the hospital threads.

a story. a few nights ago i was visiting anthony in the hospital, and i left on the late side. i didn’t feel great about the visit. anthony’s been having a hard enough time facing this bone marrow transplant, and...
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a bit i cut out of the book, and today’s manuscript-page sale IS….SOLD OUT!!

(ED. NOTE: ***and SCENE! 100 books sold in 20 minutes using Twitter! gone! one small step for an artist, one giant step for artistkind. I hope this tool helps many people. thank you for everyone who ordered & made internet...
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don’t take the match for granted

a lot of you have been asking how he’s doing. it’s weird, now that the book is out and everybody knows the deeper story. it’s not good or bad, it’s just weird. but so. i’m taking C. Anthony Martignetti into...
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this holiday season, don’t force the flower.

deep thoughts of the day, from deep in the flu-bed… “I have a friend who’s struggling with a particularly nasty addiction. He will be discharged from a mental health facility tomorrow, back to homelessness. I am anxious and afraid and...
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it’s december….here comes The Reckoning

  hola comrades. well, here it is, the reckoning. the book is out, the musical is closed up (for now), the book tour is over, and anthony is heading into the hospital on tuesday for his bone marrow transplant. they’re...
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