the shores of decompression.

(public post) dears i love this picture of me and neil – taken about an hour ago… speaks the story of us right now. we just spent a long week at the TED conference (where a lot of the talks...
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DUBLIN – me & laurie penny are talkin’ @ your book festival

(public post) hallo loves. i already have an official show booked in dublin (at the national concert hall on may 28th, get tickets HERE) and SURPRISE, i’ll also be speaking in conversation with the incredible laurie penny at the international...
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making a tchaikovsky

(public service post/recipe) hallo dears first off: I AM SITTING DOWN TO REHEARSE FOR TOUR TODAY, jason has a piano at his place in seattle, i landed here last night. if you’re coming (or even if you’re not), gimme some...
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back to the edinburgh fringe….and this time i’m serious.

(public post) hallo loves. if you’ve been following along the road story or you’re in the UK, you know that i’m doing a handful of shows around the UK (and one in ireland, in dublin) in may. i’ve also just...
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the march of time

(public post) i got married eight years ago i had a baby almost three years ago i moved into a house with my husband for the first time six years ago i turned 40 almost two years ago i found...
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