Update 2014.03.28: There have been two followup blogs posted, recounting #NINJAvan, TED 2014, the BIL conference, and more: • BIL & TED & ASTRONAUT & MILEY & AMANDA & ROLLER GIRLS & SNOWDEN & NSA & FUCKING EVERYBODY’S EXCELLENT ADVENTUREgabby giffords & her husband mark kelly, pelé-the-soccer-player, and one of the most beautiful moments of TED i’m here…(literally, right now)… THIS just happened… that’s edward snowden speaking with chris at TED, via controlled robot. and then we have… -TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY MARCH 19th, 9pm- neil, jason webley, imogen heap, and many others are… Read more »

facebook, tits, and all kinds of police (NSFW)


greeting comrades!!! i’ve just landed in vancouver after two plus months of beautiful australia. i am adjusting to the cold. vancouver is gorgeous. there will, almost definitely, be some ninja action next week involving me, jason webley, and some other special people…stay tuned to the twitter feed and if we find a big enough space, i’ll announce here… Read more »

another book help question, this time: language


hola comrades. this is a super quick one and i’m hoping it’ll make the rounds and reach you linguists, non-english speakers, and other geeky academic types who know about these things. these were a couple of the comments that came back from the last round… Sara Schenström: I wrote a comment that I had put… Read more »