i made footnotes for my TED talk…

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dear ones…

i’ve been meaning to tell you guys this but keep forgetting, and this is a perfect time: i just **annotated** my TED talk.
today i’m hunkering down to write a keynote speech for a conference of fundraisers and cool-ass non-profit people in holland and i’m revisiting all these themes. i’d love to hear thoughts from you guys ESPECIALLY THOSE of you who have REAL JOBS in the world of non-profit-ness, fundraising, etc…did anything in the book/the talk stand out to you? help you? anything you think that this humble artist could share with the world of real people sitting behind real desks making real phone calls could say?
i’m reading these comments today. hit me….
by the way, re: the TED talk…i can’t effing believe this but it’s gotten almost TWENTY MILLION VIEW across various platforms. i mean, it’s no “friday” or “call me maybe”, but it busts my heart open to know that so many people have experienced it. WHAT THE actual fuck. i mean yeah.
it’s funny….the TED talk led to the book, which led to the accumulated two or so years of my creative life that feels like it got spent TALKING about WHAT I DO and HOW i DO IT rather than spent DOING IT…
but i’m also starting to think i’m bullshitting myself when i say that.
the message is the message, whether it be in the form of a TED talk, a song, a book, a keyote, a patreon blog, a tweet, a fucking hug in a dark room with a stranger. you got that?


and as far as the annotating: TED added a feature to their website about a year ago where you could add links and media to your talk for those veiwing it online….just click on “speaker’s footnotes”.

zee link:


i spent quite a bit of time working on the links…enjoy. and while i’ve got you here and i’m reading comments, for god’s sake if you have any ideas about what i could also add, HIT ME.

i can add more footnotes ANYTIME.
i’m readin….



p.s. patrons reading this in email form, dont forget to click through to comment. i love you.

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  • Margo

    I left your book on an airplane accidentally and I was sad but now I think that someone else can read it and I’m happy now. Blessings from grand rapids ❤️

  • Melody

    Hi Amanda! I just finished your book last week. It took me about 4 months to read through, due to the hectic pace of my life. I have a demanding desk job, supporting my big family, my mom passed in may from breast cancer after moving her & my dad in with my small army (there are 8 of us now) in March. Your book was a glimmer of hope, a good friend i could catch up with when time permitted. Being an artist too, your determination to do things your own way and follow your own internal compass, touched me. I love that you’re fearlessly vulnerable. A master of connection, you are beautiful! Thank you so much! On a side note, my dad played a song for me that he and my mom loved when they were first dating back in the 70’s, has a cabaret feel, you might enjoy it too (maybe its “new” to you also?): 10cc’s one night in paris. Enjoy :) Much love and many thanks, Melody