just a note from under some covers

(public post) hi loves i’ve been meaning to post since yesterday about all of my own shit and about my teaching experience and about being back at college and about an exhausting secret film shoot and about how it was...
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hallo loves this’ll be brief because i am totally destroyed. short story: i finished the song today at around 3 pm. it’s really good. it’s called Drowning In The Sound. from 4-10pm i brought the engineer into the studio and...
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quick trip to london. piano ?

(public post) hello my loves. greetings from tennessee, where i just witnessed totality. i have a longer blog & pictures coming at you but just a quick piece of housekeeping i need to get rolling. but before that HOLY SHIT...
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lost beneath the starry tent of my own self-eclipse

(public post) hallo loves. quick updates, ephemera and joy….. most important: I DECIDED TO DITCH MY LIFE AND GO SEE THE ECLIPSE. i couldn’t help it after seeing this TED talk the other day. i booked a last-minute ticket to...
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