love to london, and to everyone.

(public post) hello dear ones just a 2am insomniac post…i was just about to shut down when i saw chiara ambrosio post the news about london. neil is there, and fine, and i’m over here on the other side of...
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a note from mythis gaiman.

(public post) hallo loves. greetings from the dressing room in münchen, germany. we played warsaw, poland last night. the crowd and the band were on fire (we are no longer rehearsing in public! we know ALL THE SONGS BY HEART...
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we just wrapped the states. in plastik.

hello loves i’m going a million miles an hour, since it’s tour…and this is always where it gets hard because there is so much to share and no fucking time to share it. i am stealing this twenty minutes in...
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love from tour…and free/public webcast @ Patreon in SF TOMORROW

(public post) hallo loves. the “i can spin a rainbow” tour kicked off in boston. as i told you, after the totally “you didn’t get it” album review, i invited them to the show. they got it. justice has been...
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AND HERE WE GO….”I Can Spin A Rainbow” premiere on Under The Radar!!!

(public post) HELLO MY LOVES…. SURPRISE: the website Under The Radar is premiering I Can Spin A Rainbow as a *stream* on their site. if  you want to get an early listen,  go forth and sneak a listen! as usual,...
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what i’d like for my birthday.

(public-post) hallo loves. it’s my birthday tomorrow (the 30th). i’ll be 41. neil asked what i wanted for my birthday, and since it’s the day that american gods premieres (eeeeee!) and since we have both been traveling at a clip...
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