“BIGGER ON THE INSIDE” is up, and a few things re: this blog & patreon

hey denizens of The Blog!!! NEW SINGLE TODAY. my first official release in…actually, years. i know a LOT of you have supported the patreon – thank you. it’s incredible to me to see almost 3,000 people (and counting daily) hopping...
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a little background on the patreon video….

here it is, the patreon video. a little story behind it….if it isn’t obvious, the video was shot in the exact same spot we shot the kickstarter video – almost exactly two years later to the day…it was shot RIGHT...
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and….IT’S HAPPENING. I’M USING PATREON. please support me if you can.

  HOLA COMRADES!! well, here we are. the next internet moment. the new frontier. kickstarter 2.0. last night at my show for PEN american DIY at the ace hotel in new york, an NYC artist named jules banks handed me...
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all the things i forgot on stage thursday, including “ask amanda” answers

hey lovers…most of you weren’t braving the bitter boston cold to see the show at cuisine en locale this past thursday, only like 400 of you were… but if you WERE, you’ll have noticed that among the awesome spectacle of...
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daring greatly in your volvo (also, tickets on sale TOMORROW!)

interesting and somewhat painful/awkward Media Moment. it involves Cadillac and Brené Brown, who you may know from writing the fantastic forward to “the art of asking” but hopefully you’ve also read her powerful book on shame and vulnerability “Daring Greatly”....
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announcing an “evening with AFP” short tour of the USA

*this blog was sent to the mailing list in advance. if you’re not already on the mailing list, you can sign up here. if you’re on the mailing list but didn’t get an email, check your spam folder first. if no dice...
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the set list from the heartbreak hotel show, and pictures, and more

HOLAAAAAA!!!!!!!!   stuck in tampa because snow in boston. I AM NOT COMPLAINING.   first off!!!! watch for the USA tour that is JUST ABOUT to be announced….only 8 days in the continental US, plus a special david byrne tribute...
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two things to read today.

THING ONE this droppage of wisdom by Elizabeth Gilbert has been coming up in too many real-life conversations with my friends over the past year not link it here. I keep forgetting. almost every woman my age is facing some...
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hola comrades of boston + surrounding area pummeled in snow! snowy enough for you? are you enjoying the snow? would you like some snow with your snow? if you, like me, are buried under five feet of agony, i send...
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back in the land of relentless mortality

home after three weeks of ecstatic travel, straight back into the maw of bleakness and cold reality. my neighborhood is buried in four feet of snow. it’s 7 degrees. I slept for 12 hours after the 30-hour airplane slog (tack...
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