TA DA! THE ART OF ASKING has a COVER. (warning: contains NSFW behind-the-scenes nakedness)

hola dears

greetings from the woods. i’ll get to the bizarre story of what i’m doing in the woods for the next few months after i deal with book madness.
gimme a couple days. i’m also overflowing with fucking email and work having not been behind my desk properly for OH ABOUT SIX MONTHS and the pile-up is exxxtreme.

but fuck it all my book is fucking DONE and it’s really good and i am still in some weird spinning postpartum book haze where i float between feeling relieved and happy and totally empty inside. i asked a friend of mine who writes REAL books about this feeling and he said: yes, that’s why i can’t stop writing books. so books are crack, basically. that’s nice to know. i cannot imagine trying to write another book at the moment. i’d rather get slammed in the face repeatedly by a two-by-four. maybe that’s the fog talking. who knows.

HERE IS THE COVER. i think it’s beautiful.

how did the cover come to be? long story long…i did a photo shoot a few months ago in new york (i tweeted from it, here it was):

…but even though some of the images were good, they weren’t great. while i was on the last leg of marathon-book-editing in san diego, i tried to think of who i knew in the area who would be down for a last minute shoot, and called allan amato. i knew him from doing photos like THIS (with only a few seconds before taking the stage at kevin smith’s smodcastle):

…or this one of me and himself:

he’s good. right?

i had the idea in my head that i could get a bunch of people/volunteers to show up at the shoot and paint or marker the book title onto my back, and that could somehow produce a great crowd-sourced looking book cover.

i phoned allan up, told him my idea, and it turned out that he was coincidentally throwing a PAINTING PARTY at his loft in LA a few days later.

NO SHIT, i said.

and thus our plan was born. allan was working on making exquisite corpse artworks using a ton of painter/comic friends of his, including dear david mack, for a kickstarter that CLOSES in just a few hours later TODAY, actually. as of writing this, it’s fully funded to the tune of $76k, with 756 backers.

we merged our concepts and his painting-party morphed into an amanda-painting party as well, with all of the artists (david, stephanie, jim, miho, soey, jon, satine, jason, christine, jim, and zac) taking a crack at lettering my body with the title. while they were all incredible, the one that wound up being used was by jason shawn alexander…it was the money shot fo shiz…

and a cover was born.

if you’re wondering about how all the rest of them looked, DO NOT DESPAIR. i think allan and i are going to cook up some revealing of the awesomeness of the other paint-jobs and maybe even (gasp) release some alt-copies of The Art of Asking with various covers. all depends what’s possible.

i still don’t have a date for when you guys will be able to order the signed book, but the PRE-ORDER of the unsigned book is ON:

BARNES & NOBLE (hardcover/NOOKbook/audiobook)
BOOKS-A-MILLION (hardcover/audiobook)
ITUNES (currently iBook only)

you can also use INDIEBOUND to find an indie bookstore near you (ones with book-books and e-books and audiobooks and surely other such types of books i am forgetting)!!! (and since people often ask, indiebound is in the UK now too, but i can’t attest to how helpful that version will be)

i’ll be saying a lot more about the pre-ordering of the book over the next few weeks and trying to keep you all in the loop. if you’re not onnit, please join the email list and stay tuned.

and here’s some shots of the painting party at allan’s…


if you are shooting a book cover


david mack lettering/sketches…

MY LIFE IS TERRIBLE (various states of getting drawed on…)

hair and make-up…

roman dirge, creator of lenore the cute little deal girl, throat-lettering…


the post-painting come-down…after i scrawled all over a photo of neil…

everybody (all the artists) and that’s allan with the thing sticking into his cheek :)

the end (for now).




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  • Monica

    It’s so exciting to see the cover at last! I can only imagine what it feels like for you with the book so close to being a physical thing all put together that other people can hold and love too. I can’t wait to see some of the other possible covers, they could be tour posters for your book signing tour! (because I fear if you release alternate covers I might have to collect the set)

    • Skyler Corbett

      I tried asking AFP HQ if she’d come to Eugene and Corvallis–let’s see if we can find a way to get her to stop at Tsunami Books (EUG) or Grass Roots Books (CVS)

      • Monica

        Hells yes! I will pound pavement and go out and liaise with the bookstores myself if AFP will make a stop in EUG/CVS. I’ve been slowly growing a fanbase for her around here and I know there are other fans I don’t know!

        • RiverVox

          I was going to ask this. Do we need to ask our bookstores to bring you in or does the publisher decide where the tour goes?

          • Skyler Corbett

            See my comment above–I think Amanda gets her booking through team AFP, we’ll see what she says

          • lentower

            More likely that Amanda’s publisher is booking the book tour, with advice from Amanda & her team.

        • Skyler Corbett

          Monica–that sounds great, I’ll be at the WOW Hall tonight for the poet Derrick Brown if you would like to meet up.

          Also–I don’t know how booking works for people who aren’t promoters with cash or major bookstores like Powell’s, Amanda told me to message HQ but Eric said it was whirlwind and seems like the tour was already planned out?
          The Poetics poetry group that I help organize in Corvallis, OR was
          hoping we could share our experience with her as a DIY community that is
          outside of the publishing industry, we might have to come to the Portland event to share that with the Dolls / AFP community.
          It would be nice to see some recognition of Oregon outside of Portland
          and get a boost for the arts communities there, but that is a wish and
          not a ‘AFP is our bitch’ comment. I am very grateful for the amount of time she has spent in Portland. <3 AFP

          • Monica

            Let me know if you hear anything, you know I’m always up for helping out. I’ll do the same.
            Not sure I can make it tonight, my day is pretty booked, but if I can I’ll let you know. It would be great to meet up!

          • Skyler Corbett

            No stress, just hit me up on Twitter @skyler if you happen to be free

      • lentower

        PDX is too far to go?

        • Skyler Corbett

          Sharing the love and message with different communities. If your a fan, and I am, PDX is fine. On the other hand, not everyone can afford to come up or is as plugged in as the people who are naturally fans of AFP. We were hoping to see if team AFP would be interested in doing a day trip. To the note of going to Portland, I’ll see if I can organize our group to be there but that isn’t going to include everyone in the community at large. That would be a lot of bridges to build in a short period of time.

        • DverWinter

          PDX is too far without a car! It would probably mean an overnight trip, and that gets pricey. I would *love* to see AFP come to Eugene for pretty much any reason. Smaller cities don’t get enough love, and Eugene is really worth the visit!

  • pinkishfloyd

    The last picture should be your author-bio photo.

    • RiverVox

      Yes! I was going to say I like the messier lettering and design of the body painting in the last photo. But maybe that’s a little too wild for the mass market. The design is excellent and appropriate. Maybe you could do alternate slipcover to get different versions.

    • Amanda Palmer

      we decided on no author bio because cover…but…yeah….

  • Nsty NittinNymph

    Gorgeous work, can’t wait for the book!

  • Missy Bell

    LOVE it ALL.

  • Ksenia Anske

    It looks absolutely fantastic! Now I need to get naked on a book cover too.

    • Amanda Palmer

      i think this is a fine idea.

      • Ksenia Anske

        Challenge accepted.

        • allan amato

          Would you like my rates?:) I’m currently on a mission to expand my naked ladies on books portfolio. (I’m the photographer for Amanda’s, which hopefully makes this comment less creepy)

          • Ksenia Anske

            Not creepy at all, I’m rather honored! I’d love to, but I’m a poor writer. I give away all my books for free, but hey, once I make big bucks, I’m all for it :) Hit me up:

          • D

            I really hope you and your staff were paid, and not doing this for the referrals off this blog.

  • just_alexandra

    I (of course) preordered the book at powells a while ago. No chance that I can change that for a signed copy you think?

    • Amanda Palmer

      nope, which is a sadness, BUT chances are high i’ll be in portland and i will sign that shit for you. or consider that unsigned one a christmas gift you dont have to worry about …. and order another one: )

  • Jasmine López

    if/when your book tour stops in Boston, can I interview you for DigBoston? I am good with the words and sentences. ^_^

    • Amanda Palmer

      yes!! email kate and she can put you in touch with the publicist, who can set it up.

      • lentower

        Be awesome if some of these press interviews made it on to YouTube/Vimeo.

        Might have the publicist, ask interviewers if they can set this up.

  • lentower

    Will the audiobook be available on CD?

    btw, PERFECT cover

    • Amanda Palmer

      weirdly….yes. i can’t believe people still BUY CDS (especially that many of them). but according to the Book People, there’s still a huge market for it. so yeah.

      • lentower

        Will the CD have an insert with the pictures from the print version of the book, acknowledgements, etc.?

        CD demand might be age demographic, but probably people not into books on computers, CD players in their cars, etc. For me, it’s an easy way to get a backup off computer, and hope to be delighted by the packaging.

  • Nina Marie Zømbie

    Oh my god! You got to hang with David Mack and Roman Dirge? That is an awesome overload.

  • Isla

    AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! THE EXCITEMENT IS SO REAL!!!! I ran through the house to show my whole family the GORGEOUS cover.
    I LOVE YOU, Amanda!!!! And I CANNOT WAIT to hold that GLORIOUS book in my eager, eager hands. (And! To listen to the audiobook!!!)

  • Skyler Corbett

    By the way Amanda, I think with the ‘Want It Back’ video, the sharpie parties, Neil doing your eyebrows, and the book cover you could have a coffee table book just filled with photos of all the times someone has drawn on you

    • Miserichik

      I would buy that book and keep it on my bedside table.

    • Kat O’Connor

      I would buy that book too.

    • Nevena

      Me too :)

  • Rachel Murphy

    Will you do Kelly Carlin’s podcast when promoting the book?

  • timberwolf

    Is the audiobook unabridged? Aaand are there some pictures/photos/whatever in the book?

  • C. A. Bridges

    I know authors don’t get much say in where their book tours wend, but if it’s at all possible please consider Florida. The only authors who regularly tour Florida are the ones who already live here.

  • C. A. Bridges

    Also? All reviews of the book should be written on reviewers’ naked bodies. Be concise, people!

  • Piper Shepherd

    Really excited about the book! The cover is so beautiful. Congratulations on everything. Hope to see you on the tour somewhere. Much love.

  • Tobi Wan Kenobi

    Here’s to the Art of Asking: Can I write a German version of the Bed Song? Was/is there an instrumental version of the song that I can get/buy? And: Will the book be available in Germany?

  • Emma

    Its a brilliant idea for a cover! I have just recently ”discovered” you as an artist and will buy your book for sure. And about that strange and wonderful, yet empty sensation once its done, you get hooked. I only did my master thesis and am now about to start a PhD…

  • Krissy Whasserface

    Once I get my copy of this book, I fully intend to go out of my way to read it only in places I’m surrounded by people. Somehow I think it will be the best way to read it.

  • Gretchen

    I really like the versions with multiple people drawing on you – I reckon the “all hands on deck” photo edited so it was just their hands around the edges of your back would have made a dandy cover :)

  • Mick B

    Is there going to be a cheeky back cover??

  • perceval

    Beautiful, and looking forward to the book.

  • Bob Tibo

    You are the bravest, most trusting person I have ever seen. What’s the point to staying safe like I have most my life? You teach and inspire other creatives like me to put ourselves out there and take a chance. Thank You AFP!

  • Andrzej Tucholski

    The final cover photo & the final photo. Perfect duo. They are similar but they are telling a standalone story by themselves!

  • lentower

    Too late to have Brene Brown read her forward into the audio book version?
    (Or is it already in?)

  • lentower

    Will the CD of the audionook have an insert with the pictures from the print version of the book, acknowledgements, art, etc.?

  • Diane Vogt

    wonderfu! I particularly love the “all hands on deck” one. This looks like so much fun! Please PleasePlease come to Seattle!

  • Tnowion

    Do I get it right that the audiobook will be read by you???

    • lentower

      Amanda tweeted last week that she had spent 3 days last week recording the audio book. And that it includes her singing too!!!

  • Fiona


  • M

    Hi Amanda! I’m a little lost. Are there going to be signed copies that I can order online? I’m from Argentina, I’m guessing the tour is not going to go that far. By the way, I love you a whole lot, you’re spring to me <3

    • lentower

      Amanda has said that there will be signed copies that can be ordered on the Internet. And that details will be announced in a few weeks on her mailing list:

  • Wonko The Sane

    I know Florida is a little too sunny for dark souls such as yourself and Himself, but please don’t forget your fans in this blighted corner of the country on your tour schedule. I had to have friends in Texas get me a signed copy of Ocean…

  • Karoline Pierre

    I’d LOVE if I could get your book signed by you but i live in brazil so… lame
    I’m really happy about your book and i liked your cover idea.
    Can’t wait to read it ;)

    • lentower

      You can get one shipped to you. Amanda said details will be forthcoming.

      I realise that isn’t the same as meeting Amanda as she signs the book.

  • Jinjirrie

    Hi Amanda,

    Since you played there, Israel has been and is committing genocide, collective punishment and war crimes in Gaza. Do you regret playing Israel and disrespecting the boycott now?

    • lentower

      Since Amanda played in Israel, Hamas is also committing genocide, collective punishment, and war crimes both in Gaza and Israel.

      It takes both Hamas & Israel to stop the killing.

      • Jinjirrie

        Lentower, Hamas through Egypt offered very generous terms to end the occupation and blockade – which is collective punishment – but Israel choose to resume its genocide and indiscriminate slaughter of civilians in Gaza.

        • lentower

          This source is quite biased. Others give a more balanced perspective.

          Hamas has killed civilians in Israel.

          Civilians in Gaza would stop being killed if Hamas stop firing rockets, or fired them from locations away from civilians.

          There is no reason to continue this exchange with you, as long as you can’t see that both sides are at fault.

          • Jinjirrie

            Part of the problem, Lentower, is the idea ‘both sides are at fault’ when in fact it’s a mythology perpetrated by the coloniser that the colonised are responsible for their own colonisation. Is the woman being raped responsible for the actions of the rapist? There’s an excellent article debunking the ‘both sides’ fallacy here:

          • lentower

            I also disagree with this reply of yours. The article has many failings, is quite biased, and I disagree with it.

            You are stuck in your point of view. Progress is impaired by those who who can’t compromise, and only see one side.

          • Jinjirrie

            OK, so the woman should ‘compromise’ with her rapist, then. How does that work, Lentower?

          • lentower

            Sigh, this would be obvious to someone not stuck in such bias:

            Rape and the Israel/Palestine conflict are quite different. Your behaviour in comparing the two is at best immature, and is definitely degrading to all woman.

          • Jinjirrie

            No, Lentower, it is degrading to women who are raped that you expect ‘both sides’ to be appreciated. Women are colonised by men, Palestinians are colonised by zionists. The rapist and coloniser have vastly more power at their disposal, both physically and through systematic social constructs which favour cronies of white supremacist imperialist patriarchy.

          • lentower

            We obviously disagree about this.

            Your language just shows more of your systematic bias.

            Do you understand that civilian deaths in Gaza, are also Hamas’ fault. That Hamas chooses to launch their rockets too close to civilians.

            Also that Israel doesn’t put their civilians in harm’s way in this manner.

          • Jinjirrie

            Again, Lentower, you are positioning oppressed, occupied, besieged, colonised people as responsible for their own oppression. This is a perversion of fact. Israel actually does put its own people in harms way by continuing to perpetrate an illegal siege and occupation against the Palestinian people, even as it continues to thieve land from them. The onus is on the oppressor, not the oppressed, to end its oppression. Similarly, the onus is on the rapist to stop his criminal behaviour.

          • Bibliophilista

            Just a little fact: I know an Israeli, who is an Amanda-fan and goes to all the concerts. Friends of him organised the kickstarter-concert. He and his friends are intelligent people, who actively and non-violenty fight for peace in the middle-east, and are activists against warcrimes and rasicsm, and are threatened by the political right in their country. Like nearly all Amanda-fans I’ve met, they CARE about other people, no matter what their nationality is, and are trying to help civilist palestinians.

            And you say, because of politics, you want that these adorable people can’t have a little love and music in their not very easy life?

            Political extremists on both sides are the problem, not civilians. Compassion is a virtue.

          • lentower

            Well said, Bibliophilista.

          • Guest
          • C S Hughes
          • lentower

            It is sad that extreme bias on both sides is a problem.

            It is incredibly sad, that Jinjirrie can’t acknowledge:

            * that the militants in Gaza (regardless of their involvement with Hamas) are also guilty of war crimes under international law.

            * that many more civilians in Gaza would be alive today; many more civilians in Gaza would be unharmed today; if the militants in Gaza changed their tactics. Beside those I mentioned above:

            ** warn civilians in the area, they will be using a rocket launcher;

            ** better yet, clear the region around any rocket launcher of civilians, and prevent them from coming back until after an Israel response;

            ** stop digging tunnels across the Israel or Egyptian borders.

            I’m unlikely to respond further to Jinjirrie in this thread. Jinjirrie is welcome to “the last word”. Please assume I object to any response by Jinjirrie to this post of mine.

          • C S Hughes

            Regarding digging tunnels, while it’s true Hamas smuggled weapons through these tunnels (and if you argue Israel has a right to defend itself, you must Aldo accept Palestine has a right to defend itself), they also smuggled medicines, food and other supplies. Israel has had Gaza under a blockade since 2007, restricting, amongst other things, food coming in to Gaza. Israel’s calculations aimed at restricting calories to a little less than 2300 per day. That’s a little under what’s required for an adult male. By comparison US average intake is around 3770. But perhaps you think almost, but not quite starving 1.8 million people has been done for their health?

          • lentower

            2300 calories per day per person is above what the average human needs to live and thrive. (There are woman and children living in Gaza too.)

            The militants in Gaza aren’t defending Gaza. They are agressively firing rockets at Israel.

            The Israeli blockade exists to try and prevent these attacks. What the Gazans should do is obvious. Prevent attacks on Israel from inside Gaza.

          • C S Hughes

            If you can’t see how wrong it is for a state to imprison an entire part of its population, subject them to loss of homes, businesses, restrictions of movement, food, medicine, starvation, collective punishment, attack, arbitrary imprisonment and killing, there is no point in trying to enlighten you.

          • lentower

            You appear to have a naive view of what has lead to the present situation over the last 7 decades.

            The militants in Gaza who have attacked Israel share a lot of the blame for what has and is happening in Gaza.

            Have you read all my posts in this thread?

            I would try to enlighten you, but suspect you are stuck in your bias.

          • C S Hughes

            I take a balanced view, you seem to want to blame the victims.

            In Gaza more than 2,100 people have been killed, most of them civilians,
            including about 500 children, in the past seven weeks. At least 11,000
            people were injured and more than 17,000 homes destroyed or badly
            damaged. Around a third of Gaza’s 1.8 million people have been
            displaced, many now living in United Nations shelters. Schools,
            hospitals, factories, farms, mosques and infrastructure such as power
            and water plants were hit. Reconstruction could take up to 10 years, say
            analysts. On the Israeli side 64 soldiers died along with six
            civilians including a four-year-old boy. Hundreds of families relocated
            from homes near the Gaza border to safer areas further north. – quoted from the Guardian.

          • lentower

            You continue to concentrate on just some of the facts from the present, instead of a balanced understanding of what happened. You continue to not understand the history.

            You seem to assume that Israel should not defend itself.

            My view is balanced. There are deaths and injuries on both sides. Both sides are to blame.

            I’m not blaming the victims, but the militants in Gaza bear much more of the blame than Israel for the deaths, injuries, and damage in Gaza. If the Gazan militants hadn’t fired rockets, Israel would not have had to defend itself. If the Gazan militants had not fired from areas with civilians in them, far fewer civilians would have been killed and harmed. Gazans bear a lot of the responsibility for the death of Gazans.

            You’re welcome to the last word. But don’t assume I agree with it.

          • C S Hughes

            You need to educate yourself beyond what they say on Fox News. Here’s a good start. Apologies to Amanda for turning her beautiful book launch into an argument, but some statements of ignorance definitely need responding to.


          • elisehendrick

            Israel puts military installations in densely populated residential areas all the time, despite having much more available space than the people of Gaza. The Ministry of ‘Defence’ – a legitimate military target – is located just in the middle of a civilian residential area. A substantial segment of the population is either active or reserve military, available for call-up at a moment’s notice. Israel’s universities are heavily involved in weapons research and production.

            By Israel’s and lentower’s standards, the Palestinians would be entirely justified in carpet bombing the whole country.

          • lentower

            We obviously disagree. You also have a poor grasp of logic, reasoning. and what’s needed to resolve this conflict.

            Yes, Israel uses this tactic in a defensive way. But they don’t fire rockets from civilian areas as the militants in Gaza have for too many years. This difference account for most of the civilian deaths and injuries in Gaza. A choice the militants have and continue to make.

            Feel free to have a last response, understanding what I just wrote.

          • anon

            Rape? Yeah, you would know about that.

  • ruledbyjupiter

    Congratulations on completing the book, AFP. I love the cover and all the pics you’ve shared from the shoot, but eSPECIALly the last one. The light emanating from your mouth captures your divine purpose so beautifully.

  • C S Hughes

    I like that you went with the simplest design, it has grace, it makes that art of asking something physical but also very spiritual.

    • lentower

      I agree that part of the greatest of this design is it’s tasteful clean minimalism.

  • Jennifer Helman

    Since we’re on the subject of coffee table art books….. I suggest a collection of concert promo posters. I would totally also buy “the many times Amanda has been drawn on” book. More suggestions? Sure. You and Neil have both done your own audio for your books now, which is awesome. Have you ever considered doing an audio book of him reading some shorts with you playing music in the background? Kind of like “the priest they called him” by William Burroughs and Kurt Cobain. That would be the best thing ever. I want bedtime stories.

  • Thomas

    Miss you in Austria… Would Love to get your Book with Signatur. Love & Peace & hugs & kisses i’m your fan (h) thomas

  • Kat O’Connor

    I’m really looking forward to reading the book. I’ve been trying to apply the principles since I saw your TED talk. Still trying to figure out how… I love collaborative art (especially film) but it seems rude to ask my equally broke artist friends to collaborate for free, since the general expectation that artists should work for free kind of makes it difficult to earn a living. Or on the flip side, finding the people who might become fans.

  • TheDeadUnicorn

    THis looks unbelievably fun!Exciting.Honestly wondering why I haven’t stripped naked for a cover myself..when I’ll start publishing things,I might.”An ode to AFP”.
    I honestly can’t imagine you doing your cover in any other way,in any other circumstances.It can’t be a coincidence.
    The final result is not even near great,it’s way more than that!I love it,it’s very,very beautiful.All the artists are beautiful,too (!!roman dirge!!).I’m grateful this came to be,it feels like the right final piece.I am so excited about this book,hail mary.Can’t wait to pre-order the signed version.By the way,I was there any chance we’ll be able to order/pre-order from an EU based online store?Many of the sites you’ve linked don’t offer international shipping (Italy,ho hey).A few do,though I’m worried about delays and more fees (which I’ll gladly pay,if it comes down to that).

  • Lara Duft


  • Rebecca Horne

    That looks like a fun party!

  • Mr. Carroll

    I’m really excited for your book Amanda! Thanks for putting your art and voice into the world. I think that asking is one of the hard things to do in life. You make me happy. I love all your songs but my fave for the simplicity and beauty of it is the Ukulele Anthem!

  • Orion Dommisse
  • MP

    What is the purpose of being naked? Oh, right: Attention. With the side effect of fucking over every woman who ever wanted to be taken seriously. This is awful. But hopefully AFP will continue to be a laughingstock.

  • Bob Stoufus

    Amanda Palmer’s music is not only laughable but she has been graced with a body of the same caliber.


  • bethbear

    Just got tickets to your book party on the 11th..looking forword to seeing kissed my cheek once..and looking forword to reading your book..sometimes its hard to let people help you..but when you start to let people in it can be amazing..see you soon..beth

  • Michaela R. Brown

    You are beautiful. :)

  • Obscura

    I LOVE that image labeled ‘all hand on deck’. I hope there’s other photos of that painting!

    One of my favourite artists painting on one of my favourite artists. Made my day!

  • Devin Gothmann Lawton

    You know, I always imagined your knees would be more knobbly…
    I’m not certain why, but it might be that you remind me of a friend who used to like to chill out in our student digs, often without clothes. She had really knobbly knees.
    She was awesome.

  • Cyn McCollum

    This is fucking amazing! I want to throw a drinks and body painting cover art party. Guess I need to get editing.

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