….and it was a wonderful night.

3 sold out shows in london.

fuck me!

it’s getting awesome.

i’ll be going home soon.

shall report on the state of the union.

love, love and love.



p.s. for those of you in boston…i’m sorry again about the show being canceled. i will try to do something weird and twittery while i’m home. watch for it.

if you didn’t get the memo, make sure you email with your ticket receipt so we can give you first crack at the boston new years show & a special party.

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  • Hesta Prynn

    amanda palmer = inspiring

  • BrassyCassy


  • Marjorie

    I’m still on a high from the (2nd) Union Chapel gig. So glad you came here :-)

  • Marjorie

    I’m still on a high from the (2nd) Union Chapel show – so glad you came here. :-)

  • conversecamus

    you could make a lo-fi record at home. Put together some uke songs and piss takes, maybe a couple of spoken word pieces by Mr Gaiman and ta da!

    …just don’t get Mr Folds involved again. The result would be biblical but it would cost a pretty penny

  • Michelle

    Oh. You are made of win as always. I would totally tune in to a ustream-athon. Although I am too broke to buy things I love to watch them.

  • Name

    Hi! An AFP webcast sounds great. FYI, there was a story recently on NPR about a geek performing weekly webcasts to reach fans & grow VIPs.

  • Cliff

    I know Amanda, how about you start working on the next Dolls album! Oh and while your at it get back here to “The O.C.” Orange County, Ca. is really missing you!! Your the best girl keep rocking our worlds!

  • Dennis

    It is so…orgasmic, knowing that I am the Dennis mentioned in this blog. Yay for me being willing to give $85! And yay for Beth taking a photo so awesome, I just had to have it :D

  • Sylvia

    I played a 3s and 7s game with my uncle last time he came down from his hill in Scotland. It was very boring. Then we played a double 6s and double 1s game. It didn’t work. Got stuck.

  • lly

    i don’t think their webcasts are the problem; i think tila tequila and katy perry are. ;)

  • KinkyTurtle

    Yaaay, I’m so excited to be seeing you in VA in November. Shall be a night to remember.

  • Vayda

    What you should do with your life: set up some shows over here on the west coast! And don’t skip Seattle (actually, Washington entirely) like MCR did. :D

  • Annabelle

    Aie and come to New Zealand again because your show earlier this year was the best thing I’d seen in…my life?

  • toreee

    you wanna know something that presses my buttons, life is fucking ironic! i try to see you in the dolls for like 2 years and ive been trying to see you solo for a year and a half and ive never had the money to go see you and the one time i do im in college in boston and i get tickets to go and its cancelled :( and i live in pa so i wont be in ma for new years which fucking sucks. all ive wanted to do is see you in concert and it feels like ill never be able to :( i really love your music try to tour in pa again in summer next year i might be able to see you then if i have money


  • Shannon

    I think what you’ve been doing with your life is pretty great. Making solo albums, making albums with the Dolls, touring, coming to little Birmingham AL from time to time to see us, all of that is good. Is the problem that in order to keep doing all that stuff, you have to do it with the same stupid label?

  • karen

    amanda– where is your paypal button to donate $?! not only am i happy buying shit from you but fuck, i’d love to just GIVE you $! how can we do that?! youre amazing and i adore everything you do. if there’s anything i can ever do for you as a broke ass grad student living in virginia, consider it done. xo! karen

  • Nomie

    I am so very excited for the Northampton show. And I’m trying to figure out if I can fit making a giant pot of rice salad into my work schedule before the show.

  • Joo

    I say most definitely aie. A million fucking times aie.
    I think it should involve a lot of the ukulele. And songs that you’d never never be played on there, just for the hell of it. I personally think that hugely entertain me.

  • Nalani

    ai ai ai!

  • craigsteffen

    I would totally tune in to a webcast. That sounds like a lot of fun.

    As far as what to do…have you tried non-performing art? Painting, sculpture, drawing, clay? I realize you’re an incredibly kinetic person, so perhaps at first glance quieter arts might not appeal, but an art studio can be a very active and vibrant place.

    If you’re looking for an artistic place to “get away from it all”, you could ping Lisa Snellings and see if she could use someone else in the studio. If you’re not allergic to epoxy resin that would be a bonus. I presume you know her and her work. If not…she’s a kinetic sculptor, among other things:

  • Rachel

    I heart you, Amanda Fucking Palmer.

  • Greig McCallum


  • NotoriousB_R_E

    When will you come back to LA? Or is it too soon to even think about it? I saw you at the Troubadour in June and it was amazing to say the least but I completely chickened out and sank back when you were being awesome and saying hi to everyone in line before the show.

  • Ryan_Anas

    I’m very sorry that you have been sick as of late. You travel so much and come in contact with so many people in the name of what you do, and getting sick is sure to come with that. I hope you feel better soon.

    It is very exciting to hear about the work going on with the Evelyn sisters. I’m sorry that it is proving hard to get them on the same page artistically, but they write such beautiful songs, and I’m sure if anyone can help them create this album, Jason and yourself can. If the ep is any indication to what the full length album will be like, I cannot wait. the artistic process is hard in the best conditions, and I can imagine how hard this project can be, but try to hold onto the love that drew you to the twins in the first place. Best of luck!!

    I would give a resounding AIE to a web casting marathon. At some point you could do a painting like you have done at shows and signings in the past as you webcast and maybe auction it off towards the end. another thought would be to maybe incorporate a string of emailed lines of poetry into some sort of exquisite corpse poem. Maybe people could donate like 5 dollars for each line they submit, and then you could turn it into something beautiful and read it. For people who will not be able to stick around till the designated reading time, a video of your reading could be included in a future blog. I’ll try to think of some more over the night.

    I love how you walk us through all of your shows and adventures here on this blog. I really can’t thank you enough for keeping us informed and in touch with your life. You rock!


  • elliterate

    I wish I’d caught the show at The World’s End. I can imagine it would have been such a fun night.

    I’m hoping to see you guys somehow in New York. If not I’ll just have to pine over the photo’s again!

  • Stephanie.

    I have an irrelevant question.

    What’s the word on With the Needle that Sings in her Heart? Haven’t heard anything on it in quite some time so I’m wondering if it’s still going to be released?

  • Shell

    Come to Iowa sometime, love!

  • tomatoes_and_radiowire

    can’t wait for the webcast..
    california is lonely since you’ve been gone.

  • ajekofalltrades

    there’s been talk in the air, suggesting that the AFPTarot could be made assemlbed into an art show of some kind. i think that’d be groovy. get Celebrity Tarot Lounge to do some readings; play some music. drink some wine. win. perhaps?

  • geo

    working with conjoined twins..what haven’t you done?
    it sounds a difficult yet hopefully (eventually) fulfilling.
    it sounds like you need to release it as like a double album or something, like you know how there are those magazines you flip over and read the other way? well one side could be the album and art how one of them whats it to be, then flip, and there’s the album as the other wants it to be.
    ha that would be such an effort

    don’t forget you’re wonderful
    peace and love

  • Xenjn

    AIE!! Yes! Pretty please do the webcasts you speak of! Oh! If you need something to do, the blogs you promised us? About roadrunner and about the rest of the songs on the DVD (Which I got, by the way. I was the random chick who asked you to sign it as many times as you could. ;__; THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I WAS SO HAPPY I CRIED.) Oh! There’s something you should know, I had a dream last night that you and I spent the whole day together, hanging out. …I never met so many cops in my life. IT WAS AMAZING….I am going to be in Boston this Febuary. I hope you’ll be performing there or something. ;__;XD Watch, the day I’m in Boston you’re going to decide you want to come to Arizona. XD I can’t win.Anyway, I love you. I really, truly do. Thank you, so, so, SO fucking much for signing my DVD. I can feel the LOVE, really, really I can. Thanks again! ;_; ^___^

  • nhs76

    Do you know who Fiona Ritchie is? She hosts ‘Thistle & Shamrock’ on NPR for us longtime Irish music buffs. Her name has become synonymous with the promotion and celebration of traditional Celtic music in the U.S. You could be the same kind of person for the alt/indie world, whether on the air or as a concert series — unless Hayley beats you to it! You’re a natural-born impresario. P.S. If you live in the moment, do you ever really have to figure it all out?

  • insignifikunt

    Suggestion: Chuck a Prince and change your name if you want to release new music not under road runner although labels have probably introduced some clause to stop that hey? Or maybe try negotiating with them again to get dropped.

    Other than that, if you are thinking of recording a new album it can be done without the label. They’d still have dibs on releasing it but if they decided not to promote it, you could leave it up to fans and friends in the industry to help out. Money can be raised for actual advertising…

    It doesn’t cost a lot to record an album anymore, unless you have Ben Folds producing it with all of his elaborate ideas :p but there are so many amazing nobodies out there who can help. Put the word out and see what happens.

    Or you could start you own label and just help other artists out for a while if you can’t work on your own music. Its still being creative, Road Runner doesn’t have dibs on guest appearances do they?

    I don’t know if it is possible but you’re only contracted to Road Runner for your music and lyrics right? Could you write a new album but GIVE it to someone else, someone you trust, to be the copyright owners? Without the knowledge of road runner… So for all anyone knoww that person wrote it all. Then you could record it as someone covering someone else’s songs and that person gets all the money from the exploitation of the musical work copyright (and give it back to you). Road Runner can keep the recording copyright only if they actually paid for the recording…(which if it didn’t cost much could be recoupted quicker and then you can start making money from that to???) I don’t know if it could work that way though… I have knowledge of copyright but it’s still a mind fuck for me.

    Write a novel?

    Move to Australia for a while and do a residency like you were thinking at the beginning of the year. This is something I could actually help with.

    Try to get into the Sydney Festival in January… Travel expenses should be covered right??? Peaches is here then to for the Big Day Out… You two doing a show together would be a major win! :p

    Maybe get into theatre more often again?

  • Tina Bobina

    The other day a buncha people bought an entire block worth of parking meters. They brought in some of that grass turf and music players and croquet and canvas and paint and checkers and bubbles. I saw this and thought of you.
    Tina Bobina.
    Washington State

  • chaynicole


    … as long as it’s on a fri, sat, or sun… i would totally watch the full 12 hours. i have no life aside from college work…

  • Steve

    I can’t help but throw a nickel in regarding what you should do. Consider doing one thing hedonistic, one responsible and one for someone else. Yeah, it sounds Hallmark, but I stand by it.

    Oh, and don’t take what may be your creative prime for granted. WKAP was brilliant. Even if label problems prohibit you from releasing stuff, keep writing, storing songs like nuts in a tree.

    And if you ever come to play near Milwaukee, my wife and I will gladly put you up or cook something for you.


  • csdaley

    I am of course waiting for the announcement of a west coast swing. Do you here us AFP we need west coast dates :). Plus, I am sure that you could get Zoe to play, awesomeness would ensue.

  • Teresa Jusino

    Seriously, Amanda? I think you’ve been thinking too hard about what you “should” Be doing with your life. I’d KILL to be doing what you’re doing with your life right now. It’s actually what I’m working toward now. Writing and submitting – getting my stuff out there so that at some point writing will be all I do and I won’t have to work in an office anymore.

    There IS no should, and the path you’re on is a pretty great one. And you want to talk debt? I’ve got $50,000 in student loans I’m still paying off, plus a whole bunch of other shit, and I have a “real job.” :) Be creative. You’re meant for it.

    PS – how awesome is it that you have Holly’s back when it comes to dating! :) She must be pleased!

  • Anita

    Amanda, it both bums me out and makes me feel better that you still don’t know what to do with your life, given that you’re already doing what some people would consider a ‘dream job’. I sit here, day after day at my ageing office computer working in job that leaves me both creatively and spiritually bereft and I ask myself “Is this it? What am going to do with my life?” (The standard answer to that is: fucked if I know) Maybe we should take some comfort in know that we aren’t alone and that to keep asking the question is probably a good thing.
    PS: You rock BTW.

  • Curse_it

    Haha, you are something else. I’m turning into an AFP zombie…

  • Curse_it

    Haha, you are something else. I’m turning into an AFP zombie…

  • howlie

    You should speak to Mark Watson about the idea of a webcast, he’s managed pretty damn well with 24 hour shows in the past :)

  • Robbo

    Has Amanda really prostituted her boyfriends daughter? For her own profit?
    Oh well. She has done worse things im sure :D

  • Name


  • Miko

    Like the idea of the webcast. The idea I have for it (don’t know if it’s possible), but it’s an idea: Make a concert with friends via internet.
    Another idea is (not for a webcast) a a kind of opensource band. Someone has an idea, recording it, load up as mp3 and someone hear it, has another idea what to do with it and so on.
    It has a countdown to upload songs (like two weeks or a moth) and after this countdown someone try to put all or the best stuff together to a song.

  • Simon McNamee

    Hello “Amanda fucking Palmer”,

    I don’t really care about you so I didn’t bother reading your rather long-winded ramblings. All I wanted to say was before you record your thoughts on things, perhaps you should find the correct elemental symbol for Iron.


  • duckypoison

    What’s the most important thing in the world?

    Do that.

    Go for something of importance, because momentary stuff is fun to begin with but eventually, it’s gotta have a point to it; a goal, a process.

    We know you’re fabulous. xx

  • rhyskka

    I just thought it would be awesome if the webcast would be somewhere outside. I mean, you must have some lovely scenery right there at your middle of nowhere! Probably it would be too windy and also no internet connection, but if it’s possible – it would be lovely.
    I also think that you making a webcast gig would be very much awesome. You haven’t done that yet, have you? I mean, playing a full gig online.
    I hope the time will be alright. My suggestion would be to make it happen on a saturday night, when people can stay late without having to wake up for work in the morning.
    Anyway, anything you would do still would be great! Btw, I can’t wait to hear another blogs on the wkap videos stories.

  • lillerina


    As to what you should do with your life: get hooked on crochet.

  • Lauren_C

    Maybe not your thing but I’m gonna throw it out there anyway. I really love the idea of getting everyone to send things/materials, anything, to you and then making some sort of sculpture/art piece live on a webcast or a series of webcasts and auctionting the final product off. Details would have to be worked out but I imagine it could come together fairly quickly.

    Had a brilliant time at the 2nd Chapel show. It was the first time I’d managed to get to a show and I had to travel across the country to do it, I had serious backache after sitting in the pews for three hours and I was given the wrong size t-shirt, but it was well worth it. I had an amazing night. The church looked absolutely beautiful, as did you. I fell in love with the headband you were wearing.

    Love. x

  • laurieanne

    If I can come up with the goats, will you marry me instead?

  • Clare

    Sorry to miss the London webcast – the union chapel and world’s end gigs were amazing. As to what next, can you tell us what the situation is with Roadrunner? Is that what is stopping you producing another amazing album, or is it that you want to do something totally different? Does your contract allow you to release tracks online, on a ‘tips’ basis (as Dresden Dolls did sometimes)? (seriously, your cover of the ‘Wind that Shakes the Barley’ was wonderful – I’d ipod it!). Or is it that you want an entirely new project? film seems one way forward – the success of the short film bodes welll…

    Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be amazing!

  • stasha


    And this time I actually have money >.<

  • theresaembrey

    Amanda…dont give up…the Evelyn’s are going to worth the trouble, between Jason and yourself I have complete faith that I’ll be seeing them perform somewhere soon (like seattle) Oh and when your done please send webley HOME!

  • bess82

    I love love love the idea of buying up all the parking spaces for the day, feeding in coins every hour and just having a party – but why not do it bigger, and go for a whole level of a multi-story carpark? At £30 per car space per day here in the UK, that’s a prettyfuckingsweet deal if the “entry fee” is that each person pays for the equivalent of a day’s rate for one car space. But doesn’t bring a car, obviously. Instead, we all bring paint and canvas and recording equipment and instruments and performance artists and talking parrots and face painting equipment and we all make something, together. And webcast it, of course.

    As for the marathon webcast – YES. Do it on a Saturday and give us a couple of weeks notice and we’ll all be there. If people will spend 24 hours outside in London in October listening to 24 hours worth of manifestos (google “Manifesto Marathon”!) then they will definitely spend 12 hours inside in their nice warm houses listening and watching you be the amazing person that you are. Also, if you do this at the end of the month, then I and I’m sure many others will have just been paid and can do more than watch in frustration, shrieking “I CAN’T BELIEVE I DON’T HAVE EVEN $40 TO BUY ONE OF THOSE PRINTS,” and wishing desperately that payday wasn’t a week away.

    And if you’re still wondering what to do with your life? Check this guy out: He’s a teeny little old man with the most amazing artistic vision, of how the world is and why that sucks and what should change. He’s eighty-three and is one of the most amazingly passionate people I’ve ever met. He’s never, ever stopped creating art (well, except for the ’77-’80, when he was on an Artistic Strike) and he never, ever gives up. What I’m saying is – do what makes you fulfilled, what you feel like you need to do, what you must do. This might be what makes you happy, but it might not be. I don’t know if Gustav’s happy. But he’s doing what he thinks is right and is using his art as a way to try and get people to understand what he thinks and feels.

    So look at everything you’ve done in your life, and figure out which things felt the most important and why. Then take that “why” as your answer, and come up with more things to do that provide the same answer.

    And finally, I know that so many people before me have said this, but I still need to say it again: you’re amazing, Amanda. You make so many people so happy. Not just with your voice and your music and your songs, but because you’re such a real person and you make your fans feel like real people too. You give us so much of yourself and we appreciate that so, so much.

  • manta

    Dear Ms Palmer, in response to your request for information/advice about what to do with your life:
    1. find a good motivation w/in self
    2. address the space.
    Given these two conditions are met, all other needs will be more than adequately supplied.
    love, manta

  • manta

    WTDWYL department: “When the punk movement first surfaced in England in 1977, its nihilistic posturing and contempt for cultural and pop-music traditions rattled both the social and entertainment establishments. Long after the movement petered out or became commercialized elsewhere, it took hold for the first time in Jakarta in the mid-1990s — at a time when the music’s belligerence seemed to perfectly echo the hostility many young people felt toward the authoritarian regime of then President Suharto… At this family’s core are the members of Marjinal, a punk band that has helped over a thousand street kids earn cash by teaching them how to busk. ‘Music gives these kids a way to survive, to make some kind of living,’ says Mike, Marjinal’s lead singer. ‘Punk, to me, is addressing the things that are rotten in society. It tells us that we have the ability to be independent and take care of each other.'” From,9171,1687012,00.html

  • Lauren


    And I know this may be a long-shot, but we’d love to have you in Atlanta. There are more than enough strip clubs here for you to hold a gig at. XD

  • donato678

    I cannot wait until the Philly show!! LOVE YOU AMANDA!!

  • CeciTart

    Honestly I am a little perplexed with the whole ‘do with your life’ question. I thought you were doing with your life. You inspire, touch, entertain so many people. You have entire websites devoted to you. You have albums and a book and videos. It seems so weird to me that you are asking yourself ‘what do I do with my life?’ Maybe I am misunderstanding, and what you are asking is what do I do next…but if the question is ‘what do I do with my life?’ it seems to me you are already doing it.

    Love and respect,

  • marlonanthonycameron


    On your worst day you are worth 1,000,000 Katy Perrys and in your heart you know it. I haven’t read your blogs recently as life has got in the way but your amazing, inimitable voice always comes back to me. You are what’s happening now and this will be reflected in the fact that your fans will be fans for life, which is more than can be said for gaga et al
    Stay cool,

  • john

    Your life’s your story and you get to live it as the main character, live your life, live the now.

    Operating life without a safty net is scary and can wear you down, for that I recoment sleep in a safe warm bed while hugging some one or something that makes you happy and nodding off remembering that your having fun, and living life really fully, and if its scary thats just what makes it all the more real.

  • Gaijin

    Hmmm, what to do with your life? Huhu, so many possibilities, damn. I suggest you become a buyô dancer and after years and years(and years) of practice, you become a buyô teacher who will spread the buyô awesomeness all over the world.
    1° Buyo makes people happy or you reach bliss or whatever, so it’s cool.
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